Vitamin Supplements – to Protect Health and Prevent Disease

Taking vitamin supplements is one of the smartest ways to protect your health. Highly targeted nutrients prevent disease, illness, aging, and degeneration.

They also strengthen your immune system and help guard every cell in your body against pathogens and carcinogens. There's no doubt, they work hard to keep your body strong!

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Antioxidants are especially necessary today because of the vast amounts of toxins most people are exposed to regularly. When you have a vitamin deficiency, illnesses are more likely to occur. If you want to preserve good health, be sure you get extra amounts.

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Water Soluble Vs. Fat Soluble

Why You Shouldn't Take Multivitamins

Antioxidants and Cancer

Starting on a good vitamin regiment when you reach adulthood only makes sense. The earlier you start the better off you will be however, it’s never too late to start on one! When you take the right vitamin supplements, you can also STOP or even reverse your biological clock at any time in your life!

Water Soluble Vs. Fat Soluble Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins fall into one of two categories. They are either water-soluble or fat-soluble.

Water-soluble vitamins include Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Water- soluble vitamin excesses are excreted in the urine, and are not stored in the body so daily consumption is recommended. Some amounts of both vitamin B and C are stored in the liver.

Vitamins that are fat-soluble are Vitamins A, D, E and K. Fat-soluble vitamins accumulate within the fat cells of the body and within the liver.

Fat soluble vitamins can become toxic for you if you take too much of them but toxicity is a rare occurrence.

Before talking about the highly targeted vitamin supplements you need, it’s important to understand that all vitamins work better when taken on an empty stomach. This is because of the way they're better absorbed into the body.

However, some people with sensitive systems may have a hard time taking them on an empty stomach. If you're one of those people, just eat something light, (like a few crackers or piece of toast), before taking them, but no heavy meals please!

Vitamin supplements cannot be absorbed very well if you have a full stomach. Your system is working hard to digest your food and vitamins will just 'sit there' instead. Eventually they will be digested along with the rest of your food but by then, they are not as effective.

The Truth about Multivitamins

One vitamin supplement you won't EVER EVER see in my list of highly targeted vitamins is a 'Mutivitamin'. They are a joke!

Multivitamins are NOT highly targeted and are a poor choice for good health... unless you are willing to pay it forward and purchase slightly more expensive brands that pack a BIG punch. These are high quality vitamins made from whole foods and have lots more vitamin bang for your bucks! These types of vitamins are an investment in wellness!

Multivitamins like Centrum and OneaDay? Throw these in the trash! Sorry, but this is the absolute truth. Low cost mutivitamins are the RDA, (Recommended Daily Allowance); which are the absolute lowest values of how much you'll need for one day only.

The RDA are useless and absurd guidelines that were established during World War II, before huge amounts of toxins were prevalent in the environment. These guidelines were established because many foods were being rationed at that time, which means that today, the guidelines are totally outdated. The RDA in multivitamins is the 'Minimum Daily Dosage' that your body would need to combat Scurvy and Rickets, which are not threats anymore. Most of the young people today have never even heard of these diseases because they simply don't exist in our present day society.

RDA stands for Really Dumb Advice!

Don't believe me? Read the report from Consumer Labs.

There was also a report of lead being found in multivitamins. Check it out here on MSNBC.

If you think that you are getting off WAY easy by taking a low cost daily multivitamin, you are WAY right! If you're not willing to invest in higher quality multivitamins, the next most advantageous and beneficial way to take your vitamins is to take them separately as supplements. This ensures that you are getting enough of the essential antioxidants that keep you healthy and vibrant! Everyone has different needs. You might need more vitamin C than someone else because you smoke, while your coworker might need more folic acid because of alcoholic drinking habits. For many reasons, we all have different daily requirements.

It’s your life and health! You decide!

As you might imagine, multivitamins are not vitamins I ever take, so they are never on my grocery list nor found in my home! You may think that it's more expensive to take vitamins separately. I assure you it's simply not. When you buy all of the recommended antioxidants, it will cost you more initially, depending on where you shop and which vitamins you choose.

Here's the thing though. Once you buy all of your vitamin supplements, you'll run out of your vitamins at different times since most of them contain different quantities. Some have 500 tabs, some 100 tabs, some 60 tabs, and some have only 30 tabs. Maintaining them becomes cheap to do since you will only have to re-stock a few of them each month.

Here's another tip! Don't buy too many vitamins in advance trying to save money. Vitamins have a strict shelf life and can degrade and lose their potency quickly if they've been open for too long. One such vitamin is chew-able vitamin C tabs. Don't buy an overabundance if you don't think you'll use them up super fast.

How do I know how much of these vitamins you really need?

Years ago, I read a book called something like: 'How to Lose 10 Years in 10 Weeks'. I have forgotten the author's name (and oddly, I can't find the book again...) but I never forgot the message it conveyed about vitamins and the amounts we really need. With the proper amounts of vitamins, you can actually turn back time and regenerate your cells! Dr. Julian Whitaker will tell you this is true!

After I read the book, I started taking much larger amounts of key essential antioxidants and saw improvements within a few weeks. Since then I've kept up my vitamin regimen. Current recommendations are much higher than previous amounts recommended.

Antioxidants and Cancer

It's very clear that a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants lowers your chance for cancer. Unfortunately, most people don't always eat five healthy servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Many of us have such frantic schedules that we just don't have time to prepare savory meals often enough. Its hard to eat properly when you eat out, travel, or fall sick.

But understand this. Even if you were able to eat a well balanced diet all the time, it may not be enough to protect your health.

Why? Because we are all unavoidably bombarded with carcinogenic substances every day. Today, you can top that off with a healthy serving of genetically modified organisms, that are prevalent in many of the foods you'd never suspect! We all need more antioxidant protection that we can't always get from just eating well. This is true even more so now, as our food sources do not contain the same healthy nutrients that were there when we grew up.

Farm lands now contain many harmful chemicals that seep into the foods grown there. Food is also now stuffed with steroids, trans fats, and vast amounts of sodium and preservatives that our bodies were not made to handle in abundance.

For maximum protection, eat plenty of known superfoods and take the supplements that guard your precious life. If you're not sure which antioxidants to take, I suggest you get educated and read as much research as possible!

The links below list the antioxidant vitamin supplements you should take everyday to ensure that your body is getting the protection and support it needs! They are vital in today's fast tract society!

Besides information about each vitamin, you also get a list of food sources, benefits, recommended dosages, and any contraindications.

In addition to health-promoting vitamins, you may also want to incorporate other natural supplements like omega 3 fats and colloidal silver. Like vitamins, these natural supplements have a myriad of health benefits, from body detoxification to cleansing. As with vitamins, be sure to purchase your natural supplements from reputable sources and check with your doctor when adding them to your regular routine.

Vitamin Supplement Pages

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Immunity Benefits of Vitamin D Supplement
The Dangers of Iodine Deficiency – Information Every Woman Should Know!
Take Co Q10 for Cardiovascular Benefits
Calcium Supplement for Strong Bones & Teeth
Magnesium Supplement - Critical to Endurance
Zinc Supplement - Essential for Immunity and Energy

Vitamin Supplement Video

Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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