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Read about the impacts of chemicals on YOU and the environment here.

In 2016, American women spent a WHOPPING $62 BILLION[1] on cosmetics and other beauty products to look great - that are full of toxic chemicals.

Americans also shelled out a HUGE 60 BILLION[2] per year on programs and products to lose weight that also contain toxic ingredients - and far too few of them work.

In 2015, annual United States healthcare expenses hit $3.2 TRILLION.[3] THAT IS CRAZY! Especially if you consider that Americans are some of the most MALNOURISHED people in the entire world - a direct result from chemical overload!

If you're tired and weary and just want to STOP the INSANITY, then I encourage you to explore this site. Lets RUN AWAY to the PAST... a time when things weren’t so complicated... a simple time when humans relied more on the bounty of the earth and didn't have to spend excesses of money... Instead of depending on BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG CORPA, BIG AGRI, and BIG PHARMA. They won't always tell you the truth, but I ABSOLUTELY promise to!

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Since I've been ozonating water, I have noticed a nice improvement in muscle aches and pains, increased energy. less brain fog, and an overall sense of well being. Ozone is simply O3, a superior form of oxygen. When your blood gets more oxygen, there more

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Have you ever made your own toothpaste? It's a great way to avoid fluoride if you're concerned about using it! Using simple ingredients you likely have in your kitchen, you can put together the recipe in no time at all. It only takes more

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Slathering chemicals on your skin to avoid getting burned is much like playing Russian Roulette! Especially when there are good alternatives you can use that block the sun and have no deleterious effects! If you don't know more

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Carbohydrates are the root cause of so many weight problems today. Reason? Your body converts carbs into sugar first - then fat - which can settle deep into the tissues and organs. If you have excess weight around more

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Most people avoid FAT like the plague because for many years, fat was cited as a main reason for weight gain. However, it's calories that are the real enemy! Some types of fat are actually good for you and can help you take weight off! Isn't more

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If you've never heard of neem oil, it's not really that surprising. Too few people know the wonders of using it regularly. It can be used for a variety of beauty and health applications - and although the smell isn't very appealing, what it does more

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Do your fingernails consistently break, tear, or snag on clothing? If so, a little TLC might do them well. There are some very simple solutions that not only work well but give you more

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When it comes to success rates, chemotherapy (which is created from mustard gas) gets a BIG FAT F. So, why do most oncologists still recommend it? Doctors today do not get training in prevention and nutrition and unfortunately for most, it all comes down to more

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Did you know that there are a few vitamins you can apply directly to your skin to get the benefits? Magnesium happens to be one of them. Since 60 - 80 percent of the population is deficient, it might more

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Do you have problems falling asleep at night? Turns out that a large percentage of the population does, including me. *Sigh* Getting a good nights rest will be a ton easier but first you'll have to figure out more

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Your food has changed - and it's not good news! Whereas humans used to be able to rely on many plants to provide them with the right nutrients, that is no longer possible. With the vast infiltration more

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Unfortunately, there are many chemicals in beauty products on the market today. They’re widely accepted because women don't understand how dangerous they really are. Its hard to wrap your head around WHY manufacturers more

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Women depend on so many products that they use on their hair - but using them over time can leave behind unwanted residues that make hair dull and drab. The trick is to eliminate them before they start more

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Do you have mysterious symptoms (nose bleeds, rashes, dizziness, lethargy) that you can't explain? If you want to know the source, just look to the sky. All those trails you see in the sky are a probable source. They more

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Are you getting enough balance in your diet to maintain and keep a healthy weight? Sticking to one or two food groups can really come back to bite you later on. That's why moderating processed foods and meats can become huge help if you're struggling more

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Do you have any idea if you're getting any iodine in your diet? (Besides the little you get from industrialized salt). If not, you need to figure out how to get more if you like reducing your chances of illness and dis-ease. Not too many years ago, iodine more

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This Site is Anti Chemical - Pro Truth!


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