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Read about the impacts of chemicals on YOU and the environment here.

In 2010, American women spent a whopping $33.3 BILLION on cosmetics and other beauty products to look great - that are full of toxic chemicals.

Americans also shell out a whopping $40 BILLION per year on programs and products to lose weight that also contain toxic ingredients - and far too few of them work.

In 2012, annual United States healthcare expenses hit $3.8 TRILLION. THAT IS CRAZY! But not if you consider that Americans are some of the most MALNOURISHED people in the entire world - a direct result from chemical overload!

If you're tired and weary and just want to STOP the INSANITY, then I encourage you to explore this site. Lets RUN AWAY to the PAST... a time when things weren’t so complicated... a simple time when humans relied more on the bounty of the earth and didn't have to spend excesses of money... Instead of depending on BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG CORPA, BIG AGRI, and BIG PHARMA. They won't always tell you the truth, but I ABSOLUTELY promise to!

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Did you know that there are many different types of affordable non-toxic pots and pans available today? If you're choosy about the foods you bring home from the market, you don't want to use Teflon to cook your food! Explore your options...on this page

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If your hair not growing as fast as you like, no worries! You probably have something already on hand that you can use to help speed things up! For example, you can more

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This Site is Anti Chemical - Pro Truth!


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I've worked hard to give you great information that's easy to understand and inexpensive to implement.

I've worked more than half of my adult life in the Beauty Care and Health Care Industries, so I've acquired a wealth of knowledge and a whole bunch of great tips!

Since I'm a seasoned 57 year old single mom of a disabled child, I absolutely know how to live on a budget and remain healthy doing so. Its really not that hard!

On this site, you'll find free beauty tips, weight loss tips, health tips, and money saving tips.

I'm a pretty smart cookie and keep up with the latest trends and research, which works to your advantage!

Stick with me! Together, we can do it!

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