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In 2010, American women spent a whopping $33.3 BILLION on cosmetics and other beauty products to look great - that are full of toxic chemicals.

Americans also shell out a whopping $40 BILLION per year on programs and products to lose weight that also contain toxic ingredients - and far too few of them work.

In 2012, annual United States healthcare expenses hit $3.8 TRILLION. THAT IS CRAZY! But not if you consider that Americans are some of the most MALNOURISHED people in the entire world - a direct result from chemical overload!

If you're tired and weary and just want to STOP the INSANITY, then I encourage you to explore this site. Lets run away to the past... a time when things weren’t so complicated... a simple time when humans relied more on the bounty of the earth and didn't have to spend excesses of money... instead of depending on BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS, BIG AGRI, and BIG PHARMA. They won't always tell you the truth, but I promise to!

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There is an evil and sinister plot underway for biotech corporations to take control of the world's food supply and your vitamin supplements. Their model is "business with disease" and it doesn't bode well more

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I hope by now you're using a water filter of some kind. Ingesting too much fluoride - a known carcinogen and actually a drug - is not something to take lightly! It does very little to protect your teeth! (one of the many reasons more

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Do you hate getting bit by bugs in the summer? These simple remedies can save your skin and stop all that scratching. You probably have these products already at home and just need to know more

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Ever hear that your hair will grow back faster if you cut it during a full moon? Or that dandruff is caused by a dry scalp? Find out whats fact and whats not more

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Do you get barometric headaches every time rain is in your area? It can happen either before or after a rainstorm comes through. I'd been getting them for years and then realized there was a definite correlation... the pressure in my head more

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Do you love your long hair and hate to get it cut? There are many spiritual reasons for that! Did you know that during the Vietnam war that many (long haired) Native Americans warriors were commissioned more

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Making your own non toxic sun protection cream is so easy. All you need are a couple of low cost ingredients. Its sure smarter than buying expensive sunscreens that use ingredients you can’t more

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Does the zika virus really cause birth defects? A group of doctors from Brazil seem to think that the link between zika and microcephaly are unfounded. But that's not exactly what you've more

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Did you know that the vegetable oil sold in grocery stores is actually industrial waste? It's not fit for anyone to consume, yet it's sold by the bucketful's to unsuspecting customers. Whatever you do, don' more

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One of the many lies of BIG FOOD is the "all natural label". The FDA's loose guidelines and lack of real oversight gives consumers the illusion that they're buying fast foods that are good for them. But this is far from the truth and is more

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If you have visceral fat, you probably have a fatty liver disease - the silent killer. While the condition may not seem to be problematic at first, it's quietly but aggressively doing harm to your body. By the time more

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Ever feel like a mosquito magnet, while others around you don't seem to attract them at all? There may be a reason for that! There are several factors involved in whether a mosquito finds you juicy and delicious! It's something everyone should look into, especially more

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Did you know that your fingernails and toenails reflect your general health? When mysterious lines or imperfections show up, you need to know what they mean. While some issues are more

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Millions of people access WedMD every year and look to the online giant for medical advice. However, with so many corporate sponsors supporting their site, is the information really as valuable more

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Did you know that the US made a trade deal with China in which chickens raised and slaughtered in the US, would be shipped to China for processing? Wow right? It sure doesn't make any economic sense nor does more

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Do you have problems falling asleep at night? Turns out that a large percentage of the population does, including me. *Sigh* Getting a good nights rest will be a ton easier but first you'll have to figure out more

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This Site is Anti Chemical - Pro Truth!


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Carolyn Dickerson image Hola! My name is Carolyn Dickerson and this is my money saving beauty and health site. This site is my passion! Its my child in so many ways!

I've worked hard to give you great information that's easy to understand and inexpensive to implement.

I've worked more than half of my adult life in the Beauty Care and Health Care Industries, so I've acquired a wealth of knowledge and a whole bunch of great tips!

Since I'm a seasoned 56 year old single mom of a disabled child, I absolutely know how to live on a budget and remain healthy doing so. Its really not that hard!

On this site, you'll find free beauty tips, weight loss tips, health tips, and money saving tips.

I'm a pretty smart cookie and keep up with the latest trends and research, which works to your advantage!

Stick with me! We can do this together!

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