Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes

Makeup colors for blue eyes is essential if you want your makeup to look killer great! Knowing which shades look better on you, allows you to make more informative decisions about the makeup you buy.

Blue eyes after all, are tranquillizing and gorgeous to behold. Your makeup should enhance your beautiful blue eyes, not disguise them!

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Each person with blue eyes has their own unique eye color shade. Colors can range from ice or baby blue to dark, deep ocean blue. Each shade therefore, has it’s own color palette. The trick is to learn which colors look better with your own blue eyes and start with those. Over time, you can easily branch out and expand the colors that you are personally drawn to. (If you don't have natural blue eyes but always wanted them, you can purchase colored contact lenses, which will have an instant effect.)

Women have an uncanny ability to choose colors that are complimentary to their complexion and eye color. Of course, just as women choose the right colors, many choose the wrong makeup colors for blue eyes.

Remember too, that just because colors are suggested doesn't mean those colors are suitable for you to wear. We're all unique after all, and we all have different tastes in the makeup colors we choose! If you're not sure which makeup colors look best on you, you'll need to know which makeup season you are! Or maybe you want to know how to correct your skin tone using makeup?

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Best Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes

The first thing to keep in mind is not to sweat the small stuff. Wearing makeup should be fun, no matter what! Experimenting and making mistakes along the way are to be expected. There are no rule books for the colors you choose because you'll make them up along the way. Wear colors that reflect your own personality and make you feel comfortable picking out your makeup colors for blue eyes!

As a general rule, women with blue eyes should look for eye makeup in colors of gray, violet, taupe, purple, and deep blue. Many women with blue eyes choose darker shades of blue since blue colors accentuate the more natural blue tones in your eyes. Different shades of blue include: denim, sky, Carolina, powder, steel, electric, sky, icy, Pacific, cobalt, cyan, and Duke blue! There's no doubt that blue colors give you a brighter and more vibrant look.

Black mixed with blues gives a dramatic effect, which is perfect for nighttime! Violets and lavenders also work well for women who have baby blues and blonde hair. Purple is a mix of red and blue, so it gives blue colors a natural accent which blends perfectly.

The most popular makeup colors for blue eyes are:

  • pink, peach, rose, violet, lavender, beige
  • gray, silver, some gold, copper
  • dark blue, light blue, turquoise, mint green
  • charcoal, black, brown, pale orange

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  • If you have a hard time keeping makeup in place, use a primer.

  • Makeup colors for blue eyes should start with a base coat of a neutral or matte eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. This should start your make up application.

    Base colors can be a wide variety of different shades. Pinks and peach shades work well if you have a dark complexion, as do many of the brighter shades. This is not necessarily true for women with lighter complexions though. Frosted and jeweled shades often have a harsh effect on lighter skin and may look heavy. Most of the time, women with lighter complexions should stick to pastel colors.

  • Contouring involves applying shadow into the crease of the eye. It's just below the brow bone but above the lid. Use a darker or deeper contrasting shade and blend it into the base color by smudging it a bit. This creates a sultry effect that gives depth to your eyes.

  • A light, shimmery shadow color is used on the brow bone to highlight your eyes. A white or champagne color is always a good choice. If you're younger you can use glitter or shimmery eyeshadow. If you're over 40, use shimmer only. Why? Because glitter can settle into creases and wrinkles and make them more evident!

  • Eye liners give depth to your eyes. Pencil eyeliner can be applied on the rim inside each eyelid, or just above and below the lash lines. To make your eyes pop even more, apply a darker liquid eyeliner shade above and below lash lines, and a light color pencil eyeliner in the rims of your eyes. This trick pulls out the whites in your eyes, which makes you look more alert and brightens up your eyes.

    Blue eyes also look great sporting a smokey effect. For ease of application, use sets that include all the shades you'll need.

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  • Mascara is used to accentuate blue eyes. Most women, regardless of eye color, use a black mascara. Black brings out and showcases the color of your eyes. However, don't rule out using other colors of mascara, especially blue mascara, which can light up those baby blues.

    Use either a heavy or light application, depending on your plans. The time of day should help you choose however. Use more subtle applications during the day, and heavier application for evening. Of course, green or even purple mascaras work extremely well and are good choices. It all depends on the shade of your blue eyes. Different mascara colors can add more pizzazz to your eyes!

  • When you choose makeup colors for blue eyes, you can rely on many makeup manufacturers who have developed color collections for accentuating any eye color. Look for them and use them! Many eyeshadows come as a trio of colors. Rule of thumb is to use the lighter matte colors as your base color, darker colors as your contouring color, and highlight your eyes with the lightest colors.

  • You can expand your selection by also choosing silver, taupe, or other purples, like lavender or violet. Blue eyes are the one eye color that silver works well with, so go with it!

  • Bright blue is also a good choice in makeup colors for blue eyes. Blue’s make your eyes pop and really stand out! When you accentuate them by using black eyeliner and mascara, you set the stage for deep tranquility. Your eyes will summon depth and give character to your face and complexion.

  • You might also try a turquoise shade, and if your eyes have some green in them. Mint green is also a great choice. Bright pinks and fuschia colors also work well.

    Getting the right makeup colors for blue eyes isn't rocket science. You may make a few mistakes along the way. Don't despair. If you buy the wrong shade, give your not-so-good makeup for blue eyes to a friend or chunk it and try again. If you're just starting out with makeup application, try makeup kits. They typically are low price and have a large selection of colors to choose from! What could be better?

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