With This Easy to Read Hair Color Manual, You'll Discover So Many Secrets about Coloring Your Hair, You'll Never Go Back to Your Hairdresser Again!


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hair color guide

Being able to care for your own hair is an important way to save money! That's why every woman needs a home hair color manual and guide. Why spend your money on a hairdresser, when you can color your hair at home, safely and easily!

Have you ever thought about coloring your own hair at home?

Many women want to learn how to color their own hair, but just don't know where to start! There's no better time to learn how to color your hair! You will save money by coloring your hair at home, and learn 'how to' with this easy to understand home hair care and hair color ebook.

Have you ever totally screwed up your hair color, then had to go spend a whole lot of money in a salon to get it fixed? Or maybe you tried a different color on top of another color that gave you a hair color headache! The number of hair color mishaps that happen is astounding!

The sad truth is that most people do not enough basic knowledge to color their own hair correctly. If you've ever read the color advice on the manufacturers instructions, you know how misleading and confusing they can be!

What if I also told you that there was a simple answer!

What if you had a licensed Cosmetologist on call, 24/7/365, for your every hair color question and your every hair care need!

Wouldn't you feel better about coloring your own hair?

The biggest mistake that women make in coloring their own hair is not knowing their own base color level. This is the main factor and determines what color you’ll get when you apply any color!

To color your hair successfully, you need some tips and basic color information to color your hair the right way. If only someone would just tell/show you how!

Coloring your hair at home is so much easier if you know what you're doing. Here's why!

The first reason is versatility. If you know where you’re starting from, the end result won’t just be luck or guess-work. To create better results, it’s a good idea to know what you’ll get before you start the color process!

The second reason is choice. You’ll have many more choices of the colors you choose if you don’t use a box color. Even if you use a box color, the points and tips in this guide will help you better achieve your target color!

The third reason is expense! In a down-turned economy, going to a salon every week or month can get very expensive very fast. Sure, its nice to have someone do your color because it's nice to have someone take care of it for you. But it’s also a lot more expensive, more time consuming, and can take time away from your family and friends!

The fourth reason is convenience. Its much more convenient (and less expensive) to color your hair at home than to have to drive and keep an appointment somewhere.

The last reason is value. As a woman, you place great value in your own hair. Think of all the products, tools, and accessories that you buy in a year. Women spend exorbitant amounts of money on their hair! Why? Because all women want their hair to look great!

I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for 18+ years and specialized in color for many of those years. I've colored my own hair for the last 12 years so I know the 'in home application process' as well as the 'salon process'. In my hair color guide, I combine the best of both worlds!

It gives you easy to read and follow instructions!

(Of course, if you're not convinced simply request a refund! If you're not satisfied for any reason you will receive 100% refund! Guaranteed!)


Hi Carolyn, Just want to take a moment to thank you for helping me to resolve my hair color problems. As you know, I was having trouble finding the right process to lift my level 6 hair to a brass-free level 8/9 blond. I'd done numerous test strands, and was frustrated that each and every test was coming out brassy. I received no help from the website where I had purchased the color, and was convinced that I would have to give up. When I found your website I took a chance and sent you an email describing my problems. Within a day you responded and offered your help. You were more than generous with your time and knowledge, and helped me figure out what I needed to do to eliminate the brass and lift my hair to the desired level. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon a website owner who actually provides true customer service for her readers. Keep up the good work Carolyn. Home hair colorists like myself need your help and advice. Many, many thanks! Christina

Hello Carolyn, My sister Susie and I did each others hair. We went to Sally's and found our base color. We went from there in choosing the color we wanted to highlight with. We were both very pleased. We did decide to pull through a cap. It was just easier for us. My sister ended up with beautiful golden blonde highlights. She has always worn her hair blonde or highlighted blonde. Our base hair color is only a couple of shades different. Mine being a little darker. I ended up with light copper red highlights. We were both very happy with our hair. Even my 15 year old nephew was very pleased with our results. Thanks so much for teaching us that we could do a professional job with our hair. My sister is on a tighter budget than me, I guess, and she was delighted with the results. Lanie

Hi Carolyn,
Just a quick note of "thanks". You are a genius! I have been using the products you recommended. My hair looks 100 percent better after my color blunder. Again, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!! I am late for work and will write more later but I had to send you thanks and more thanks and more thanks. Lisa

Thank u so much Carolyn! I am really pleased that u always give solutions for my querries. I really feel relaxed now as i know that u r there for me and my hair problems. thank u. navneet

Carolyn, I would like to thank you for your help especially in suggesting the right blonde color for me, which I never would have tried without your suggestion – it is such a good match and I am amazed how well it covered as it looked awful – was a mix of grey/a band of brassy blonde and some of my mousey brown. I’ll be doing the rest of my roots sometime soon and I won’t go back to using the box colors again! There is such a big difference in quality it mixes beautifully, smells better, covers better and also the range of colors is huge - it was expensive this time as I haven’t got a trade card here in the UK and that means paying double the price! But I have still got loads of color leftover (1/2 the brown and almost all of the two blonde colors I can use for highlights in future) so guess it should work out well long term. So pleased with the results. All this is thanks to you!!!

Carolyn, Although it took us a while to get my hair the right color after my own color mistakes, you really came through for me! My hair looks and feels so much better now! Thank you so much for providing this invaluable help and service! Take care always, Marsha

New News

My new Completely Revised Home Hair Color Guide is now available for purchase. You can also get it now at a special price for a limited time. You get everything mentioned on this page for the new low, low price of just $9.99. That's the same amount of money most people pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

The information provided is from my own experiences in coloring my own hair and from working in a busy salon for many years. The information you receive is NOT available from a 'box' of hair color! It's certainly not available anywhere else on the internet, that I've seen. I've revised this guide 3 times in the past few years and once more recently this year. Each time it just gets packed with more and more great information and bonuses!

The unique thing about this guide is that you get to ask me personal questions about your own concerns in coloring or taking care of your hair. I offer this service for free! Where else on the earth can you get personalized free help like this from a professional? (When was the last time you went to a hair dresser and she told you she'd fix your hair for free or tell you how to fix it by yourself for free?) The answer is NEVER!

No one else offers this service!

Please read the entire guide before you attempt to color your own hair and before you ask questions that are already answered in the guide. The more time you spend understanding the color process, the more detailed and specific you can be when you ask me questions. The more detailed your questions are, the better able I'll be to target the right advice to give you!

Here's the Other Thing!

Even if you don't color your own hair and go to your hairdresser to have it colored, you should know about colors! Why? Because even hairdressers make costly and sometimes ghastly mistakes! If you knew more about colors and how they affect your hair before you go, you'll know if your hairdresser is choosing the right color for you!

If you can learn to color coordinate your wardrobe and your makeup, you can learn how to color your hair! Your girlfriends will be so jealous when you show up with beautifully blended and colored hair! If you need color advice, help is only an email away! I'll be there to help you.

This guide is comprehensive. You will find it easy to understand and follow the directions. The guide will take you step by step and give examples of each and every color technique I could think of!

You are never alone though. If you have questions about anything, I will answer your questions in a timely manner. Always!

What You Get!

Color Basics - Lets get down to the Nitty Gritty and learn the basics first!
The L'Oreal Color Chart and what the color numbers mean.
How to do a Patch Test
How to know your base color, and why it's useful to know.
How to pick a complimentary or contrasting color.
Color Tone Categories and Why they are Important.
A list of what items you will need to color your own hair.
How to Protect yourself from the Developer.
How to Mix your own color.
Why 'VARIETY' is clearly the spice of life!
How to ADD RED COLOR safely!
What two kinds of colors are used the MOST and WHICH ONES to use WHEN.
Why Highlights in a Box are Bogus! (Or any color in a box is bogus too!)


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This is an electronic ebook download. It is a 'PDF' file. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get a free copy at:

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System requirements are:

Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000

434KB Free Hard Drive Space

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Not Yet Convinced?

How to Highlight (add light colors to) your hair.
How to Low Light (add dark colors to) your hair.
How to prepare your hair for any Contrast Color.
How to Divide your Hair into Sections. (To make the color process easier for you!)
How to apply the color(s).
Heavy or light color? Chunky or Subtle color?
How to "tip" your hair.
Removing Color from your Skin.

You'll Also Get

Single Process Colors: Root Application.
Single Process Color: Root to End Application.
Choosing the Right Colors for You!
Review of the L'Oreal Color Chart.
Matching Your Base Color.
Washing your hair after a Hair Color.
The truth about Shampoos and Conditioners, and which ones are best and least expensive to buy?
The right way to Blow Dry your hair for maximum benefits.
Shine products. How to properly apply them, without looking greasy!.
How to Combine Hairstyle and Cuts with Facial Shapes

There are so many other little tips in this manual. It's not only easy to READ but it's also easy to UNDERSTAND!


A password protected web page with hair color process pictures and pictures of the items you will need to color your hair.

A web page devoted to YOU and YOUR Hair Care Questions and a contact form to use! Ask ANY question and I'll be happy to advise you!


New bonuses! New Ebook with a New Look! More user friendly! More information. Links included in the book to help you get around and find information fast! New Graphics!

How to Do a Strand Test
How to Identify Your Base Level
How to Understand the Universal Law of Colors
How to Identify Underlying Pigments
How to Use the Color Wheel
How to Safely Lighten or Remove Red Colors
Using Bleach to Prelighten
More About The Laws of Color
More About Color Levels
How to Use Toners
How to Use Fillers
What Are Undertones and How They Affect Your Color?
How Hair is Lightened
Neutralizing Hair Colors
How to Make and Use 10 Volume Peroxide
How to Select the Right Color
Mathematical Equation to Help You Choose the Right Color and Peroxide Everytime! (This one tip is worth the cost of the entire guide!)
What is a Double Process and How and When to Use It
Root Application After Lifting Hair Color

This will absolutely be the last year that I offer you my email services for your hair questions. The sooner you buy the guide, the sooner you can get to asking questions. (Unlimited!) This bonus will soon be removed from the Hair Color Guide! Don't Miss Out!


This is an electronic ebook download. It is a 'PDF' file. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get a free copy at:

Free Acrobat Reader

System requirements are:

Windows 8, 7, Vista,XP,2000

434KB Free Hard Drive Space

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hair color guide

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