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A lot depends on your hair care. If you neglect it, it's going to be noticeable. Everyone should learn to take good care of their luscious locks. In fact, it's is one of the first things that people notice when they see you. If your hair is fried and frizzy, yeah... they'll notice that too.

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You hold the key in your own hair care. There is no one else in this world that will take better care of your hair! Why? Because no one else cares about your hair as much as you do! (Except maybe your mom or sister!) That's why it's important for you to embrace and hold dear your own hair!

When times are tough, you need more professional advice that you can apply at home without seeking costly treatments from a salon. Everyone got used to running to their salon to fix their hair problems during the nineties. When money got tight, salon treatments got more difficult to afford!

Make your dollars stretch further by learning professional hair care techniques that allow you to baby your precious hair by yourself! Use these tips to help take care of your luscious locks.

Professional Hair Care Tips

  • Use professional hair products for professional results. You can’t really believe that you’ll get good results if you’re using cheap hair products like Suave or Prell. Invest in a few good quality products like Nexxus or Frederick Fekkai and then alternate them with less expensive brands.

  • Just like the products you use, your hair care should include using professional appliances! When you use the cheaper counterparts, your hair is more prone to damaged! Purchasing hair appliances from professional salons will help keep your hair healthy!

  • Do a thorough job when you shampoo your hair. Most people scrimp on washing their hair fully but it really does matter. Use the two good hands that God gave you to massage your scalp to loosen dirt and debris, every time you shampoo. Massage stimulates the blood vessels which improves hair rate of growth.

  • Do deep conditioning regularly to help strengthen your locks. Twice a year isn’t going to cut it or give you the professional hair care outcome you’re after! It makes perfect sense to invest in a thermal heat cap when you condition to help your hair absorb more of the luxurious ingredients.

  • Straighten your hair before you curl it. Your curls will be crisp and star-like when you use this technique!

  • Use a thermal heat protector on your hair before you apply heated appliances to your hair. They help insulate the core of your hair and keep it healthy looking!

  • Used regularly, oils add a shiny gloss to your hair.

  • Use professional colors when you color your hair so you are less likely to mix bases.

  • Make good decisions about the amount of chemicals you use on your hair, especially if you want your hair to look silky.

  • Take off the brittle ends of your hair to discourage your hair from splitting.

  • Take nutrient-rich vitamins if you have thin hair or problems growing out your hair.

  • Treat your hair with respect. Your hair will reflect your hair care efforts.

  • Simple detanglers can help soften kinky gray hair that tend to go haywire!

  • If you have long hair, pull your hair up into a Pebble's hairstyle on top of your head while you sleep. Your hair grows UPward on the top so it keeps hair growing in its natural directionality.

  • Fruits and veggies are the perfect option for hair care but be sure to include lots of high protein and naturally low fat foods too.

  • Ask questions. There are hundreds of thousands of hairdressers working around the world. If you have specific questions about your hair care, ask someone! Most hairdressers want to gain your trust and should give you information freely. Be sure to give specifics though. Hairdressers (including myself) can’t help much if you give too little information!

    Just below, there are many professional hair care pages listed. These pages were added to help you take better care of your hair! Be sure to check out the Hair Video's too.

    Professional Hair Care Pages

    Hair Problems

    Clarify Your Hair Using These 5 Simple Methods
    Get Rid of Hair Static and Dry Hair
    Shiny Hair Tips for Chicks on the Go!
    Get Rid of Frizzy Hair – Steps to De-poof Your Hair
    Dry Hair Remedies and Tips to Correct Brittle Hair
    Homemade Hair Treatments – Simple and Easy!
    Weak Hair Tips for Strength and Flexibility
    Dull Hair Remedies and Tips
    Tips to Repair Damaged Hair and Breakage

    Hair Styles

    Your Hairstyle Personality - What Your Hairdo Reveals About You!
    Scary Hairstyles from the Past
    Tips for Short Hairstyles - Fun and Sassy Styles
    Tips for Long Hairstyles - Chic and Fabulous Styles
    Your Haircut and Your Face Shape
    Straight Hair Tips for Sleek Straight Style!
    Easy Ways to Create Wavy Hair Like Jessica Simpson
    Curly Hair Tips for Novel Curly Girls
    The Worst Hairstyle Mistakes to Avoid!

    Hair Instruction

    How To Scrunch Hair For Added Texture and Body
    How to Tease Hair - No Name Calling Please!
    How to Use a Curling Iron to Create Smooth Silky Waves
    How to Create Loose Sexy Curls like Kate Middleton!
    How to Spiral Curl Your Hair
    Long Lasting Curls - How to Make 'Em and Keep 'Em
    How to Get Smooth Silky Hair like Eva Longoria
    Get Strong Hair for Super Strand Strength!

    Caring for Your Hair

    Brewers Yeast Benefits for Hair Loss, Hair Growth, and Hair Health
    Argan Hair Oil Benefits – A Moroccan Delight!
    Bad Hair Products Ingredients to Avoid
    Cocamide DEA – Take Steps to Avoid the Trouble Brewing in Your Shampoo
    Summer Hair Care Tips
    Fall Hair Care Tricks and Treats
    Winter Hair Care Solutions
    Spring Hair Care Regimen – Tips to Refresh and Revitalize

    Hair Color

    Hair Color Shades that Compliment and Flatter
    Tips for Coloring Your Hair - Advantages and Disadvantages
    Taking Care of Chemically Treated Hair – Before and After
    Home Hair Color Guide

    Other Pages of Interest

    Get Lots More Great Hair Tips Here!

    All Time Worst Salon Experiences – Bad Hair Color or Bad Haircut?

    What are Your Holiday Hairstyle Ideas?

    Virtual Hair Styles, Cuts, and Color!

    Hair Site Map

    View Yourself in Over Thousands of Great Hairstyles!

    Looking for the most popular hair styles?

    Want to have a celebrity hair style? Picture yourself with the same hair styles as female celebrities!

    I have been a licensed Cosmetologist over 20 years now. I specialized in color for many years when working in a busy Salon in Durham, NC. Taking care of your hair does take some time and effort. There is no short cut to having great hair!

    I color my own hair and wouldn't think of getting it done by someone else. I just don't want to take the risk! If you've ever wanted to take control of your own hair color, I strongly suggest you learn a few things about them first, (before making ghastly mistakes), so you know how they affect your hair.

    Find information you need to know about your hair color now!
    Benefits of Coloring Your Own Hair

    Learn how to Do it Yourself!

    No More Box Colors!

    Easy to understand instructions!

    Ask Any Questions!

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