The Worst Hairstyle Mistakes to Avoid!

The worst hairstyle mistakes can be avoided most of the time. Making bad decisions is something that everyone’s done from time to time though. If you look back on older photos of yourself, you've probably made a few of them. The key is to not make them again by being too hasty about the new styles you choose.

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Giving into the trends of the season or year may or may not be what the hair doctor ordered. There are many things you need to take into account when you choose a hairstyle! Your texture and volume are two critical considerations you must make but also you need to think about your facial shape. Will the hairstyle you choose look good with the shape of your face? There are many things you can do to ensure that you don’t make the worst hairstyle mistakes again. Remember them next time you want to follow a whim and try something outlandish!

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Worst Hairstyle Mistakes to Avoid

  • High Maintenance Hairstyles or Haircuts – If your new hairdo needs constant upkeep, you’ll need to 1) have a job that can afford you the extra costs 2) be prepared to see your stylist every month and 3) have extra time for monthly appointments. If you can’t afford to maintain the hairdo, then you’ve chosen the wrong hairstyle for you! Sure the style might look nice but if it’s not practical, then you’re only making more hair chaos!

  • Following the Celebrities – With so many celebrities on TV and in magazines all the time, its hard not to want to look like them! However, they’ve got loads of money to spend on their lavish lifestyles. If you choose a hairstyle just because of a favorite celebrity, you could be making one of the worst hairstyle decisions ever. You will never be satisfied if your hair doesn’t live up to your expectations. Instead, choose hairstyles because they’re flattering to you, not because they look good on a favorite celeb!

  • Not Taking Responsibility – If you want to change things up by having a new hairstyle, don’t rely solely on the hairdresser to make decisions for you. No one knows what you want or what you can maintain better than you! Before you make an appointment to change your present hairdo, do some research. Cut out pictures of hairstyles you like to show your stylist. Many of the worst hairstyle mistakes can be avoided by not leaving things entirely up to your hairdresser.

  • Acting Deaf, Dumb, and Blind – Just about every woman I’ve ever known, has sat through a haircut or style, knowing that things were going terribly wrong! When you’re in ‘the chair’, its like you suddenly become deaf, dumb, and blind! Here’s the thing though! You are not chained down! If you’ve gone in for a ‘trim’ and you see a large amount of your hair on the floor, it’s a good indication that there are hair mistakes going on behind your head! Speak up if you’re not comfortable or get up if need be.

  • Complicated Styles – If it takes you or your hairdresser several hours to style your hair, you will burn out fast and become hair unhappy. Choose styles that make your life easier so you can concentrate on other, more important things. You can also opt for chemical services that help make hairstyle mistakes fewer. For example, if you have straight hair but love wearing soft wavy curls, think about getting a soft spiral permanent wave.

    Alternately, if you wear your hair straight everyday but you have curly hair, opt for getting your hair chemically straightened. You won’t have to use styling tools as often (which saves the integrity and health of your hair) and you’ll save tons of time not having to style your hair everyday.

  • Sticking to Trends – Some of the worst hairstyle mistakes are often made when you stick to the trends. Maybe the trends last year suited you but that doesn’t mean that the trends this year will too! The best hairstyle for you depends on your lifestyle, your facial shape, your age, and your hair type. You can use different styling tools and products to create variations. You might love the recent trends but if they’re not doable, then forget the trends and style your hair in a more sensible way!

  • Using Too Many Styling Products – Its perfectly fine if you love using lots of hairstyling products to create your favorite hairstyles - but be aware that over time they can lose their effectiveness and cause hair frustrations! Hair products build up on your hair and can make your hair lose it’s luster and manageability. You’ll need to remove the build up every now and then by using a product clarifier.

  • Knowing Your Hairdresser – Not everyone has the luxury of running to the hairdressers to get your hair done, but for most people, there are times when you must rely on them. Having a reliable hairdresser is as important as seeing a reliable doctor. Some of the worst hairstyle mistakes are made by 'seeing the wrong stylist'! If you want good results and fewer hairstyle mistakes, choosing the right person to do your hair is imperative. How do you find them? By asking your friends and family members who they go to! The cardinal rule for salon diva’s is to find the right hairdresser!

  • Using the Wrong Products - If you want your hair to be smooth and silky, you wouldn’t use volumizing hair products. You’d be much better off using creams, shampoos and conditioners that help keep your hair smooth and silky! You will also do yourself a big hair favor by using professional brand name hair products you can depend on. In other words, you’ll get much better results using professional hair products than you would using Suave hair products! Because they’re concentrated, professional products will last much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

    As long as hair grows, there will always be plenty of the worst hairstyle mistakes being made. You can cut down the amount of dreadful hair days you have just by remembering to use your common sense.

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    Are You Making One of These Hairstyle Mistakes?

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