Windspire Turbine – An Inventive Green Source of Renewable Energy

A windspire turbine is a viable and optional source of wind powered renewable energy. They have a wind turbine-like design yet require much less space than propeller style turbines. (windmills) The 1.2kW unit begins making energy in winds as low as 9 mph. With average wind speeds of 12 mph, it can produce approximately 2000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

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That's enough energy to provide 25 percent of the electricity for the average home. These are a newer, more efficient design and sure to get a lot of attention in the coming years!

These small appliances can catch the wind from any direction, so they don't need to be placed high in the sky, like a windmill requires.

In fact, they are very compact compared to windmills and are not considered to be an eye-sore, and are actually quite breathtaking! They also produce much more energy than a typical windmill.

Benefits and Costs

Windspire's design makes them the perfect addition for energy, if you live in an area that gets a lot of wind. Beaches and mountains are specifically good places that will benefit from their usage. They are not as expensive as windmills either.

They can range in price but typically can be purchased for $4995 with an installation fee of around $3000. The beautiful thing about them is that if you purchase one, you are able to get government and state grants that will pay for up to 60 percent of their cost. That means you will end up paying around $3000 per unit. Not too bad compared to their windmill counterparts!

Wind power is nothing new, but how that power is produced is unique to this design. The vertical axis, propeller-free design, can start producing energy with winds as low as 9 mph. They are much quieter that most other wind turbines because they are designed to work at a slower speed.

Because of their special design, you can space them much closer together, they take up very little land as it is but you can put them almost 8 feet apart.They are also wildlife friendly because they do not harm birds and bats.

Windspire is essentially a 1200 Watt generator that can produce about a quarter of the power the average home. Developers are already developing similar designs that can produce even more power. They are working on a new unit, that would be twice the width, and could potentially produce 100 percent of your home's electric power, instead of 25 percent.

According to the Moriah Power web site, state and federal government's offer incentives for purchasing wind-power systems such as Windspire, to help reduce initial and monthly costs. Some of the programs include tax credits, low-interest loans, grants, and production payments through your state's 'Greenpower source'.

Windspire is an innovative way to use the wind. Affordable, low profile, and virtually silent, and installs quickly and easily to capture the wind's energy wherever you are.

By making wind power more accessible, the these units help you, your family, or business control utility costs and move closer towards energy independence. It's a simple and well-priced appliance that allows you to make use of the clean, endless power of the wind.

Tax Incentives and Other Programs

Incentives for purchasing a wind power system can help to reduce initial and monthly costs. Some of these programs include tax credits, low interest loans, grants and production payments through your state's Greenpower source. Other programs may be available.

  • Federal Residential Tax Credit - around $1200 per Windspire ($4000 cap).
  • Federal Commercial Tax Credit - around 30 percent total installed cost ($4000 cap).
  • Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC) for Commercial Installations
  • Tax Credit – 35 percent of total installed cost
  • 1 percent loan program
  • USDA Rural Energy grant program – around 25 percent of project cost
  • Go to DSIRE website for more details and to locate your own state's tax incentive programs.

    With energy costs rising, there has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy. As fuel prices go up, your savings through wind power will be even greater. Buying a Windspire at today's price secures your cost on the energy it produces for years to come.

    There is long-term value to owning this cleverly designed appliance. These units can be lowered and disassembled as easily as they go up. It can move with you if you ever decide to sell your home, just like your washer and dryer.

    As an investment in the future, finding a simple choice for supporting clean, green energy may be the best value of all. Installing Windspire's are a move towards energy independence, which helps to reduce overall dependence on foreign fossil fuels and other sources of energy that are harmful to the environment.

    See more pictures below! These are gorgeous!

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    windspire image

    windspire image

    Aren't these simply amazingly gorgeous? What a unique and inspirational design. A glimpse of one blends into the environment behind it, yet at the same time, they are awe-strikingly beautiful!

    I scouted around and look what I found. More great pictures of windspire's across the US!

    From the Mountains to Commercial Property
    mountain windspire image commercial windspire image

    Two and Three Windspire's in a Row
    two windspires image three windspires image

    From on Top of Homes to Farms
    house windspire image farm windpire image

    Installation of Windspire
    installation of windspire image installation of windspire image installation of windspire image

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