What can help psoriasis on scalp with out drying hair out

What can help psoriasis on scalp with out drying hair out? What is the best shampoo and conditioner for psoriasis on scalp that wont dry hair out?

Is silicone bad for hair?

Is it alright to not trim your hair for a few years like 6 to 7 years as want it down to my knees and then get a trim when its at your goal length? I do get split ends but mostly on the shorter strands?

Are split ends part of growing long hair and nothing to worry about or should you have zero split ends?


Psoriasis can be a sign of an underlying immunity problem so the best thing you can do is to get your body back to optimal health.

Topically applied, iodine has shown great promise but the caveat is that when first applied, its very visible. Your skin will absorb most of it and what's leftover should evaporate, but that takes time.

There are mixed opinions about silicone but personally, I love the stuff! It really helps defrizz your hair but it can become a problem when you use it too much for some people.

You need to trim split ends to keep your ends from becoming more of a problem. Everyone needs to trim their hair from time to time. Six or seven years is too long to wait, unless you want your hair ends to be straggly.

Very few people have ZERO split ends.

Hope this helps.

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Aug 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

A liberal oil application and back rub is suggested before washing the hair. Continuous shampooing is hurtful for dry hair. Once in a while absence of supplements can likewise bring about dry fragile hair. Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement every day.

Apr 12, 2011
Hair Oils that Penetrate
by: Carolyn

Co washing is specifically meant for curly hair but it should help other hair types too.

No hair oils completely penetrate the hair shaft but there are some that work better than others. Results are varied so you will have to experiment with a few oils to know which ones work best for you.

A few good ones to try are argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Apply generously over your hair (and scalp) and cover with a cap. The heat from your head helps to activate the oils' moisturizing qualities and opens the hair shaft. Leave on overnight or for a few hours, then rinse and shampoo/condition.

Feb 10, 2011
Questions About Co Washing And Oils
by: Anonymous

Is co washing good for your hair as I have been reading a lot of people like it. Also one more question, which oils are drying and which oils penetrate into the hair?

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