Healthy Weight Loss Tips and Foods

When you use the right weight loss tips and get the right advice, shedding those unwanted pounds becomes almost effortless. Smart and healthy lifestyle choices are so easy once you get used to them. The fast food industry loves to sell you food products that help you pack on the pounds and entice your taste buds using artificial flavorings that are ridden in chemicals. Its a total package plan! Utilizing healthy guidelines is the always the best choice you can make when it comes to removing the excesses!

Most people know that there's no magic formula for losing weight, but here's a thought. Taking off pounds is easier if you're actually 'thinking' about what you are munching on and making sound nutritious decisions about what you put into your body. These are called ‘conscious choices’.

Conscious decisions are more often healthy choices, just because you are mentally and actively selecting the foods you pop into your piehole! When you don't put some brain waves into the grub you shove in your mouth, you're far more likely to choose just about any ole thing!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips Pages

belly fat image Is this a picture of what you envisioned for yourself at an early age? Is this how you look now? If so, what are your plans to reverse your weight gain and take back your life? Do you have the gumption, will, and strength it's going to take to change your ways and gain back your health?

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Hey, I'm not a total health nut either. I eat fast food some times and I love chocolate! Who can resist, right?

However, you'll be happier and healthier if you learn how to control yourself, your urges, your emotions, and your thought processes about the foods you choose to consume.

You can kick the fatty food habit and take REAL weight off, I promise you! The tips on this site will help you, if you just read them. Get the help you've been looking for today!

  • Create Healthy Habits
  • Lose Weight
  • Save a whole lot of money!

    Obesity happens disproportionately here in the US. Every night on the news there are more and more stories about the associated health risks of being overweight. In fact, obesity has been increasing at an unprecedented rate globally, but is more of a problem in the US alone.

    There are over 20+ million American's who need to lose weight right now and 35 percent of those are grossly Obese. There are also over millions of children who are overweight for their age.

    Because of the many related health risks associated with excess body weight, obesity is almost at the point of being called a disease. However, statistics show that lean, thinner people generally live longer than overweight people. Despite this fact, people just don't seem to care. Why I'm not sure but it's obvious that health issues impose a risk you undertake when you're more than a few pounds overweight.

    Healthy Weight Loss Tips

  • No one else can lose weight for you. You alone are responsible for your health.

  • Don't rely on your friends weight loss tips. They may mean well but unless they've done the research, they are probably not a good source of information. Plus, what works for them may not be the right answer for you.

  • Make a list of your favorite healthy foods and when you do grocery shopping, be sure to stick to your list! Trying new foods may seem like a good idea but if you end up not liking them, you will most probably throw them out and opt for something not so healthy instead.

  • If a diet plan promises you that you can lose weight and eat anything you like, don't fall for it! To lose weight, you have to watch what you eat!

  • Listen to music you like when you eat meals at home. Music calms you down, which may help you from going into a feeding frenzy.

  • Keep your hands busy doing other things besides reaching into your bag of chips! Massage your legs, give yourself a facial, or rub temple points on your head. There are a million things you can do besides eating!

  • Get a group of friends together regularly to go hiking through the woods. Fresh air, exercise, and conversations will keep you from raiding the refrigerator.

  • Try a new type of exercise you've never tried before.

  • Consume a little less everyday and space out proportionately what you eat.

  • Never give up. You CAN win the weight loss battle if you just try a little harder!

    Anyone who isn't challenged in their life isn't really living. You will always have problems you have to deal with. How you handle them is all up to you. Extra weight just makes things harder overall. Your joints suffer, your health declines, and you just aren't as happy in life as you would be if you just lost the excesses! Every step in the right direction counts!

    Carolyn H Dickerson image My personal story: This year I turned 57! And I STILL wear about the same size jeans I wore back in high school. I was 30 when my son was born but was back in my regular jeans in about 2 weeks after giving birth because I never 'packed on the weight' while I was pregnant. And although my body weight has shifted around some since then, I am still relatively the same size now as I was at 30 or even 20 or even 16!

    I know you are saying gosh, she is just so lucky! She was born that way! She has got to have a high metabolism or great genes and must not have to do much to keep weight off!

    If you think this, you would be really WRONG!

    I do have to work at it! The key here is that I consistently notice when my clothes feel tighter. I consistently eat foods that nourish my cells. I consistently notice small changes in my weight. I consistently exercise to get my circulation going! I consider that I look pretty darn good for my age, but it didn’t happen by accident!

    I can't however give you a testimonial about how I was able to lose a whole bunch of weight, blah, blah, blah. I can't tell you that story cause it never happened. I have instead, been able to keep the weight off because that's what I desired to do! I have never lost control of my weight! I am a single mom who knows that the best defense is a good offense!

    One of my oldest and closest friends just happens to be a Nurses Practitioner, so we talk about relevant health issues all the time. I keep updating my knowledge base regularly, reading new material about weight loss and creating better health for myself and my son! Because I'm a single mom, I know that using the weight loss tips on this site will also help save you money! I sure don't have a lot of extra money lying around, and know you probably don't either. The tips on this site mean that you have no boxed dinners to buy, no health clubs to join unless you want to, and no diet pill to pop!

    Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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