Easy Wedding Hairstyle Tips and Trends

To ensure that you get the best results for your wedding hairstyle, all you have to do is follow a few easy tips. After all, one of the most important elements of your wedding day is the way you style your hair!

You may choose to wear your hair in an updo, or you may choose to wear it down with lots of curls in your luscious locks! So, which style do you choose?

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A lot depends on the dress you choose and the location of your wedding. Are you planning a formal wedding in a big church or an informal wedding in the country or on the beach?

Another important consideration is how do you like to wear your hair and which ways look best on you? Up, down, to the side, in a braid? All of these things are considerations to make when you think about your wedding hairstyle!

Most every bride-to-be knows the pressures she feels from planning a wedding. There are so many decisions that must be made besides just the actual wedding! Unfortunately, most grooms-to-be try to help but sometimes only end up just getting in the way! They typically don't have the natural plan-a-bility and attention to details that women do when it comes to weddings! Thank gosh for girl power!

Since there are so many choices to make, it's good to delegate a few of them! But ultimately the important decisions must be made by the bride. That includes your wedding hairstyle! You just won't have that 'perfect' day if your hair doesn't look great!

You'll be looking back at those pictures for years to come (hopefully) so you need to make sure there are no details missed! What you wear and how your style your hair can either be wedding-hits or wedding-calamities! Here's what you need to know!

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Easy Wedding Hairstyle Tips

Start With A Picture

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Having a picture of the style you want is the easiest way to guarantee that you can successfully communicate to your stylist what kind of bridal hairstyle you want. Pictures are great at conveying what it is that you are after and achieving exactly the style that you want.

Plan Around Your Accessories

Planning your hairstyle to complement your accessories (such as an updo hairstyle to show off your necklace and earrings) is the perfect way to add elegance to your wedding style. For example, you wouldn't wear a pair of long elegant earrings with a hairstyle that didn't show them off!

Incorporate Your Wedding Flowers Into Your Style

Placing flowers in your hair is a popular and classic wedding hairstyle tip. Ask your stylist, friends, or mom which hair color will enhance and complement the shade of your flowers or visa versa. Either way, you'll have a well blended and finished look!

Plan A Wedding Consultation

Talk to your stylist about what hairstyles your hair type and texture can pull off and what you can/may need to do (extensions, new haircut, trim, layers, etc.) to achieve the hairstyle that you want. Don't settle for the first style you choose either. Pick several months beforehand and look them over each week. Again, asks your fiance, friends, family members, and your stylist for their opinion too. But don't let others decide for you! Ultimately, you've gotta be pleased with the style or you'll regret it later.

Consider All Angles Of Your Hair

It's not just the front of your hair on show! The back and sides of your style needs to be just as perfect. The back of your head, after all, is what most of the guests at your ceremony will see. Be sure your stylist makes sure every hair is tucked in place where it's supposed to be if you get an updo!

Don't Be Afraid

When planning your wedding hairstyle with your stylist, don't be afraid to tell them if you don't like the style they've suggested or the way something is done. This is your day after all and your hairstyle should look exactly how you want it to. If your stylist does, however, have some good advice, it's worth taking on board. Just don't give her all the power!

Ensure It's Weather Proof

There's nothing worse than having your hair styled into your perfect look only to have it fall flat due to the weather. Avoid problems by selecting a wedding hairstyle suitable for the location and season that your wedding takes place. Also consider changes that might come in the weather. Weddings on the beach can sometimes be interrupted by a hurricane that blew in off the coast! Think about all the 'what if's'!

Match To The Theme

Match your hairstyle to the theme of your wedding. An elegant wedding deserves elegant hair, while a casual affair will suit a casual hairstyle such as chic, glossy curls. You can even decide to wear your hair part way up and part way down. The style above reflects that kind of look. These styles are best suited for semi-formal occasions.

Trial Your Hair With Your Dress

The best way to see if your bridal style will suit you and your beautiful wedding dress is to do your hair similar to the way that you want it styled when having your dress fitting. This way you can see if your hair is the perfect match for your dress.

Now that you know the tips, find your perfect wedding hairstyle in a hairstyles library devoted to them. There are 1000's of different bridal styles for you to choose from.

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Wedding Hairstyles Images

wedding hairstyle images

*FYI - More Americans tend to get married more between June and November than during the rest of the year. Best time to buy a wedding dress? December - February!

You might also want to consider some bridal hair jewelry to help accent your hairstyle, some silver hair jewelry to accessorize your dress, or a clear glaze to give your hair more shine and luster.

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