Different Ways to Wear Mascara and Express Yourself

There are many different ways to wear mascara and the buying options seem limitless. The wand it comes with performs a very specific task. The angles that you hold the wand are also important too. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

When a mascara promises to be an all-in-one product, remember it can only do so much. Did you know that different ingredients also play a key role in what a product can ultimately do or not do? Who knew?

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It's natural to want thicker, longer lashes. Mascara makes it possible, even if you weren't blessed with them at birth. You can elongate lashes as well as thicken lashes. The thicker the application, the greater the self expression. It all depends on how much talking you want your lashes to do!

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Choosing Your Wand

The type of wand you choose is most certainly a consideration when you wear mascara. Choose your weapon carefully!

1 - Curling wand. The resins and waxes in a curling mascara lift and bend straight lashes and is of course designed to curl the lashes as it defines.

2 - Volumizing wand. It's big and bushy design helps thicken the lashes. Works best with several applications.

3 - Elongating wand. A lengthening formula with nylon fibers that attach to short lashes and make them appear longer. Use the small end vertically to get in and define smaller lashes near the inner eye. Alternately, you can use it to define lower lashes as well.

4 - High definition wand. A brush with spiky plastic bristles separates. Gets those fine haired, hard to see lashes/new growth/roots. Is best used to define shorter smaller lower lashes or the inner eye of upper lashes.

Different Ways to Wear Mascara

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Curled lashes are flaunting and flirty! To get them to flip without an eyelash curler, do this:

Tear off the upper top half of a matchbook and roll it up, inside out. Use it behind your lashes to help curl them while you apply mascara. The cardboard also prevents mascara from getting on your eyelids, which is usually a hassle to take off. Use it on lower lashes for the same reasons.

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Thickening those lashes is the most preferred way to show off the eyes. Try volumizing mascara formula's to get the best results. Thick lashes make the entire eye look larger.

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Long lashes are the second most popular way to wear mascara. Telescopic formula's separate and help pull the lashes out and up. The ball-shaped brush assists in widening the eye, top to bottom.

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For side swept lashes, use several coats and pull lashes to the side as you brush out. Start at the root, shake a little, and gently pull the wand towards the outer eye. When you wear mascara swept to the side, it opens narrow eyes and makes them appear wider.

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Spider lashes are achieved by curling and covering top and bottom lashes with a volumizing mascara formula. Apply three coats, holding the wand vertically and using a continuous motion to get that spiky effect.

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When you want to wear mascara but are short for time, try this eye makeup trick to make it count even more:

Using your thumb, lift the upper lid and hold eyelashes firm. Apply a thin coat of gel black liner along the roots of the lashes. (Dotting the liner gives a totally unique look too!) Then apply one coat of volumizing mascara.

Hint: Using mascara with finite, medium, and/or long bristles together and a thick round brush gives the most lift and volume.

As a final thought, makeup artist Romy Soleimani suggests that you swish your wand like a windshield washer across corner lashes to beef them up. It's a pretty cool suggestion when you love to wear mascara but need a change in application every now and then. Now that you have a wide selection of ways to apply it, go get wanding!

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