We are unsure which vaccines exactly hurt my daughter but she is injured

by Susan Bernstein
(Rhode Island USA )

Juniper was born September 18, 2015 and was given her 1st vaccine at birth so if she had any reaction I was not aware of it. Juniper was taken by DCYF from her birth mother and placed into a temporary foster home for a few days until my husband and I could be approved to foster her. She was given to me at 10 days old.

On her 3 month healthy baby check up she was given her 3 month vaccines (MMR). After administration she was not herself at all. She cried for days did not eat and both her legs were very swollen. I called her doctor but the nurse assured me it was normal and told me not to worry... but I knew in my gut something was wrong.

Months went by and slowly she started acting better. At her 6 month check up comes another round of vaccines and this time her reaction was even worse. Both of her legs were swollen up again and she cried uncontrollably. You could tell she was in pain and she cried all the time! I'll never forget it!

All the things she was doing before the shots she no longer did. Her 100.2 temperature went to 105.5. I called the pediatrician I was told that's a normal reaction and not to worry and I explained to them this is not normal. This is a reaction to the damn vaccines again. Juniper never ever really bounced back from those vaccines.

Then came her nine month well visit and another round of vaccines. This round of vaccines are the ones that took her over the edge. This baby was talking before then saying words like 'hi papa'. We have it all on video. She know longer talked - she no longer smiled - she don't want to do anything. The area where the vaccines were administered was red hot and it traveled up her entire body.

I called the pediatrician again and he finally admitted that it was a reaction. He suggested that I bring her in. Dr Hart said she had seen worse reactions so I requested Juniper see an allergist and to stop all vaccines. Dr. Hart finally agreed and we
took Juniper to not one but three allergists and they told my husband and Dr. Hart that this was not allergic reaction to the vaccines. He clearly stated it was a toxic reaction to the vaccines. I asked the allergist if there was an antidote but he said no.

I asked him what the long-term effects from these vaccines was going to be for Juniper. He said he didn't know what else to say or do.

So Junipers pediatrician Dr. Hart turned us into the Department of children welfare and families DCYF because she didn't get her vaccines and was no longer in compliance with the state laws - knowing that the allergist said this was toxic to Juniper. So we had DCYF show up at our door even though it was documented that the vaccines were toxic to Juniper but because she was a foster child, they had to investigate.

We were finally able to adopt Juniper in April 2017. Her second birthday is coming up very soon now and she is now behind on the vaccine scheduling. I know they're wanting to catch her up on her second birthday well visit and my husband and I don't want to take her.

I will not put another vaccine in this child's body because I feel the next vaccine will kill her or damage her beyond return and I will not let that happen.

I also know if I take her in for the checkup that they'll call DCYF again and possibly take Juniper away from us.

The bottom line is these vaccines harmed Juniper beyond repair and I can't allow this to happen but I don't know how I can make them stop.

Is anybody out there that can help me? Please comment below or contact Carolyn who can contact me.

I do have a video of the last reaction she had to the last vaccine they gave her last but I cannot show it online because it shows some of her private areas because the toxins were traveling up her whole body.

I have worked very hard with Juniper to get her where she is today. I need your help to stop this madness of putting toxins into innocent babies.

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Aug 24, 2017
by: Carolyn

I would highly suggest that you contact VAERS Susan.

You can do so here: https://vaers.hhs.gov/reportevent.html

Aug 24, 2017
by: carolyn

I am so sad to hear this Susan. I have saved your email to keep it private and have given instructions for anyone who can help to contact me in your post.

When my son was born, he scored a 10 on his APGAR but at 27, his IQ is only 50. I believe now, more than ever, that the combination of the lack of iodine in the diet PLUS the vaccines took a toll on him as well. He did not talk until he was around 4 or 5 years old. I thought for the longest time it was something I did wrong. Looking back now, I remember he cried a lot but the doctors said if it wasn't colic, then it was normal. My mom also told me I was colicky when I was a baby so I did what any other mom would do and just dealt with it.

Let me tell you. Excessive crying is NOT normal, no matter what people or doctors say. If you know your baby is not hungry and you know they are loved, then something else is going on.

If only babies could tell us!

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