Ways to Save Money on Health Care Costs

There are numerous ways to save money, but did you know that just by staying healthy, you can cut your health care costs in half, if not more?

This seems a lot smarter than risking your life taking prescription medications or drugs that have a multitude of side effects that cause your health to decline even more.

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The simple truth is that you won't have much life if you don't keep well! There are so many basic products you can try that may help. The answer to your health problems may NOT be as complicated or expensive as doctors would have you think.

Current estimations for health care costs are tremendous and only rising. In 2010 alone, healthcare spending grew exponentially to a record 18 percent of the U.S. economy, marking the largest one year jump in its share of the economy since the government started keeping health care records half a century ago! In 2015, Americans spent spent $3.2 TRILLION on health care!

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We look to our doctors to cure our ailments - when we should start looking deep inside ourselves. How you look, and feel, your emotional state, your well-being, your procrastination, is directly dependent on what you do, what you don't do, bad habits, lifestyle choices, and addictions. All of these things explain the fast decline of human life today.

In 2013, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported a study by the Institute of Medicine. Their findings? As compared to other Western cultures and countries, the US has ranked DEAD LAST in nearly every health care category for the last 30 years!

Yet we've spent more on health care than any other country on the earth! Does this make sense?

The study also revealed some other interesting facts. In 2007, the average life span for men was 75.6 years; the lowest and WORST among many other countries in the world. For women, the life expectancy is slightly better but not by much @ 80.8 years.

The mortality rate from heart disease is 129 per 100,000 presently in the US, which is worse than every other country studied except Finland.

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Don't you have to pause and question what you've been told? What you've sheepishly agreed to is a fast-track ticket to illness and death. We've become so accustomed to never questioning our doctors that our very lives have been threatened. We've also agreed to pay their high bills and expensive medications. Since we gotta pay up or do without, we are often faced with cutting back in other areas or thinking of other ways to save money. Because of this, nutrition suffers and we get sicker. There mere implications are vast!

Americans are dying earlier than anytime in history. That just goes to show you that costly chemical-ridden drugs don't work! They are full of dangerous toxic ingredients that your body cannot possibly assimilate or use. Prescription drugs (which poison enzymes or block receptors) are at the root of most health care problems today.

America just doesn't seem to understand that BIG PHARMA is scamming you out of your hard earned pay by making you think you need drugs to control every ailment known to man! Once you get on the pharmaceutical band-wagon, it's hard to jump off. That's exactly the reason that BIG PHARMA loves you so much! You keep coming back for more!

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In the meantime, bills keep increasing (TAXES) and health care costs keep sky rocketing! We are making less money but everything just keeps getting costlier. We're supposed to be able to eat, aren't we? How do we figure out more ways to save money when our income is already stretched to the limit?

You do it by getting out of your health rut. Stop depending on doctors to cure you. Sadly, they are misinformed! Do yourself a favor and stop being lazy. One of the best ways to save money is to try something simple. If something simple doesn't work, then try something else. If that doesn't work, then do more research. Keep searching for the natural, inexpensive answers and you'll find them! You can beat the high expenses and find more ways to save money on health care costs if you just do the homework!

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Using Natural Modalities is One of the Best Ways to Save Money and Improve Your Health

Sometimes the most obvious ways to create good health are so evident, you don't think about them. American's have been 'dumbed down' by the NON-STOP, drug-addicting PHARMA commercials you see airing on your TV. But you don't have to be stupid with your life! NOT buying prescription drugs if one of the best ways to save money really fast!

There's always more than one way to accomplish things!

The vast majority of adults worldwide, have one or more conditions that mandate regular doctor visits and regular prescriptive medicines. Often times left with unpaid bills, creditors come knocking, and there's no help from anywhere. The outlook may seem very bleak but there is an uncomplicated answer!

Do the kind of things you did before fast-tract society came-a-knocking. Believe me, your parents knew PLENTY of ways to save money when things got tight! Cut down on meat consumption by substituting egg or cheese products, eat more fresh, nutritional foods full of plant enzymes, consume more complex carbohydrates, which gives you lasting energy, get regular check ups if you're fortunate enough to have insurance, take low-cost antioxidants each and every day, lose some excess body fat, use remedies that have salt-of-the-earth ingredients, buy generic brand products that help trim spending!

Use the links on this site to help you find more ways to save money on health and the environment. Move back in time when simple stuff remedied what ailed folks. The products your forefather's used, long before you were born, can make you feel better too! No physician's required!

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Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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