Create Wavy Hair Just Like Jessica Simpson

Have you ever wanted to have sexy, wavy hair like Jessica Simpson has on so many occasions? Its hard not to get a little envious but remember, she's got lots of help with her hair!

However, you can create your own waves in a very short time if you have the right tools and products. It's really not as much of a hassle as you might think!

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If you weren't blessed with natural waves, you'll want to make it look like you were! I recommend that you wash your hair at least one day prior to curling it. Hair that's slightly dirty tends to behave better!

The method below is designed for hot irons only. Start with slightly damp hair so there's ease of use for styling products. If you'd like a unique wavy hair pattern, use a flat iron instead of a curling iron.

*NOTE - The size of the barrel you use is so important in this! Using a larger barrel will create looser waves. Using a smaller barrel will create smaller, more uniform waves! Either type will give you the wonderfully wavy hair that you seek!

What You'll Need:

  • Volumizing spray
  • Straightening or smoothing cream (if you have unruly hair)
  • Hair dryer
  • 1" - 2" barrel curling iron (or more) depending on how tight/loose you want your curls or flat iron any size.
  • Hair ties or clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Shine serum
  • Hairspray
  • Saltwater spray or fine mist

Jessica Simpson image

How to Create Luscious Wavy Hair - Hot Iron Method

1. Turn your head upside down and spritz roots with volumizing or texturizing spray. Massage into the roots of your hair but not your scalp. Then apply a style-holding product (gel or mousse) to the mid shaft and ends of your hair especially.

If your hair is naturally course or curly, work a straightening cream throughout your hair.

2. Gently comb out your hair with a wide toothed comb. This evenly distributes the product(s) throughout your hair. Blow dry your hair straight, starting at hair ends and working up to your roots. You can opt to dry your roots first if you want extra root volume. Your hair must be completely dry before you begin curling or else your curls will fall. As a last step in blow drying, give your hair a cool air shot to lock in hair products.

(If you want sleeker, smoother waves, flat iron your hair before you curl it.)

3. Separate your hair into three or four bottom and top sections, (or more!), securing with hair clips or ties. It's easiest to curl one section at a time.

4. To curl hair, start with one bottom section and take a 1" portion of hair, spritz it with styling spray or hairspray, especially on the ends. Comb through. You can hold the iron horizontally or vertically for this style!

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Wrap the 1" section of hair around the barrel of the curling iron. Wrapping your hair is different from the traditional curling method. DON'T 'clip' your hair into the barrel. Instead, wrap it around AND move the strand up and down the hot barrel. Wrapping allows you to curl all the way to the roots. When you're wrapping, make sure to leave the very ends loose to avoid crimp marks.

Release the curl after about 20 seconds or hold longer if you want a tighter curl. How long you hold the curl also depends on how high you've set the temperature of the iron set. The higher the heat, the less time you should need to keep the iron in your hair. It is much healthier for your hair to take more time with a lower heat setting than it is to use less time with a higher heat setting. When you un-roll your hair, you should have a waves or corkscrew curls. If it didn't work, try it again!

6. Roll up the curl with your fingers and bobby pin it close to your scalp.

7. Alternate the direction of the curls as you work your way through each section. The style you create is in the direction you wind hair around the barrel of the curling iron.

Start by placing hair on top of the barrel and wrapping it around the barrel for one curl, then switch directions by putting the barrel on top of the hair before winding it around the next curl. Alternating directions makes curls look more natural. Some curls can remain tight, but strive for some loose curls too.

8. Once you've completed curling all of your hair and your pinned curls have cooled completely, release them. At this point, you should have wavy hair!

9. If curls are too tight, gently loosen waves with a diffused shot of cool air from your blow dryer on the low setting. Or you can separate curls with your fingertips. Just make sure NOT to brush them out... After all that work, you'll want them to stick around for a while!

10. To add shine, spritz a hair serum like Biosilk Therapy. You can also spritz with a saltwater spray instead if you like. Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea spray or Tousled Tresses Fine Mist Wax are also good products to use!

11. Set with a medium or flexible hold hairspray. Just don't overdo it. You won't want your curls to feel stiff.

Here's an alternate method that might just give you some ideas!

How to Create Wavy Hair Using Baby Wipes Video

Don't you just love having wavy hair? You don't have to be famous to have a glamorous style! I promise you that once you've achieved this look a few times, it'll get easier and less time consuming to complete the task!

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