VStyle Haircut with Layers - Two Methods to Try!

Having a vstyle haircut with layers is easy (especially if you try the first method) if you can follow simple instructions. Just don't cut too much hair and you'll get results you‘ll love.

When I tried it for the first time, I wasn't even sure if it would work. Believe me, I was sweating bullets for a while there! I didn't really expect that ONE cut could make such a big difference, but it does!

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There are two methods described and demonstrated below. The fist is the easiest to do. When cut correctly, it'll create the layers you want, but keep the V style at the same time. The second cut is a little more complicated to do by yourself and won't give you as many layers but it's still a good 'go to' haircut.

Vstyle Haircut with Layers - Method I

This cut is super easy! If you've got thin hair, it will make your hair thicker. If you've already got thick hair, your hair will scream volume! It also works well for curly hair, straight hair or any pattern of hair in between.

Please watch the video a few times before you try it so you understand exactly how to do it. Using sharp scissors when you make the cut is a must have, so be sure to have them on hand.

One word of warning though. If you don't angle your face correctly, it won't come out right. So please cut your hair at your own risk. If you're a teenager living at home, please get permission from your mom or dad or get someone to help you. I don't want you to mess up your hair and I'm sure you don't either!

If you aren't sure of the cut, take smaller amounts of hair at first. Start with half an inch to one inch - if you like the results and want more layers, take another inch. Take your time though! Once you make a cut, you can't put your hair back, so better safe than sorry, right?

VStyle Haircut with Layers - Method 1

If you'd like to make comments on the video on youtube, here's the link.

  • If you want an even style and layers that begin mid hair shaft, do a blunt cut straight across.

  • If you want a sharp V cut, then you should angle/slant your scissors down slightly from shorter in the front to longer in the back.

  • If you want the V cut to go from longer in the front to shorter in the back (just for variation), try slanting/angling your shears upward, from longer in the front to shorter in the back.

    *Tip: Both of the last two variations require:

  • careful positioning of the hair and

  • careful angling of the shears.

    Be sure to keep the front hair in front, the middle in the middle and the back in the back. You'll understand this more as you position your hair for the cut.

    Here's another method you can use for this cut. It's the method I used before learning about method I. (above). Method II is a bit more difficult to master by yourself but it's more precise and accurate. It also won't give you as many layers as method I.

    Vstyle Haircut with Layers - Method II

    V-Style Long Haircut - Method II

    If you'd like to see it live on Youtube, here's the link.

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