Vitamin C Antioxidant - Protects Cells and Improves Immune Response

Vitamin C is essential for a number of reasons and works together with Vitamin E. Unless you take extra amounts of this vitamin, you are probably not getting near enough amounts of it.

If you rely only on food alone to get your vitamins, you maybe setting yourself up for early health problems. Unfortunately, our food suppliers have removed many of the essential nutrients from our foods, and replaced them with toxic substances that can cause many diseases. That's why vitamins in today's world, are vital and essential for optimal health.

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The Many Benefits



What is Your C Tolerance?


Best Sources

Studies have shown that a family will not think twice about going out to dinner and spending $50... But ask that same family to invest in a bottle of vitamins that costs $50 and they will tell you that it’s too much money. None of the vitamins I recommend will cost you that much, but you get the point!

Benefits of Vitamin C

To demonstrate the protective nature of ascorbic acid, take a C tablet and crush it. Cut an apple in half. Put some of the crushed tablet on half of the apple and leave the other half alone. Let them sit out for a while. When you check back, the half with the crushed tab will not be 'brown'. The half without it will be.

That's exactly what this vitamin does inside your body. It protects your cells in much the same way!

C vitamin protects against cellular damage, (via free radicals), boosts immunity, inhibits growth of cancerous tumors, raises HDL cholesterol levels,(the good stuff), helps in the healing of wounds, burns, and bruises, prevents arteriosclorosis, (build up of plaque on the blood vessel walls), and prevents cataracts.

It is also necessary for healthy adrenal function, healthy gums and gum tissue, and normal immune function.

Vitamin C is vital for collagen synthesis. Disulfide bonds hold collagen fibers together. Certain nutrients such as bioflavanoids (grape seed extract) and MSM sulfur, support the bonds and help maintain strength and flexibility.

Hyaluronic acid, the gooey filling between collagen strands, acts as the foundation for the various structures in the body that require it.

Furthermore, approximately 1/3 of the protein in your body is used to form collagen, the primary connective tissue that holds tissues together.

Bone contains about 50 percent mineralized collagen, which gives them their strength.

Your skin is comprised of 75 percent collagen, which lends to it's flexibility. Without sufficient protein, your skin can't form collagen. If you don't have enough structural integrity in your skin, it loses it's flexibility and falls down, forming wrinkles.


Most people don’t take nearly enough C vitamin! Most adults should take between 3000 mg – 8000 mg a day, if not more.

Did you know? Your body cannot utilize or absorb more than 500 milligrams at a time. If you are taking 1000 mg. here and 1000 mg. there, you are wasting the vitamin, and urinating out the excesses!

This is because vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. Since your body can only handle and use 500 mg. at a time, the extra 500 mg. you take, will get excreted from your body. It’s best to take 500 mg. at 1 – 3 hour intervals instead, throughout the day. That way you can be sure your body is utilizing it all!

If you see vitamin C on sale, beware. It degrades very quickly once opened so unless you take vast amounts, buying 'extra' isn't such a great idea. For optimal health, just replenish what you use as needed.

C Vitamin Myths

Can cure colds - No, it won't cure a cold, but studies have shown that taking it throughout the day at the onset of symptoms can reduce the severity and duration of a cold.

Can Cure Cancer - No, it can't but a daily consistent intake of over 500+ mg. can reduce the likelihood of Cancer of the stomach, esophagus, oral cavity, pancreas, cervix, rectum, and breast.

Can Reverse Aging - Probably not in your lifetime, but daily intake of over 500+ mg. may increase life expectancy from 2 to 6 years, largely as a result of reduced cardiovascular mortality.

Vitamin C Tolerance

Everyone’s tolerance is different. When your body reaches it’s tolerance level, you may get gas or diarrhea. When deciding your tolerance for Vitamin C, it is recommended to take the highest dose that does not cause you diarrhea. This is also known as your Bowel Tolerance Threshold.

C Vitamin Facts

  • If you smoke or drink alcohol regularly, your C vitamin needs will be higher than of those who don’t.

  • If you take prescription drugs regularly, you will also need extra amounts.

  • If you are a Cancer patient or have other terminal illnesses, you will need A LOT of this vitamin!

  • You must also take into consideration that the life of Vitamin C is quite short when it enters your system.

  • Vitamin C can only be found in blood plasma for about 30 minutes, which is a short amount of time.

  • This is why it is more important to get lower doses of it at regular intervals, than taking lots of it at one time. You will only be excreting the excesses.

  • Some studies have shown that chewable C tabs may cause erosion of tooth enamel. It is suggested that you drink a glass of water after taking the chewable tabs. This helps to sweep the ascorbic acid off your teeth.

  • Aspirin and C Vitamin should not be taken together since excessive gastric irritation may occur.

  • Body supplies can be depleted by smoking, oral contraceptives, alcohol, antidepressants, anticoagulants, and steroids.

    Food Sources High in C Vitamin

    Vitamin C foods as are basically common sense foods. Most of them are foods in the citrus fruit family that you already know.

    Oranges, Lemons, Pineapple, Grapefruit juice, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Tomato juice, Strawberries, Blueberries, Watermelon, Red Bell Pepper, Kiwi, Mango, Cantaloupe, Onion, Brussel Sprouts and Snow Peas, all have very high amounts of Vitamin C.

    Fruit 			Calories 	Milligrams of Vitamin C
    Guava, 1 medium 	46 		165
    Papaya, 1 cup, cubed 	55 		87
    Strawberries, 1 cup 	45 		84
    Kiwi, 1 medium 		46 		74
    Cantaloupe, 1 cup 	56 		68
    Orange, 1 medium 	60 		75
    Grapefruit, half 	39 		42

    You can also take C Vitamin in chewable form. They are sour but most pleasant at the same time. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to their tremendous health & beauty benefits. Be sure your body has enough vitamin C everyday. Its one vitamin that your body can't live without!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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