Flirty Virtual Haircut in Different
Hair Colors

Found the right virtual haircut and colors for your complexion? Knowing what you’re going to get before you chop your hair off is an invaluable thing, just as it is to find the right colors.

How many bad cuts and colors do you have to go through to find the right one? When you do find one that really looks good on you, don’t you always wished you’d found it sooner!

funky haircut image

When you find the right haircut or hair color, it just screams at you! Hello! Where ya been!

What a relief and a great feeling it is to find 'the one' that has your personality locked on target!

Virtual hair tools allow us to check out new styles and fads before we become guinea pigs and pay an expensive price with our luscious locks.

Not everyone loves their hair though. That’s a fact. Those with curly hair, want straight hair. Those with straight hair want curly hair. Just seems like no ones ever satisfied with their own hair type.

This layered cute haircut would look good on just about any hair type. Blend in the right colors and you'll allow yourself greater versatility. You’ll never look bad wearing the wrong hair again!

Hairstyler Hair Cuts

Have you ever wondered what your new 'do would look like colored in different ways? With so many color choices, it's easy to be overwhelmed and a little anxious about changing your hair color as it may not turn out the way you hoped.

At, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier by showing you how simple it is to see what the same haircut would look like in all different colors.

This month we have chosen to look at a medium texture, medium length concave bob to give you a better understanding about what kind of impact color choice makes to your cut.

The Cut
This style has edge and funk written all over it with its razored asymmetric lines and random layers cut throughout to make a dramatic statement.
The Back: has been razored at different lengths with the shortest length sitting in the middle and long random pieces finishing the look through to the sides.

This is a creative color which features a two tone effect of brown/red highlights to give the cool blonde tone a hint of warmth and to really show off the face framing layers to perfection. This color will work best on olive, peaches and cream, and fair to light skin tones.

We all love our red tones but can sometimes be a little wary about having them done as red is a very bright and out there color. This hair color needs a lot of care but it really does complement this artistic style completely making the cut, style and color look fantastic. This color will look best on olive and dark complexions.

If you love to keep your colors simple and effective then this is the perfect tone for you. This color will give your hair a gorgeous glow but will also show off the cut in all its glory. This tone will suit pale to light, olive, peaches and cream and dark complexions. It is quite a neutral color.

This warmish blonde can complement your style in all the right ways, but it is quite high maintenance and regrowth touch ups will be needed regularly to keep this color always looking its best. This color will suit fair to light and peaches and cream complexions.

If you love to stand out then this true copper blonde style is the way to go. This style will really show off every inch of this edgy cut. This color works well on peaches and cream and pale to light complexions.

If you love black tones but are a little scared to go that dark, why not try this deep violet? It's not black but will give you a good indication of what very dark hair will look like on you. It of course looks great with this cut and will work best on olive, pale to light and dark complexions.

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  • Over 8000 hair styles and 53 color choices.
  • Constantly updated catalogue of styles.
  • Detailed hair style consultation which takes into account your hair texture, growth patterns, face shape, and current hair condition.
  • Get advice for makeup too!
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View your photo or a model with thousands of hairstyles and color combinations that suit your face, including short, bridal, men's, celebrity and everyday hairstyles.

Virtual haircut and hair color tools are a must-have if you're unsure about the cut or color you're considering. Use them before you damage or totally flub up your hair. They can save you from making incredibly bad decisions about your hair!

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Flirty Virtual Haircut and Hair Colors

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