Virtual Hair Styles to Create Your Own Everyday Style

Virtual hair styles make your life easier. If you’ve ever wanted to know what you would look like with a certain style, without sacrificing your hair, now you can! It's easy to create your own everyday style. Virtual hairstyles also take the headache out of 'guessing'!

Don’t you just hate it when you think you’ve found the right cut for your face shape and it turns out bad, or just wrong! It can break your heart and make you cry... Virtual style’s offer an opportunity to try on a new hair style or overall new look without having to live with a 'hairdo' that turned into a 'hair don’t'!

A virtual haircut or virtual hair color give you an instant view of what you'd look like with a new style. All you have to do is change the palette! Experimenting on YOU can sometimes be a nightmare and very costly! Knowledge is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to your own hair! These programs are wildly popular since you can try a new look without the commitment!

You won’t have to worry when you’ve got these tools to use! It's a demo program but it really works well! If you want the real deal though, joining their program is dirt cheap!
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The sad truth is that most everyone has had a bad haircut or hairstyle at some time. Having lived through several of them myself, it's clear that virtual tools can save you a lot of grief. You must however, do your homework too. If you trust a stylist you don't know, you could end up with a bad hair look anyway! That's one reason its so important to get your virtual hair styles right first and always, always 'Know Thy Hairdresser!

Having the availability of using the virtual hair styles tool is a huge advantage. Heck, I wished they'd been around when I was younger! It might have saved me from a lot of hair headaches that I've lived through!

Everyday Hairstyles

Features of the Hairstyler Program

  • Style articles.
  • Celebrity hair styles.
  • Includes mens hairstyles.
  • Classic hair styles, bridal and updo's, and dreadlocks.
  • Over 8000 styles and 53 haircolor choices.
  • Constantly updated catalogue of hairstyles.
  • Detailed style consultation which takes into account your hair texture, face shape, time spent on hair, and physical build.
  • Makeup advice too!
  • Join for FREE Now

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Virtual hair styles are a safe way to experiment with your hair. If you are seriously thinking about changing a style you've had for years, it only makes sense to be sure what you decide is the best choice for you. Who wouldn't like a 'head's up' first!

'How To' - Ribbon Curls from Above Picture

I call these curls 'ribbon curls'. They're just like the curls you make with scissors when you're curling ribbons for pretty packages. You may not be able to get your hair exactly like the picture above, but you can have the same style curls!

Items You'll Need Flat iron, small and wide barrel iron, hairspray, shine product. (Use gels or mousse on damp hair (concentrate them on hair ends and mid hair shaft) and blow dry before you start for long lasting curls.)

First, blow dry your hair straight. Then use a flat iron to smooth it out. Apply a shine product to your hair but not too much. You don't want greasy hair. Thoroughly brush it through your hair and smooth down.

Clip your hair out of the way and work in sections if you've got *thick hair. Using a 2" wide barrel, wrap only the top, middle, or bottom section of your hair around the outside of the barrel. Tighten the curl by pulling gently on the ends of the section. Slowly pull the curl off the barrel but remember to leave the ends straight. Alternate where you place the curls randomly.

Using very small sections, make a few more curls using the same technique (on the top of section of your hair) with a smaller iron or your flat iron (which usually has a 1" barrel). Use a small amount of hairspray on each curl. After you're satisfied, gently turn your head upside down and use more hairspray on all your hair. (flexible hairspray is best) Toussle your hair a bit with your fingers.

You can add hair accessories or clips to accentuate different sections of your hair. Voila! Enjoy!

*If you've got thick hair you'll save yourself a lot of time if you use hot rollers throughout most of your hair and only do ribbon curls on the top layer!

Virtual hair styles enable you to peek into the future, and they take a lot of stress out of your life. In this day and age, that's a huge advantage and a great benefit!

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