Virtual Hair Color Before - Better Results After!

Virtual hair color can help you make better decisions about the colors you slap on your hair. They’re a gem because they prevent you from screwing up the real thing. There are few things worse than a gorgeous hair color on the wrong person.

When you have the capability of visualizing what your next hair color will look like, you’ll make fewer bad choices and more good choices. The colors you choose can really make or break your look.

About 20 years ago, (while I was still in Cosmetology school), one of my best friends told me she wanted to try a new hair color. She told me she wanted something 'different'.

Not knowing any better, I bought an Iridescent Mahogany hair color. Just thinking about it now sends chills down my spine!

She came over that afternoon and I proceeded to give her a few lowlights throughout her hair. We waited for the color to finish processing and then I shampooed and conditioned her hair over the sink. As her hair started to get dry, I started to get very nervous...
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Her hair was bright purple and glowing!

She was crying, I was crying! It was a real mess! Thank gosh I had only applied the color minimally! I can't imagine how she would have reacted if those disastrous results had been all over!

Too boot, poor baby girl had to work that night too! I rushed out and bought a couple of ash brown colors and put them directly on her hair. It didn't get rid of all the bright iridescent color but it did help a little bit. At least she got good tips that night cause folks felt sorry for her. wink image

That's been a long time ago now and we are still best friends thankfully. Just goes to show though. You should be certain about colors before you use them!

That day I learned a valuable lesson. Choosing your colors carefully and doing strand tests before coloring your hair is essential! This is especially true if you're unsure of how a new color will affect the existing color.

This is exactly why virtual hair color tools are so valuable. Not sure? Use the tool! The program is also dirt cheap to join, so the investment will pay off almost immediately! Until then, use the free tool below and have fun!

Choose Your Hair Color

Features of the Hairstyler Program

  • Detailed hair style consultation which takes into account your hair texture, growth patterns, face shape, and physical build.
  • Free makeup advice!
  • Hair style articles.
  • Celebrity hair styles.
  • Includes mens hairstyles.
  • Classic hair styles, alternative styles, bridal and updo's, and dreadlocks.
  • 8000+ hair styles and 53 color choices.
  • Frequently updated catalogue of styles.
  • Join for FREE Now

Join for FREE Now! Click here!

Virtual hair color make your life easier. If you are seriously thinking about changing a color you've had for years, it only makes sense to be sure what you decide is the best choice for you. Who wouldn't like a 'head's up' first!

View Yourself in Over 8,000 Hairstyles!

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