Why Refined Vegetable Oil Should Never Be Used for Cooking

Vegetable oil is NOT what you think it is. It is highly refined, detrimental to your health, and should NEVER be used for cooking. Although there are many health benefits touted by the mainstream, they fall short when you understand the history and process. Many chronic health problems are CREATED by using this sorry excuse for oil.

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Vegetable oil is a staple in most kitchens today, but it wasn’t always that way. Not too many years ago, lard and animal fats were the only resource folks had to fry anything.

It all began back in 1956 when a major cooking oil company published advertisements in a popular magazine. They stated that 'fried foods become light foods' when vegetable oil is used in place of lard or butter. Up until that time, Crisco oil had been on the market for nearly a century. It provided an economical alternative to lard and was the first solidified shortening product made entirely of veggie oil.

Back in those days, advertisements were thought to be true and honest so many well-intentioned mothers ran out and bought into their marketing ploy. They were eager to make the switch and opt for a lower calorie and healthier option for their families. Of course, we all know now they were duped.

The only people who benefit from the vast sale of refined cooking oils is BIG FOOD.

To this day, marketers still claim that vegetable oil is a better dietary fat option than animal fat because the oil contains no cholesterol and isn’t saturated. That may be true but it doesn’t mean the product is better for you. Cholesterol is a completely natural function of the body and saturated fats are a must-have for fat soluble vitamins to work effectively.

Heart healthy cooking oils that combine soy, canola (rapeseed), cottonseed, and corn, CAUSE heart disease and cancer.

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The Sordid History of Vegetable Oil

During the early years of their company, Proctor and Gamble were making soap from cottonseeds but realized that there was a tremendous waste of cottonseed oil during the process. They wondered what to do with all of it - and a light bulb went on. What if this oil could be sold? And modern day vegetable oil was born.

The oil would eventually be passed off as a nutritional food, even though it has no nutritional value and is quite toxic. Transforming industrial waste into food was no easy task but thanks to aggressive advertising (a vast marketing scheme), millions of people began using cooking oil in their daily lives.

Science Monthly summed up how cottonseed oil went from noxious waste to common cooking oil when they said:

"What was garbage in 1860 was fertilizer in 1870, cattle feed in 1880, and table food and many things else in 1890."


Refined oils are produced in large vats using extremely high temperatures that turn the oil rancid. Unrefined oils are SO DELICATE in nature that one photon of daylight can trigger a chain reaction of free radical damage that creates undesirable by-products and trans fats – which is why they’re sold in dark (green or amber) bottles. Vegetable oils on the other hand, are sold in clear bottles that you can see through. Do you think they should be?

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RBD Oils – Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized

Cheap cooking oils such as veggie oil and canola oil, are manufactured using methods that are destructive to oil molecules. The process helps lengthen and stabilize the shelf life of the oil. After oils are extracted from nuts or seeds, they are degummed, refined, bleached, and deodorized. The result is the oil you see on grocery store shelves and are referred to as RBD oils - a colorless, tasteless, and odorless oil. To make things worse, this process also removes antioxidants, phytosterols, chlorophyll, lecithin, and all of the beneficial molecules. What you’re left with is dead junk.

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Eliminate Vegetable Oil by Opting for Healthy Versions

Oils that are made with health in mind are much better options for you and your family. Look for oils that have been:

  • Produced from organic seeds and nuts.
  • Protected from light in dark glass bottles that state unrefined clearly on the label.
  • Expeller pressed in an effort to keep temperatures low during the pressing phase. The most desirable pressing temperatures are below 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

    These oils however, should never be used in cooking. The safest heat tolerant oils are coconut, palm kernel, palm, shea nut, hazelnut, sesame, and almond. Fats that are good to use for cooking are lard, ghee, and butter. But before you turn on your burner, it’s important to also consider smoke point.

    The Smoke Point of Cooking Oils

    Smoke point is the moment a heated oil begins to smoke. When the smoke point is reached, the molecular structure begins to break down. Bitter and toxic compounds are produced which affect both nutrition and flavor. Smoke point is also very close to flash point, in which stage the oil may actually catch on fire.

    It is better to prevent healthy oils from becoming noxious compounds by following a few rules of thumb for smoke points and the various oils on the market. Some oils like extra virgin olive oil, are best to use over medium to low heat, while other oils like organic peanut oil is better for deep frying.

    The Smoke Point of Oils

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    smoke point of oils image

    smoke point of oils image

    If you've bought into the notion that using canola oil (rapeseed oil) is a better choice, think again. ANY refined oil has been highly processed as well. I bought this crap for years thinking it was a better choice for me and my son but it's clearly not.

    Another HUGE problem that no one talks about is that besides being highly refined, these types of oils come from genetically modified sources. That's NO GOOD!

    Vegetable oil is a wolf in sheep's clothing. You cannot scrimp on your health if you want to steer clear of the doctor's office and NOT go down the BIG PHARMA road. Humans have a decision to make. It is worth the effort, trust me. Your children are depending on you!

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