The Cause of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are the adversary of many frustrated people! They are creepers and show up just when you least expect them.

They are an unwelcome guest on your body. Until I had my son I really wasn’t too worried about them.

Then as the days passed I found myself wondering if they’d pop up on me. My mom had them and I really started to worry...

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I had always heard that they originated from either heredity or from shaving up too high on your legs. I walked around with hairy upper thighs for years before I finally asked my doctor and found out that wasn't true:o)

The technical name for varicose veins is ‘Venous Telangiecstasia’. They have also been referred to as ‘spider veins’ or 'vericose veins'. Whatever they’re called, they are simply just dilated veins and are usually appear on the upper calves and thighs.

Although they are many times just a cosmetic annoyance, they can be bothersome and cause aching, heaviness, and tiredness in the legs. They can also trigger leg cramps or become itchy and sore. It is rare, but they can also indicate a deeper vein clot.

The Cause of Varicose Veins

Although its not unheard of, varicose veins are six times more likely to be a ‘female’ problem. They can be genetic, but other things can ‘bring them on’.

They have been linked to female hormones and pregnancy. Pregnancy can exacerbate them because the weight of the fetus forces pressure on the veins in the lower extremities.

Menstruation, smoking, obesity, lifting heavy weights, or running on hard surfaces are known to aggravate the condition.

Sometimes they can appear from having a leaky valve in the leg vein. Veins use valves to direct the blood flow. When you have a leaky valve, gravity forces blood in the veins to pool downward into the veins below.

Who Knew???

There is one thing that doctors CAN agree on. Varicose veins are not a natural part of aging. Did you know that in third world countries they are virtually non existent?

It appears that western diet has a tremendous influence on whether a person gets them or not, as they are compounded by the prevalence of constipation.

Too little fiber produces constipation and straining on the loo and that may be where diet affects vein health most.

Western populations seem to eat very little fiber and pass smaller and harder stools than do people in Third World countries.

When you strain in vain, (pun intended), that increases pressure on the rectal veins, which in turn causes more pressure on the leg veins.

See the next page for recommended treatments.

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