Varicose Vein Treatment – What Are the Options?

Varicose vein treatment is dependent upon how severe the veins appear. If they are genetic because of family history, there are a few things you can do to forestall them before they appear on you!

They can appear as small, red, and spidery or large, blue, and rope-like veins.

beautiful legs image You can reverse the visibility of unsightly veins by looking into the many treatment options available today. Opt for the treatments that fit you best!

If you develop them, you’ll be thinking twice about wearing shorts or bathing suits again. They can disrupt your lifestyle and impose all sorts of constraints on you that you never imagined.

Varicose veins are also a potent reminder that we’re getting older and our bodies are changing. If you’ve already got them, there are several ways to handle them. Varicose vein treatment has gotten so much better with technological advancements, so don't despair! If you don’t already have them but are afraid of getting them, there are several ways to help prevent them.

Prevention - A Varicose Vein Treatment

  • Lose Weight - You’ve heard it before but here it is in black and white again. If you are overweight, your tendency to develop them increases with age. Carrying around extra weight will only exacerbate them. If you have genetic ties to them, you should lose weight before you get into your forties, as they have a prevalence to show up more after that age.

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  • Eat Fiber - A low fiber diet almost ensures that you will get spider veins if they run in your family. Straining on the toilet strains your rectal veins which in turn strains the leg veins. For that reason, get a couple servings of fiber daily. If you can’t stomach it, then at least take a fiber supplement occasionally.

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  • Drink Water - Drinking lots of water helps to soften the stools. When you pass stools more easily, you put less strain on the leg veins. Drinking water is also a great way to lose weight and shed those extra pounds.

  • Strength Training - Lifting weights can certainly help you build muscle tone and lose weight. However, if you lift too much weight and don’t lift them correctly you can actually cause problems with your veins. (straining) To prevent problems, use lighter weights and do more repetitions.

  • Get Grounded - If you like to jog or run be sure to run on a soft surface, such as the dirt, a cinder track, or the grass. Running on pavement should be avoided if you want to prevent vein problems.

  • Move Around - If you have a job that requires you to be sedentary all day long, be sure to move around every couple of hours to keep blood circulating in your legs especially. Walking is a great way to reduce stress and improve flexibility.

    Varicose Vein Treatment Home Remedies

  • Elevate Your Legs - If you can, its best to elevate your legs while you sleep. You can use pillows, cushions, or even put blocks under the mattress to elevate the lower part of the bed. When you elevate your legs, your blood cannot ‘pool’ while you sleep.

  • Wear Support Hose - If you have a few small varicose veins, wear support panty hose. I know they’re a drag but if they help then wear them. The slight compression help keep the veins down.

    If you have larger vein problems, wear gradient hose. These are available at most drug stores. If you have really bad problems, ask you doctor for a prescription for custom fitted stockings. Not the best varicose vein treatment as they're hot and heavy, but they can really help.

    Medical Treatments for Varicose Veins

  • Sclerotherapy - Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution into the vein, causing vein walls to be absorbed by the body. No anesthesia is required. Costs can range between $100 and up depending on the varicose vein treatment you require.

    Sound wave technology, called duplex ultrasound imaging is often used to more precisely locate and treat the varicose veins. Pregnant women and those with a history of blood clotting disorders are not candidates for Sclerotherapy.

    Potential Side Effects of Sclerotherapy – If the solution escapes the vein, an ulcer can form on the skin. In up to 20% of patients develop a brown line on the skin, following the course of the vein. These discolorations usually fade over time but can also be removed with laser treatments.

  • Surgical Removal - If you have severe varicose veins, you might opt for ‘stripping’. Stripping is when a surgeon completely removes the vein. Some scarring may result, but usually incisions are very small. The surgery can be done on a outpatient basis and local and/or general anesthesia are used.

    There are no risks for loss of circulation as other vessels compensate for the loss of the superficial vein. Recovery can take time though, depending on the size of the vein(s) removed.

  • Laser Treatments - Endovenous laser treatment is a relatively new surgery. It works very well! ELT uses a tiny laser to destroy the vein. No general anesthesia is required. Recovery time is minimal.

    I’ve never had varicose veins, even though my mom had them. Thanks to duplex ultrasound imaging in varicose vein treatment, removing unwanted veins has drastically improved. Doctors now have the ability to get rid of varicose veins forever! That's very cool!

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