Unwanted Facial Hair - Different Ways to Take it All Off!

Unwanted facial hair is a common problem, especially for women. Truth told, there just aren’t too many men running around screaming because they have too much of it!

Women, on the other hand, will do just about anything to get rid of hair on their face. This may be a real issue for younger women especially, whose hormones are charging at an incredible rate, or for older women whose hormones have more of less ditched the scene!

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If you want smooth skin, you've got to eliminate the excess hair that's on it. Makeup applies more evenly to smoother skin and smoother skin feels much more sensual to the touch! I've yet to meet a woman who said they loved the feel of their boyfriends stubbly face, especially on sensitive areas!

Besides the hair you can see on your face, you also have baby fine hair all over it too! This is called superficial or superfluous hair and can only be seen under certain lights. Some women have more than others which maybe genetically imprinted. Medical problems, such as an overactive thyroid or pituitary gland, may be the culprit of an excessive amount of unwanted facial hair, but other medical problems might also cause it.

Most methods of removing facial hair are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Some methods can be painful (Ouch!), which may keep some women from pursuing hair removal. This is however, simply not the case for most women. Women who have naturally dark skin and hair have more problems with facial hair because their hair is more evident while women with fair skin and red or blonde hair usually don’t.

Why You Have Hair

Everyone has hair. Hair is a part of your body's integumentary system. It serves as one of your bodies many lines of defense. Hair around the eyes, ears, nose, and eyebrows serve as protection and prevent dust or germs, from entering your body.

Superficial hair helps retain your unique chemical signature, allowing others to sense and respond to you. It also assists in touch reception. That is why all skin surfaces possess superficial hair, except the palms of the hand and soles of the feet. Superficial hair also traps air next to your body which helps in the reduction of heat loss.

In most women, superficial hair isn’t visible most of the time. Some women naturally have thicker, darker hair on their upper lip, chin, or eyebrows. Some medical conditions and medications can cause thick facial hair to grow.

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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

There are many ways to get rid of facial hair. Waxing and plucking are the most popular hair removal methods and some women even consider shaving it off! Shaving unwanted facial hair is never a good idea! Even though it does NOT make hair grow back faster or thicker, the hair that does grow back has blunt ends. Blunt hair ends make the hair more visible.

Plucking is the preferred method used by most women to remove unwanted facial hair. In this method, you simply pluck one hair at a time. This is a good idea for eyebrow shape, but not be a good idea for upper lip hair. It would take way too long, be very inconvenient, and hurt like the dickens!

To get each individual hair more easily, always pluck with slanted tweezers.


Waxing gets rid of many strands of hair at one time by ripping them from their roots. Waxing kits come with everything you'll need already there, and microwave waxing kits are great for those do it yourself jobs at home.

Although I highly recommend using this method for upper lip hair, once you start, you must maintain it for life. Runny waxes can be messy and can ruin your look in an instant unless you have prior experience using them.

Cream depilatories are typically chemicals in a cream or lotion base that dissolve hair on the skin. It's the least painful method of all but risky because chemicals can get absorbed into the pores and then distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream!

Epicare facial hair remover is based on the ancient art of threading and has been used by Asians for centuries. Epicare removes unwanted facial hair by ripping hair from the roots without damaging the skin. However, this method can cause discomfort and can be painful, especially if done on tender areas.

No No Hair Removal uses mild thermal pulses to crystallize (burn) hair right off the skin. That is, according to a vast number of folks who tried the product. Don't fall victim to the scam. According to the review's I've read, No No is a complete NO GO!

All of these methods of hair removal are all temporary.

Cream bleach may also be used to disguise unwanted facial hair but does not remove it.

A prescription skin cream called Vaniqa can decrease hair growth if used over a prolonged period of time. You'll need a prescription from your doctor for the cream though. Directions for use are to apply two times a day but the hair loss it causes is also temporary. I tried it for a few months unsuccessfully.

Electrolysis is the only [supposed] permanent way to remove hair and treatments must be done periodically. In the procedure, a thin metal probe is inserted into the hair follicle. An electric current then zaps the hair at its root, which can sting a bit. Electrolysis is pricey and must be performed by an aesthetician. If you have a pacemaker, do not use this method.

(I also tried this method back when I was in high school. Even though it's supposed to be permanent, my upper lip hair still grew back and it was painful as all get out!)

Laser is the least invasive way to get rid of excess hair and destroys the hair at the root. It is an expensive method of hair removal and used to be only available in a professional setting.

However, today's products have come a long way. There are numerous laser hair removal tools you can buy for home use. However, they are not exactly affordable to buy. Expect to pay between $300 - $500 for them.

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Side Effects for Different Hair Removal Methods

Skin irritation and redness are the most common side effects of hair removal. Shaving can cut your skin and may lead to ingrown hairs. Plucking may hurt some people who have sensitive skin. Hot waxes can burn your skin, cause sagging, wrinkles, and a pH imbalance. If you choose to wax, using a skin toner after treatment is recommended to restore pH balance and soothe the skin.

Chemicals that dissolve hair or hide hair often smell bad and may cause skin allergies. Depilatory creams can also cause dark pigmentations of the skin.

Electrolysis stings and some people may develop thick scars called keloids. It can also change the color of the skin where the hair was removed.

Laser hair removal can burn the skin and cause color changes in skin tone.

Vaniqa may cause acne or a burning sensation on some people.

Best Method of Hair Removal

The method you choose to get rid of unwanted facial hair is often the one you can easily do yourself without much pain or side effects. Most facial hair removal methods are not permanent. Because hair removal is usually done for aesthetic reasons, insurance companies will not pay for procedures such as laser hair removal. Ask friends or family members what their preferred methods are to help you decide which method is best for you and read reviews like crazy!

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