The Trace Mineral Silica – Boost Collagen by Getting More of These 7 Foods

The trace mineral silica may not be "essential" by current standards, but it plays an important part in the health of your skin. If you’re deficient, your body struggles to create connective tissue. In return, wrinkles are much more likely to form. However, there are a few select foods (and drinks) that are plentiful in this important mineral, which makes it easy to get more into your daily diet.

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Silica IS essential for your skin. It contributes to enzyme activities that help form the connective tissue collagen. In the tissues, silica helps form glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) - a group of chemicals that encourage the generation of collagen in the skin. GAGs also stimulate the function and repair of the connective tissue found in hair and nail beds. One well known GAG is hyaluronic acid. You can find out more about it here.

Difference Between Silica and Silicon

Silicon is found in the crust of the earth but is never seen in a raw state. It combines with oxygen to form a silicate ion.

Silica-rich rocks include obsidian, granite, and sandstone. In the body, silica helps connective tissue hold the body together.

*WARNING: You have probably seen the silica gel packs that come in shoes, vitamins, and other products. That’s not the type of silica you want to eat though so don’t touch that crap!

A deficiency of the trace mineral silica can result in sagging skin – a result of reduced skin elasticity. If you want tight, smooth skin, the trace mineral silica plays an important role in the slowing of the aging process. Its always best to get silica from natural non-gmo or organic sources.

Eating organic foods rich in silica and/or taking silica supplements is the best way to get more of the trace mineral silica into your body. Take supplements with Vitamin C to increase absorption.

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7 Foods That Contain the Trace Mineral Silica

  • Cucumber and their peel are good sources. You'll get around 5mg. per peel however, please do not eat those waxy cuc's. Instead, opt for organic or the canning variety of cucumbers which are not coated in wax.

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  • Raisins have around 8mg.'s per serving. They are a great go-to snack for afternoon hunger pangs!

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  • Banana's are good for about everything and contain around 8.6mg.'s per banana. No time for breakfast? Grab a banana and reap the benefits!

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  • Green beans (cooked) are a great inclusion in any lunch or dinner. They've got around 6mg.'s of silica per serving. Num num!

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  • Raw carrots from organic farms have lots more flavor than supermarket brands! These colorful friends have 4.5mg.'s per carrot. Crunch a bunch today! (Remember, do NOT remove the skin. Simply wash it well with soap and water! The skin contains most of the nutrients silly!

    *While those bags of little carrots may be a big hit with the kids, their skin has been removed. Ever wonder why?

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  • If you like beer, you're in luck! Beer has a phenomenal amount of silica (19mg.) per 1 liter. Moderate your consumption though or you'll end up gaining weight with all those calories!

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  • According to Chris Kresser, Fiji water has around 4 times as much silica when compared to other mineral water brands. Perhaps it's because the water is extracted geographically from aquifers located near volcanic activity! Ever heard of Mt. Fiji?

    Raw silica is poorly absorbed by the body. To be useful to humans, minerals like silica, magnesium, and calcium, have to be predigested or chelated - that is, changed by plants into an organic flavonoid form - before they can be absorbed by the human body.

    *Horsetail is also high in the trace mineral silica. I used to see this sold at the grocery store back in my early days. Of course, there's always Horsetail shampoo and conditioner! It might just be a good time to try it again!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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