11 Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Knowing a few makeup tips for dry skin can help you prevent skin issues from showing up after makeup application. If your skin is flaking, it will surely show up more if you use the wrong kind of makeup.

There are many good products on the market however, that can help you reduce dryness and restore softness! You may not ever be able to have skin as smooth as a baby's behind, but you can get close!

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The environment plays a big part in dry skin and can affect it very negatively, very quickly. Selecting products that are targeted to dry skin can help immensely when you apply makeup. You'll get the best results if your skin is properly hydrated and plumped beforehand.

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Before Makeup - Tips for Dry Skin

  • Always wash your face thoroughly.

  • Gently pat dry your skin to help retain moisture.

  • If you see any flaking skin, use a SOFT children's toothbrush to gently brush them off.

  • Apply a rich facial moisturizer quickly to help lock in moisture.

  • Wait until your moisturizer completely dries before you apply any makeup. If your skin feels sticky, your skin is still slightly damp so you need to wait. Makeup on top of tacky skin does not work well! If you've done a good job, your skin should feel smooth or even slick to the touch.

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    11 Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

  • Use a primer if your skin is not too dry for one.

  • Use a creamy foundation with a moistened sponge for the best results. Layer in especially dry areas if necessary. Creams are best suited for dry skin because they replenish moisture. If your skin is on the light side of dry, you should be able use minerals as well, as long as your skin is properly hydrated.

  • Use creamy eyeshadow's to help add moisture to your eyelids too.

  • Most all mascara’s should work well for dry skin types. However, if you have flaking skin around your eyes, its best to forgo waterproof mascara’s that can be drying if used over prolonged periods of time.

  • Soft tip eyeliners work best for your skin type. Liquid liners can become flaky on dry skin which can make liner lines appear separated or cracked. Use them only if you're sure they'll work.

  • The blush you use should also be oil based. Powder blush should only be used if your cheeks aren't showing signs of dryness.

  • Always use moisture boosting lipsticks. Your lips don’t contain any oil glands at all you know! Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick is a high shine product that has extreme moisture built in!

  • The point of good skin care is to balance your skin. None of the makeup tips for dry skin will work if the surface of your skin isn't smooth. Your skin may be normal in some places but dry in others. Your skin might be dry all over. Everyone’s different so you need to adjust your makeup as needed.

  • Any product that boasts ‘oil-fee’, ‘mattefying’ or ‘longwearing’, are not appropriate choices.

  • If you have dry skin, you will need to take into consideration that your face can look dry around your eyes and on your forehead. Keep powders away from these areas as they can collect in the creases and form unwanted lines.

  • After makeup application, spritz your face with water. Allow it to dry thoroughly without touching your face. This will help set your makeup and boost moisture throughout the day.

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    After Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

  • Before you go to bed each night, be sure to take your makeup off!

  • Use baby oil, coconut oil, or other skin-friendly oils to help remove stubborn mascara and eyeshadow. You can also use a makeup remover, which typically contain oils.

  • If you notice flaking, exfoliate your skin before bed. This gives your skin a chance to rejuvenate overnight. This is especially important if your skin gets irritated after exfoliation.

  • Cortisone creams can be really soothing on skin that's overly dry. Don’t overuse them though. Save them for when you really them.

  • If you use toners, use products that are gentle on your skin.

  • Use a creamy moisturizer (like shea butter) if your skin feels dry after makeup removal.

    Dry skin especially, needs extra TLC! Makeup tips for dry skin are only as good as your skin care. Never neglect it and it will always help your makeup look great!

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