Thin Hair Remedies and Treatments

Thin hair is a big problem for anyone who wants thick, full, lush hair. Many people just don't have enough. Genetics, illness, excessive stress, hormones, and improper hair management are all contributors to thinning strands.

You may or may not have been born with it but you don’t have to live with it. There are many options available!

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If you’ve had a baby recently, you may have noticed clumps of hair falling out after you wash it especially. This is hormones in rebellion in your body. No worries! You’ll get it back. I was pleasantly surprised after I had my son that my hair came back in a lot curlier and thicker than it ever had been. This may happen to you too!

On the flip side, menopause can cause your hair to thin too. It’s a natural part of getting older. You can take steps to reverse the trend and get back your hair. Be patient though as this may take a bit of time.

Did you know that everyone has thicker hair on one side of their head and thinner hair on the other? This is true! Sometimes it's not noticeable and sometimes it's very noticeable. If you've ever thought you were going crazy and wondered why one side of your hair was thinner than the other, now you know. Its just the way we're designed!

If you’ve got thin hair, you may be genetically predisposed to it. Thin hair is equated with fine hair. There are 3 layers to most people’s hair. The layers consist of the cuticle, cortex, and medulla. Blonde’s tend to have baby fine hair. Fine hair typically only has two layers. The inside of the hair, the medulla, is often missing, so hair can be limp and look thin naturally. Of course, fine hair is also more susceptible to damage.

Thin hair refers to the diameter of a hair strand, (texture), not hair loss, which refers to the actual loss of hair in your scalp.

Thankfully, there are many remedies to increase hair volume and it's tensile strength.

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Thin Hair Remedies

1. Eat the right foods! - If you eat a lot of trashy foods, your hair will reflect that. If you consume foods that have the most nutritional value, your hair will reflect that too, in a good way. Hair needs ample nutrients to keep its natural luster, length, and strength. Eating a well rounded diet will help keep your hair growing long and strong.

You can purchase vitamins for your hair if you have weakened hair, lifeless hair, hair loss, thin hair, or excessively overly dry hair.

2. Color Your Hair – All types of hair colors will actually increase the dimension of hair strands, which really helps boost volume. If you don't want an overall color, highlights or lowlights can increase thickness too, so consider them in your plan of action!

3. Try Glazing - These are available in transparent or color enhancing. Use the dry hair method though, for best results. Learn how in the video below. I adore glazes!

4. Fill in the gaps - Volumizing shampoos contain proteins and fillers that add a protective layer over the cuticle of your hair strands and help 'fill in' any deviations. There are many volumizing products on the market. Use the brands you know and trust and you'll be disappointed a lot less often.

5. Be Gentle – Do not overbrush or overwash your hair. Remember to treat wet hair very gently and never over-brush. If you have thinning hair, use a soft bristled brushes that treat your hair gingerly.

6. Layers – Layers create volume in thin hair, if it’s not too terribly thin. However, don't cut too much or you'll take away volume. Add some longer layers to your hair and layer your bangs. You can create a lot of volume and fullness just by layering a little bit! Or opt for blunt cuts as these generally make the hair look thicker.

7. Stay Away – If you have thin hair, do not use the high settings when you use hot appliances. They will tear up your hair and can cause excessive damage that's sometimes irreversible.

Instead, opt for steam hot rollers (for example) or appliances that have dial controllers on them so you can set them to lower heat. Even heat from a blow dryer can damage your hair if they’re used too often or held too close to the hair on high heat. Allow your luscious locks to dry naturally when you can.

8. Blow Drying Tips - To add volume, always use a lower heat setting and blow dry at eye level. Alternately, you can flip your head over and blow your hair out while your head's upside down. When you stand up again, use hairspray to set your hair so you keep the volume you've just created.

9. Avoid - Don't overuse styling products as these can weigh your hair down. Try using a good root lifter with plant extracts and try volumizing hair products that contain panthenol.

10. Hair Utensils - Use a rounded brush when blow drying to help to add volume to your hair. Dry your hair in sections on low heat. Lift hair at the roots and concentrate low heat to the area. (You can also hairspray roots to create volume!) Finish with a soft blast of cold air to set your style and create more shine.

11. Don't Use - Don't use hard lined parts in your hair. Allow your hair to part off naturally in messy lines. If you have thinner hair on one side more than the other, (that you've noticed) part your hair on the thicker side and pull over the thinner side.

Here are some treatments you may want to consider.

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Thin Hair Treatments

Laser Comb - If you’ve got money to burn, you can purchase a laser hair comb for around $500. Most laser combs use a low level laser to stimulate hair growth. You shine the red light on your scalp and hair, moving it every few seconds until you've "combed" your whole head. Using the comb for 10 to 15 minutes three times a week increases circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair follicles to make strands stronger.

Hair Extensions - Extensions become part of your hair so they can be washed and styled normally. However, you will need to have a chunk of money and time to spend on them each month, as they have to be maintained regularly. Putting them in costs $500 and up. They need to be removed and repositioned regularly. The process can take up to seven hours. Some women prefer to come in every few weeks to remove a few and add a few new ones so that they never need a full head of extensions at one time.

You can also purchase the 'clip in' extensions for a lot less at your local beauty supply store. These are a viable option for thinning hair.

Wigs and Toupees - A hairpiece to cover the crown can cost $300 and up. A custom wig made of real hair will cost $1,000 and up.

Surgical Transplant - Surgical advances now enable doctors to re-create a natural hairline, says Dr. Steven Hopping, a cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. An average transplant involves at least 1,000 grafts, takes three or four hours, is done under local anesthetic, and costs $8,000 to $10,000. The best candidates have thick, healthy hair on the back and sides of their heads and realistic expectations. It takes three or four months before the transplanted follicles start to grow new hair. Unfortunately, the new hair growth won't replicate the lustrous hair of your youth.

Product Treatments - You can also try treatments like minoxidil (Rogaine) or Propecia for thin hair too. There are different types made specifically for men and women. These applications don’t cost as much to buy (around $25/month) but maintaining them over time can add up!

All of these tips are valuable options for anyone with thin hair. Don't get discouraged. There is something that's right for you that can help! Just keep trying!

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