Thick Hair Tips to Reduce Hair Volume

Do you have thick hair? If so, you know of the many challenges and blessings that come along with having it. You should feel very lucky to have lots of luscious locks!

At the same time because you have so much more hair volume, it takes lots of extra time to fix, style, blow dry and take care of in general. This becomes even more evident if you have thick, long hair.

Victoria Beckham thick hair bob image Victoria Beckham's hair is incredible! She has such great thick tresses! She can pull off this bob with no problem and so can you if your hair's thick as molasses!

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Many people with thick tresses have either curls, waves, or no pattern at all. (bone straight hair). Thickness can be dependent on two factors; how much you have and how thick your strands are.

Your hair is considered to be thick if you have lots of hair and/or you have coarse texture. If you have dense hair, your hair may become poofy when it’s cut the wrong way. It can also be almost impossible to brush out if you have a wavy or curly pattern. The more you brush, the more volume and snarls you get!

Conversely, if you have coarse hair, your hair has a mind of it’s own and must be styled and cut with careful consideration.

The good news? If you have thick hair you should be hair delighted! There are many women with thin hair that would gladly give their best friends money just to have more! Although many people are probably very envious, having really thick locks can be challenging too! ("With great amounts of hair, comes great responsibility!") It takes much more time and products when your hair is extremely thick. It can also be hard to style and almost impossible to brush out if you have a wavy or curly pattern.

Thick Hair Tips to Reduce Hair Volume

  • To cut down on poofiness, use shampoos and conditioners that help your hair look sleek. There are many on the market today to choose from.

  • If you have curly or wavy hair, *T-shirt dry your hair and add gel to the ends by tapping it into your hair. Scrunch your hair and let it dry naturally. Your curls will be better defined and this also helps cut down on poof. *Why the T-shirt? An typical towel has lots of fibers that can rub hair to frizziness!

  • Shampooing is a must have for all hair types, but shampooing should only be done once every few days, not everyday... especially for those with thick and longer locks. Since you have more hair to deal with, it takes longer for natural oils to travel down the hair shaft. To prevent your hair from becoming overly dry, cut back on shampooing, period. It’ll also save you a bundle of time, since thick hair takes so long to dry!

  • To keep your hair tangle free after a shampoo, use conditioning agents especially made for thick hair, or ‘slip’ conditioners.

  • When thick hair is cut too short or too many layers are added, it has a tendency to create more volume. You’ll have more style success, if you keep your hair very short, thinned, or longer than chin length to cut down on thickness.

    long layers image

  • Having longer layers is a big plus. Longer layers create movement and helps your hair flow rhythmically.

  • Your hair is perfect for a bob style. Hair that’s thick has the bounce and natural movement that make a bob look modern and chic.

  • Cutting bangs/fringes straight across your forehead is a big no no. It can instead make you look like you’re wearing a hat. It doesn't create a very pretty reflection in the mirror! To prevent this from happening, cut down on the amount of hair you include in your bangs. Add long layers to your bangs so they lay unevenly, wear longer bangs, or part them to the side.

  • Ponytails are a quick easy fix for bad hair days.

  • Sometimes oils from your scalp don’t get distributed because of not brushing enough. Lets face it. Thick hair is harder to brush, especially if you have lots of curls. You don’t want to overbrush yet you don’t want to neglect it either. It's a total mixed bag! A good rule of thumb for volumous hair is to find a happy medium. You should be able to tell if you're brushing too much or too little.

  • Do not apply conditioners directly on your scalp. Your roots will become oily faster, which means you'll need to wash your hair more often.

  • Leave some of your conditioner in your hair. Your hair should be squeaky clean after shampooing but not after conditioning.

  • Thick hair is perfect for wearing hair accessories. Many of them can add a flash of color and look modern. It also helps control unruly hair.

  • If you love to wear your hair straight, you should not add layers to your hair. Long layers work best with thick hair, but no layers are great for straight styles. Not having layers really helps tame your hair. Because its heavier it lays down better. Medium and long hairstyles are best suited for thicker hair.

  • Conversely, if you love lots of movement in your hair and love to wear your hair big, add more layers. Thick hair is perfect for adding layers. Just don’t make them too short.

  • To cut down on poofy hair, blow dry your hair straight down while brushing it, or use a straight iron for special occasions. Using anti frizz products can help too.

  • Thick hair takes loads of time to blow dry. The amount of time you have to spend blowing it out, sucks all the moisture out of your hair. A better idea is to partially dry your hair (air dry) before blow drying it. From time to time, give your hair a time out from heating appliances.

  • If you use a lot of heated appliances, like hot irons and blow dryers, use thermal protecting sprays before you use them. I found one I like very much but mostly because it has olive oil and it smells totally herbal. It's called Megasilk, by Silk Elements. Of course, there are lots more thermal hair protectors to choose from.

  • A great style for women with thick long hair is to tie a partial knot and let the ends of your hair flow down your back. Corn rows, curls, and crimps are also great choices for thick hair.

  • The classic prom or wedding hairstyle for thick hair is easily created by pulling all the hair smoothly back into a tight, high ponytail.

  • If you like to wear your hair long, keep it mid-back length for better control and ease of styling. It will also look much healthier.

  • Classic hair updo hairstyles are perfect for thicker hair.

  • Get in the routine of getting regular trims if your hair grows quickly or trim off those ends at home!

    Thick hair can be challenging but feel lucky! Those with thin straggly hair or hair loss would trade you any day! Who wouldn't want to have thick, gorgeous locks!

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