My Reader's Testimonials

This page is devoted to my reader’s testimonials about the products and strategies I recommend on my website, my videos on youtube, and my hair color manual. There have been many over the years I've been online and I hold each one dear to me.

If you try some of my products and strategies and they work for you and you like the results, please feel free to fill out a contact form and get in touch. I would love to hear about your results and/or add your testimonial to my site too. If there's a problem, let me know about that too! I want to help no matter what!

Thank you so very much for your interest in the information I provide. Your testimonials really mean a lot to me and I am humbled! As I get ready to turn 50 this year, they mean so much more to me. Real wisdom is like a pair of jeans. They both get better with age!



I just wanted to say thank you for your videos and explanations on cutting your hair at home. I have been trimming my hair at home for about 8 months now, but recently wanted to add some layers. I watch the v-cut with layers and the ponytail technique and my hair came out really great!! I couldn't be more happy!! so thank you thank you and keep up the outstanding work!



"I went out and bought the products that you suggested for skin care. I really like the fruit of the earth lotion. It's great! All of the other for your face I am trying. They seem to be doing really well. I have really been worried about wrinkles since I am about to turn 40. I have a few fine lines and I don't want them to get any worse. Maybe they will get better with the products that you have suggested."

Thank you so much!



"Hi Carolyn,
Just a quick note of "thanks". You are a genius! I have been using the
John Frieda products, (shampoo, conditioner and clear glaze after using a clarifying shampoo of course). My hair looks 100 percent better.
Again, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!
I am late for work and will write more later but I had to send you thanks and more thanks and more thanks."

Thanks You!



"O my god, i am really very greatful to you , as u r giving reply to each and every mail of mine. THANK YOU Carolyn!




Thank you so much for your help.



"You seem like you are a down to earth type of person Carolyn and kind of like me, don't want to blow alot of money on skin care products that do not work. I have tried alot of them and haven't found anything that I am satisfied with. I am a single mother of 2 and I don't have the money to blow. Anyway, I think that you are sincere in what you are saying and you look great! It's just nice to find someone like you that understands the value of a dollar. I shop at walmart all the time. I am going to get the vitamins that you suggested as soon as I can.

Blessings to you and Lars,


Hi Carolyn, I was browsing in online bout hairs when i saw came upon uyr website. Its great to find u here. Really! I'm from Singapore. I've learned lots of things from u since then and i mean.. thanks to u. really! I really love those home made facial scrubs, all bout hair and my skin. hey thanks!! cheers!


Thanks so much for this site, and I feel a lot better when I realized I'm not the only one!


Great Web Site! Thank you very much for sharing your Knowledge and skills with us! Warmest Regards, Irmina


Thanks for your advice and actions to help with back pain, they've have really helped me a lot.


Hi Carolyn! I just read your article "How to Handle Stress and Anxiety" on and I just want to say THANK YOU! It's just what I need right now and I'm so glad I found it! I will definitely be trying out your stress reliever tips. I'm going to go check out your website now :) Have an awesome day!



I just found your website while doing some research. I am a hairstylist and was looking for new looks etc. I really enjoyed your videos and ideas. As I watched you I got (now this may sound weird) a tingle in my scalp that kept making me want to watch more. I have been looking through your site now for over an hour and just read your life story. All I can say is Thank you. You reminded me of some very important life lessons that I was starting to forget. Depression runs deep in my family and this time of year is really tough for me. I have a four-year-old boy who is the light in my life. It is sometimes so hard to work and raise him and be everything to everyone. I was feeling worn out and giving up a bit. I even broke my big toe in five places three days ago! I was inviting misery and she came. You are an inspiration.

thank you from my heart.


Carolyn, I've been cutting my hair following your "cut layers in long hair" method ... So great, I have Environmental Illness and it is so hard for me to go to a salon ... Anyway, my latest discovery in the hair-cutting line is to do your method for layers in long hair, using the tight ponytail on top of the head and cutting the hair up over my head, and then I do your blunt cut plan and comb the hair down and part in the centre, and cut off the bottom 1-2 inches, so I have a blunt cut with layers! It is PERFECT! Having the bottom of the cut blunt makes it more like what my stylist used to do ... Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for teaching me this stuff, it never occurred to me that I could cut my hair myself (except my bangs, which I've cut for years) ... I'm definitely pulling off a $45 haircut that looks great!

Thanks so much! Kathi


Carolyn, My name is Lynn, I'm 47 years young and I live in GA. I stumbled across your you-tube videos the other night and ended up watching them until 2:30 a.m.! No kidding! They are wonderful and SO helpful! You explain everything in simple detail and show how everything is done. I'm a sucker for make-up, hair, nails, etc... and always willing to learn what others do. I just wanted to write and say that I absolutely love your videos, I hope that you continue to do them, and I KNOW that if we lived closer together, we'd be best-friends!

You are a wonderful, intelligent and caring person to make these videos AND your website is awesome too! Keep up the great work and I'll always be checking back for more info and videos from you! Happy Holidays and take care.



Hi, I just want to start by saying how much I love your site, your tips and guides have helped me alot. thank you for your advice!




We just got invited to a movie premiere - tomorrow - and my wife couldn't find anyone she trusted to cut her hair this late, so I CUT HER HAIR MYSELF! Went to youtube, found your ponytail-layering method and... not bad, if I do say so myself.

Thanks, Carolyn - you saved us!


Hello Carolyn, My name is Lisa, I am 20 years old, but am quite old for my age, I grew up pretty fast, and went through what I would consider a pretty tough past that I have somewhat overcome. I came across you on YOUTUBE, and love your videos & your site, I found you very intriguing, simply because you are REAL. and it is hard to find many real people out there these days. Keep doin what yer doin girl! Thank you, have a great rest of the day! =)


I read your story and im really touched. I thought i had been through alot and im only 19 yrs old now but i believe you are just something else God loves u dearly because he protected you and didn't let any harm come your way and even through the trials you went through he was always holding your hand to make you stronger. I appreciate your time to write your life to people, thanks to that i came across it. You are very optimistic and seem like you have a great big heart. Your story can and i know will save lives. I don't know exactly why i write all these things to you but i guess God has his reasons because i don't even know you and i'm going all out (i hope not to freak you out). But about your website- i love it! it's very useful and we share many interests im currently studying cosmetology and working on a website.

God Bless You and your son!!


Thanks so much for the tip I read about converting those mpg files to something usable in windows movie maker. I just got that camera today and I couldn't find a way to convert them that would work. I downloaded 4 programs, none were free, and none of them produced anything that movie maker wanted to open. I was thinking about return the camera!

Thanks a million!



I just started watching your videos and they are great. You are VERY helpful, but I saw on yur video your son, Lars, is ill. I'm so very sorry for you both and I will be praying for BOTH of you. I lost my husband to cancer last year and I KNOW how stressful and scary it is to be a caregiver. TRY to take care of yourself and try to have a Happy Mothers Day, If you ever need to talk or vent, PLEASE feel free to email me.



I just wanted to let you know that I read your life story and found it so moving. My heart goes out to you because you have clearly been through so much. One person should not have to endure so much. We all get our share of painful situations, and unfortunately, some more than others. But I admire your personal strength and healthy attitude toward life, and I wish you tons of good luck from now on!

Best wishes, Susan


I think the information you provide is extremely valuable!!

Thank you, Jason!


Let me start by thanking you for all of the professional, informative material you share on your site. It's so difficult to find information on hair cuts online - like magicians aren't allowed to share how they perform their tricks, apparently hairdressers aren't allowed to share how to cut hair! So THANK YOU for being so kind as to share your knowledge with everyone!

I came upon your videos on YouTube while searching for help on how to cut my daughter's hair.

Hugs, Christine


I found your website while looking for ways to cut my own hair. That was at midnight and it's now 2:51AM! I have been given a much greater treasure than just your AWESOME videos. (Thank you thank you by the way!)

I lost my younger brother a little over a year ago in a motorcycle accident 2 days before his 33rd birthday. I don't talk about it anyone. But, I had to write you and tell you that something you wrote on your own "about me" page, released a piece of grief that has been sticking to me and not letting go. Something I couldn't quite put a finger on "why" until these wee hours and your own story. It was the part about losing family members and feeling like you never really existed.

That is it! Neal and I were eachother's memory keeper and childhood survival buddy. He knew my "stuff" and I knew his. He was my witness and I was his. When he died there was a sense of self validation that died with him too.

I never expected to feel this way. I thought walking with The Lord for over 26 years and looking so forward to seeing Him when we get home to Heaven, gave me a "grip" on dealing with death... until it happened to me. It shook me up and shook me out in both bitter and sweet ways.

I needed those few words on your website to put a piece of my grief into place. Of course The Lord knew that all along. I'm beyond blessed that He chose to send me the message through such a cool way. (Hair tips and heart fix all in one night!)

Anyway...thank you for bravely sharing what you wrote. ALL of it was important to me to read and I know I will be re-reading it too.

May The Lord bless you and Lars abundantly, Sherri


I just found your you-tube videos today on hair cutting and styling. I have watched them almost all day. I also just read your true life story.

I have been cutting my own hair for many years, but I learned so much from you today! I really appreciate your casual style and your willingness to share your knowledge.

You're truly a blessing, dear lady!


I came across you on YOUTUBE, and love your videos & your site, I found you very intriguing, simply because you are REAL and it is hard to find many real people out there these days. Keep doin what yer doin girl! (get back to me if you have a chance? or just post something on your site about it if you want? whatever works =) )

Thank you, have a great rest of the day! =)


Hi, I found a video on youtube that was pure genius. The towels.... Its great!!! I was in a severe accident back in April, totalled my 81 el camino, my baby, but since the accident i have been in pure agony with my back... you video caught my eye ( and your awesome southern draw) and something told me I MUST GO TO THIS WOMANS WEB SITE... I must say, i am amazed at all the stuff you have on here... I had a big grin on my face especially when I saw you promoting E.L.F. cosmetics... I have been using their producs for a little over a year now, and refuse to use ANYTHING else...

what i wanted to ask is... do you have a banner, or something i can post on my myspace for your page? if not... would you mind if i created one? Im pretty nifty with that sort of thing =) I dont have money to donate, however i would love to promote you on my myspace, and spread the word about your site... my husband is in a few truck clubs (ford) and i think that the women (and wives of the men) would love to hear about it... please please feel free to email me... also, i would like to add you as a friend on myspace, or facebook, or both... do you have these? sorry im going on and on... but im just astonished and want to help you get the word out!!!


Great Web Site! Thank you very much for sharing your Knowledge and skills with us!

Warmest Regards


I just found your videos and I wanted to say how great I think they are. I was layed off my job and can't afford to go to my hair dresser. When I can, I will order your hair color manual (I just can't spend the money right now) but I have watched some of the videos and wanted to thank you for such needed free how to and advice!! It is really so needed right now for me and I know for so many others. I want to look nice at interviews, but can't afford to get my roots done or even a hair cut right

THANKS so much!!!!!!! Gina


Angels come from places we don't expect! I did a Google search on "How to Cut Layered Bangs" and found your site. After getting some really great tutoring on how to do the job myself, I began to explore. I was amazed at how much information you were sharing that fit right into my life! Thanks for so many answers.

But that's not all...for some reason I was lead to your "About Me" page. My end feeling was a million Atta-Girls for you when I was done absorbing your life. You are amazing. But... I really need to stop and thank you for the smack upside my head that you sent. Sure, who knew you would touch a complete stranger in need. I have been on a long journey too. Only recently I have found the right people to see for the right answers. (Holistic versus western medicine) I am finally on the mend and starting to believe I can stand up emotionally again. Thank you so very much for being brave and sharing your personal self with me (and millions more!). The supportive thoughts at the end will stick with me each day. I can do this!

Thanks so much.... Elaine


Carolyn, What a story. I`m in tears. I love the song OCEAN SIZE LOVE.

If I really need you I`ll go to the shore. (My very heart). How I love the shore. When I die sprinkle me across the Alantic Ocean is what I`ve always told Tiffany. WOW! You have a story to tell. You have a book to write. You are a overcomer. Know that. You are amazing and so beautiful. I`m so overwelmed at this point.

WOW Later, Carlene


These are just a few of the many emails I've received over the years. If you have something you'd like to say, please do so! If you need help, I want to help you! Please know that! Don't be chicken, just ask and I'll do everything I can to lend you a hand.

Best wishes always,


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