Teen Make Up – Experiment to Express Your Style!

Teen make up is a big mixed bag of cosmetic confusion. After all, makeup for teenagers is totally new and different for you. There are also so many new brands and choices on the market to choose from now.

However, its also a great time to experiment and learn makeup skills; ones that you’ll use for a long time to come!

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Tweenhood can be a troublesome time, filled with raging hormones and excessive peer pressure. Your skin may not always act the way you want it to, and your emotions may be running rampant! Ditch the bad attitude and make the best of what you do have. Don't stress over zits or facial imperfections just yet! They can actually be a good thing because they make you truly unique. Your skin will keep changing as time rolls on. What you see now is not the way things will always be! Promise!

Just because your BFF may not like to use makeup, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it! (With mom’s permission of course!) Makeup should make you feel good about you, no matter what makeup ideas you use! Use teen make up tips to help you take better care of your skin while you're experimenting with different makeup colors.

Teen Makeup Tips

  • Get your skin ready for makeup by taking good care of your skin! Your skin is the best weapon you have! Start taking care of it at an early age and you’ll look younger all your life. If you’re eating lots of chips and cookies, your skin will look down right crappy, so moderate them.

    How you treat your skin and the foods you consume will play a major role in how well your teen make up looks. Use moisturizers diligently and eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Your skin will thank you and your friends will be oh, so jealous!

  • If you’ve got zits, you'll need to clean your face regularly. Also, how much bread you eat can also affect your skin. Find out why here.

  • Now its time to apply your foundation. If you’ve got dry skin, use a foundation that provides moisture. If you’re prone to oily skin, opt for liquid foundations. Your skin might also do well with zinca-based minerals. The greatest thing about them is that you can apply as much as you like. For minimal coverage, apply a light dusting only. If you’ve got facial discolorations that make you feel self-conscious, keep applying layers until they're hidden and you’re satisfied.

    Minerals allow you to be your own boss! You’re in total control of your teen make up when you use them!

  • A good rule of thumb is to start with the basics. Try black mascara first, then branch off to other colors through time. My sister and I tried blue mascara when we were teens and used to fight over it! Don't you just love subtle splashes of color? Other mascara colors are available though, so you've always got lots of great choices! If you’ve got really great long, dark lashes, you may want to use a no color mascara to help define what you’ve already got!

    teen make up image If you’d rather start out with shadows, you’ll have a larger selection of colors to choose from.

    Light applications of smokey shadows sets are a great starting point.

    Or opt for bold colors of blue, purple, green, or pink, outlined by softer shades, but it really all depends on your mood.

    Brown colors are always a safe color choice for teen make up but avoid yellow shadow colors if you've got a pasty and sallow skin tone.

    teen make up image If you’re a liner lady, use slim lines of pencil liners to help perk-up and show-case your eyes. Lighter liner colors are a perfect way to draw-out small eyes.

    If you're very athletic and don't like your makeup smudging or smearing, try lining your eyes along lashes. Opt for shimmery blue or green liner colors under or over lashes and mix and match them any way you like. Leave the liquid liners for later though. Your eyes can look disastrous if you make ONE wrong move, then you'll have to start over!

    The other caveat is that teenagers are more prone to rubbing their eyes unconsciously, which can quickly remove liquid liners.

    Of course, if you want to dare to be different, trying all kinds of makeup isn’t a mistake. Teen make up will look more natural if you stick to lighter colors, but there aren’t any teen laws that say you can’t go rad and use them all! Do what you feel like! If friends bash you, they're probably just jealous that their mom isn't as hip and cool as yours!

  • Your lips are last but not least! Using lip glosses are the perfect solution at your age group. There are tinted glosses that can add a sparkle of color and help lips look naturally beautiful. Clear lip glosses are great for every day teen make up wear!

    You can also opt for shimmering lipsticks or creamy lipsticks in lighter colors. Pink lipsticks are the perfect color choice for teen make up. Nude lip colors are also a good color selection at your age. Nude colors look totally natural so no one will notice anything except for your naturally beautiful lips!

    More Teen Make Up Tips

  • If you're having a hard time deciding which makeup colors look best on you, you'll need to know which colors suit you best. Get answers here.

  • Practice makes perfect. Don't try and learn it all in one day! Have fun experimenting and don't be afraid to start over completely if you make mistakes!

  • If you participate in school sports, don't wear makeup for practices.

  • Concealers are magic! They can help make imperfections disappear quick!

  • Opt for a bright shadows with nude lips or apply darker lipsticks with minimal eye makeup.

  • If you're a cheerleader or participate in other school sports, use waterproof mascara.

  • When you have a clear complexion, you'll require very little foundation makeup, if any.

  • Start out with subtle makeup. Your makeup should appear natural and youthful the first few times you wear it.

  • Makeup brushes will be your new BFF! Your teen make up will always look soft and natural as long as you brush colors OUT after application.

  • Natural eye shadow colors are beige, champagne, soft pink, subdued peach, or soft shades of purple.

  • If you like a sun kissed glow, use a soft bronzer instead of blush.

  • Instead of using liners, use eye shadows and smudge them out.

  • Use tinted moisturizers if you have a good complexion.

  • Get control of your eyebrows if they're unruly or if you have a unibrow.

  • If you have fair to medium toned skin, use a sunless tanner during the summer months instead of risking getting wrinkles prematurely.

  • Teenagers may use a brow pencil to lightly fill in any eyebrow gaps, but brush them out after application.

  • If you apply blush, use a large makeup brush to remove some of it.

  • Experiment with different brands of cosmetics to find the brands that suit you best. Starting out with less expensive brands is always a smart move.

  • Ask your friends about the makeup they're using! Your mom can also be a great source for makeup information!

  • Pink makeup is always a safe color choice for tweens or teens. Pink shimmer, pink shadows, pink lipsticks, and pink nail colors always a great color choice. Pink is naturally found in your youthful complexion and adds a soft splash of color where you need it.

    It's been a long time since I was a teenager but I do remember those days well. Just don't overdo your teen make up and your face will always look great! Over time, your color choices will change and so will your moods. Through the process of elimination, you'll figure out which colors and brands are the best fit for your skin type and personal style!

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