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Many women want to know how to tease hair or back-comb hair so it holds up during the day and doesn't damage their hair.

For many women, teasing their hair seems to be a bit of a mystery however, its really easy if you follow some basic steps.

Teasing your hair can add fullness to a hairstyle and give fine, limp hair added body and style. If you have curly hair, you already have more volume than people with straight hair.

Madonna teased hair image When all your hair is teased, take a soft natural bristled brush (or paddle brush) and gently smooth the hair down.

Take care to not brush too hard since you only want to smooth the very top layer, not the part underneath that you just teased!

Make sure you don’t damage the cuticle layer of your hair by first straightening your hair. This helps to lay down the hair cuticle. You can always curl your hair after you straighten it! If you use a curling iron, hot rollers, or blow dryer, make sure your hair is completely cooled down before teasing, brushing, or combing through it.

Quick lesson in hair structure - The structure of your hair is important to understand when you style your hair a lot. Just like your nails, your hair has a cuticle, which is the top protective layer of your hair. When your cuticle lays down, your hair looks silky and smooth. When your cuticle is lifted, your hair looks frizzy. Frizz-free products help to lay down the cuticle and that’s why they take away frizz.

hair structure image When you tease hair, you are actually adding frizz to your hair by pushing the cuticle of your hair back in the opposite direction that it’s meant to be. Hair cuticles are meant to lay down, not up. Your cuticles look like little scales along the hair strand.

When you tease hair, the scales/barbs lift and lock together and hold.

That’s why teased hair holds in place. Backcombing can leave hair more vulnerable to damage over time so don’t do it every day. Save it for special occasions only.

Also, plan ahead. If you know you'll be needing to tease hair to set a specific style, don't wash your hair that day. Teased hair holds better on hair that's not freshly washed. For the best results, its actually better for your hair to be a little bit dirty!

How to Tease Hair

  • Spray the hair with an aerosol hairspray first and let it dry.

  • Using a rat-tail comb or other fine toothed comb, and part off a section of hair from the rest of the strands. Many women tease their bang section, so if that's what you're doing, leave bangs down only. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way. Smaller sections work best and will provide for tighter and longer lasting hold.

  • Hold the hair strand straight up with one hand while you hold your comb with the other hand. Comb (or stroke) the hair strand from the ends of your hair down towards the scalp. Repeat this until all the hair looks fluffy and teased. The backcombed sections should feel thicker than the rest of your hair. Spray the section with a flexible holding hairspray and go on to the next section.

  • If you want a more uniform and long lasting style, hold the new section so that when you tease hair you are actually grabbing a small piece from the last section. This will prevent "holes" in your hair style.

  • When all your hair is teased, take a soft natural bristled hair brush or paddle brush and gently smooth the hair down. Take care to not brush too hard since you only want to smooth the very top layer.

  • Finish your style with a flexible hair spray or a firm holding or freeze hairspray, depending on how long you want your style to last. Add a touch of spray shine or shine product to smooth any stray hairs.

  • Use products that help you tease your hair and give you the results you're after. You can use root lifters, styling gels, hairsprays, or mousse. If you use hot appliances on your hair a lot, use thermal hair protectors to help keep your hair healthy.

    *If you want your hair to stand up at the roots, an alternate way to get them to cooperate and achieve this is to:

    1) Decide which hair sections you want to lift up. (i.e. bangs)

    2) Spray the roots with either freeze hairspray or use a apply a firm holding gel or mousse on the roots.

    3) Holding your hair straight up by the ends, use the low control on your blow dryer and dry the roots that you sprayed with hairspray or applied gel or mousse to.

    This will freeze your roots in the upright position. You won't have to tease hair to get it to lift. This will also hold for hours if the air around you isn't too humid or it isn't too windy outside. The more humidity in the air and wind, the less time the effect will last.

    Remember, you can also tease your hair to 'poof' it for updo hairstyles. Its a common practice to get the desired height in your hair.

    teased hair image

    How to Detangle Teased Hair

    You may also want to know how to undo your teased hair. You certainly don't want to try and drag a comb through it to get the snarls out. Try these tips instead:

  • Use a very soft boars bristle brush and start brushing out your hair from the bottom up. Never drag a brush through your hair starting at the top. You'll only break off hair. Snap.

  • If you've used a freeze hairspray or firm holding gel or mousse to set your style, you'll need to wet your hair first, then use a heavy conditioner in your hair to help take out rats. Use a wide toothed comb to help untangle your hair (working from the bottom up) in the shower after conditioning.

  • If you still have a few tangles, use a detangler. These are cheap to buy (and have on hand) and go directly on wet hair after showering. Hair detanglers also work great after swimming in pools, lakes or the ocean.

    Just remember not to tease hair too often. You can end up with hair breakage that is non-repairable. That's not what you want! Moderation is the key to keep your hair healthy!

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