DIY Non-Toxic Sun Protection Cream Recipe

Making your own non toxic sun protection cream is something you and your family members can certainly appreciate! It sure beats the heck out of that commercially available crap that use ingredients you can’t even pronounce. They might keep you from burning now, but what price will you pay down the road for having used them? Cancer is certainly a risk… because many of these chemical compounds are absorbed through the skin pores into the bloodstream. Once they take hold, it takes a long time to flush them out!

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Most people today would like to get a good tan... without getting crispy fried! Sunburns can be just as dangerous as putting those commercial grade sunscreens (which can contain chemically-derived fragrances, toxic solvents, & petroleum), on your body! That's why it's nice to have an all natural alternative!

Carrier oils (used in holistic medicine and skin care) have a natural intrinsic SPF. Of course, most natural oils only provide a certain degree of protection… However, there’s another magic natural ingredient… that when added to the carrier oils, it increases the SPF of the mixture dramatically. Can you guess what that is?


Yes, it’s zinc oxide!

Zinc oxide's has an uncanny ability to block different types of the sun’s rays, making it one of the most effective sun protection products on the market. It is also known for its noncomedogenic and antimicrobial properties.

According to The New York Times; when applied to the skin, zinc oxide reflects light much like a mirror and is not absorbed by the skin.

Zinc oxide is derived from chalky, reflective materials. While this is beneficial in reflecting the sun's rays, the application can be unappealing on the skin, because it results in the white, chalky appearance, according to the Environmental Working Group. However, don't worry about that! You don't use a lot of it plus it's going to protect you without harming your health!

The recipe below for a non toxic sun protection cream, creates a sumptuous body butter. Even though it smells amazingly delicious, do not ingest it! It's only for your skin, not your gut!

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DIY Non Toxic Sun Protection Cream Recipe

Ingredients You'll Need

1/2 Cup Almond or Sesame Oil
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Shea Butter
1/2 Cup Beeswax Pellets
2 Tbsp Zinc Oxide

Optional Ingredients

1 Tsp Red Raspberry Seed Oil
1 Tsp. Carrot Seed Oil
1 Tsp. Vitamin E oil
Couple drops of any essential oils you like best, such as eucalyptus, lavender, patchouli, or vanilla.

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Directions for DIY Sun Protection Cream

  • Combine all the ingredients (except the zinc oxide) in a pint or quart sized glass jar. Place a lid on the jar loosely. DO NOT TIGHTEN at this point!

  • Fill a medium saucepan with at least a couple inches of water and warm it up over medium heat.

  • When you're sure the water is hot, place the jar in the pan with the water.

  • If the water's hot enough, the ingredients will start to melt. With a potholder, pick up the jar and move the jar around from side to side (swirl) to incorporate.

  • When all ingredients are melted, (shouldn't take too long), remove the jar from the heat.

  • Add the zinc oxide, stir well and pour the mixture into another jar. (Or you can keep it in the original jar if you like.)

  • Stir again as the mixture cools to make sure the zinc oxide is completely blended.

  • Use this sun protection cream as you would regular sunscreen.

  • Store in a cool dry place or in the frig.

  • Because this mixture is ALL NATURAL, it's best if you use it within six months.

    *For a simpler, DIY sun protection cream recipe, just use coconut oil, shea butter, and carrot seed oil. This will give you moderate protection and is recommended for people who already have a base tan or medium-dark skin.

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    The addition of beeswax pellets will give this sunscreen a slight water-repellent quality. Avoid citrus-based essential oils (like orange or lemon) because they are phototoxic, meaning that they'll cause you to burn.

    Because this mixture is so rich, a little goes a long way. You'll need to experiment with the sun protection cream a little too. Anyone with fair skin should generally reapply more often than someone who has medium to darker skin.

    Making a larger batch with your friends (everyone pitches in on the cost), is an excellent way to ensure you have plenty of sunscreen on hand.

    All of the ingredients listed are easy to find on Amazon or in your local health food store. You just can't go wrong when you depend on nature to provide for you! I promise you that you'll use this recipe for sun protection cream over and over!

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