Summer Skin Care Tips

Your summer skin care should never be neglected. There are lots of things you can do to keep your skin soft, subtle, and hydrated, even during the sweltering days ahead.

Your skin is an amazing organ because it has an awesome ability to heal quickly. However, you will still need to preserve, protect, and nourish it before you get in a real scrape!

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Summer is the time when the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky and is therefore the most dangerous to your skin. However, getting sun is a great way to improve energy levels and increase a sense of optimism. The rays of the sun can also help your body make more vitamin D so it helps keep your bones strong and prevents your skin from becoming overly dry. Did you know that just 10 minutes of midday sun is enough to do the trick? Tis true!

Too much sun exposure is dangerous though. It can cause skin cancer, cataracts, wrinkles, and painful burns that may permanently damage your skin. That’s not good!

Aside from those things, there are plenty of other ways to pamper your skin and get the best summer skin care around!

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Summer Skin Care Tips

Sunless Tanners – They're a great way to keep a tan year long but are especially great if your skin is prone to burning. Tanners work by bringing melanin up onto the surface of the skin. Melanin is the stuff that makes your skin look tanned but it also protects your skin from the sun. Limit your exposure to the sun and you’ll keep that youthful glow well into your older years!

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Scrapes and Abrasions – When it gets hot outside, outdoor activities draw your attention. Boating, swimming, gardening, lawn care, and new adventures are bound to come your way! The problem is that all these activities also leave you prone to scratches or scrapes. And as they heal, (if you're like me), you may have a tendency to pick at the scab. That's not good for your skin and can lead to scarring.

Summer skin care should include treating the wound with iodine or an antibiotic ointment and then covering the area with a big bandaid. This will deter wandering fingernails and should sufficiently protect the injury.

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Flip Flops and Sandals – When the cold dissipates, shoes fly off and barefeet, sandals, and flip flops hit the scene! However, feet that have been hidden beneath socks and boots are most certainly tender and susceptible. That's why it's a good idea to pamper your feet before you have problem. Apply lotions before bed each night and break in new sandals slowly. If you do get a blister, wear supportive shoes like tennis shoes till it heals and soak your feet in epsom salts with a couple of soothing drops of lavender oil.

Even old flip flops you've worn before can become a hassle too! I wore some slaps recently that are several years old and they cut my toe really badly and it hurt like the dickens! If you know you'll be walking long distances, opt to wear shoes that cushion your feet. Summer skin care for your feet should include regular exfoliation of any calluses too. Products like Ped Egg are great at solving this problem!

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Nothing Looks Better – A great tan and pearly white teeth go hand in hand! In fact, a tanned face can help make your teeth look white without doing a thing! However, if you don't like to use the whitening strips and prefer using natural modalities, check out this easy idea:

*Caveat - Do not use this method too often. It can wear down the enamel.

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Looking Stylish While Protecting – According to leading Dermatologists, the major cause of most blemishes are directly related to sun exposure. Changes in skin tone can occur anytime during the year, but especially during the summer months. That's where wearing a sunhat comes in... Be sure to choose your hats carefully though. Hats that allow the sun to filter through don't protect as well as hats with a tight weave.

Constantly squinting to shield the sun can also lead to crows feet around the eyes. Sunglasses and hats are paramount if you're going to be out in the sun for extended lengths of time.

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Summer Nails – Just like your hair, your nails are also an appendage of your skin and need lots of extra hydration, especially if you love to paint them! Everyone uses their hands much more during these months than in winter. Moisturize your skin well before working in the yard and keep gardening gloves by the door so you’ll remember to use them.

To promote nail strength and flexibility, eat foods that contain lots of folic acids such as whole grains, berries, spinach, and citrus fruits. Hydrate nail beds regularly to keep your nails pliable. To avoid breaking your nails, don't use them as tools for digging. Use products that contain alcohol sparingly as they can make fingernails brittle.

There are so many ways you can help preserve your skin during the hot months of summer. Summer skin care will be easy as a warm summer breeze... if you’re taking good care of it!

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