Straight Hair Tips for Sleek

Use these straight hair tips if you like your hair to be sleek and smooth as glass! It's certainly one of the most sought after hair types to be blessed with and one of the many reasons that flat irons are so dang popular in today's culture!

However, women have been straightening their strands for a very long time. When I was a child, (before straightening irons became popular), women used REAL irons (for clothes) to smooth their locks straight. I remember it well! No kidding!

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Hair that's long and flowing has a certain way of creating it's own easy movement. Longer layers can benefit anyone who has long straight strands, so it's something to consider if you fit that category.

Naturally straight hair is typically easy to take care of. The texture of your hair will have a big impact on the way you can style it. Using products like heavy conditioners can help your hair weigh more and make it look even straighter. However, use too much and your hair can look oily or even dirty when it's not.

One of the biggest complaints women have about curly hair is that it can snarl and tangle very easily. Straight hair, on the other hand, doesn’t knot up easily and can be a breeze to brush through and style very quickly. Lucky girls!

Consider these straight hair tips if you love to wear your tresses straight.

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General Straight Hair Tips

  • Getting your shampoo right is a great place to start. Look for gentle shampoos that advertise formulas for fine, limp or straight hair styles. An important ingredient is panthenol, which professional experts believe can penetrate the hair follicle and make each strand thicker in texture. Don't use any hair products that have alcohol listed in the first 3 ingredients though. They only make your hair look and feel dry.

  • If you want your hair to look and feel sleek, use smoothing or straightening shampoos. These lustrous products help lay down the cuticles of your strands and control those pesky flyaways. Alternately, leave on moisturizers help control your hair and help it behave more respectively.

    When cuticles lift away from your locks, your hair naturally looks unruly. When your cuticle is flat, it will look smooth, straight and shiny.

    For hair that's hard to manage, choose straightening shampoos that don’t contain drying agents, which can result in dull, dried out hair over time. You might also consider using glossing conditioners if you like your hair to lay flat!

  • Hair pomades can also help straighten your hair. For best results, use them on damp hair and finish drying your hair with an Ionizing dryer, which will help cut down on those frizzies too!

  • If you want your pin straight hair to be curly, finding the right shampoo is essential. Curling shampoos are specially blended to make your hair more apt to curl. When you use curling shampoos, you must use them regularly for them to work at all. But don't expect miracles. They won't ever be able to create truly curly hair.

  • You can easily create a little more body in straight hair by using texturizing shampoos. They contain panthenol, which coats your hair to make it thicker and fuller. You'll still have straight strands though. It'll just look like you have more of it.

  • For something different, you can try curling your hair by wrapping wet hair in a towel until it dries. This can help create some natural waves. It's especially beneficial if you have at least some wave though.

    Another idea is to put your hair in braids or a bun after you shampoo, and allow your hair to dry naturally. The smaller your braid and the tighter your bun, the more curls you are bound to create.

    If you naturally have hard to curl hair, remember to add gels or mousse to wet hair before you braid it. That will give more staying power to any curls you do create.

  • Many women with straight, fine hair complain that their hair looks greasy the day after shampooing, but it really depends on the products you use. The caveat for shampooing everyday is that the less you shampoo, the healthier your hair will be, which is true for any hair type! Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to shampoo everyday just because your hair is fine or straight. Find the right products and you should be able to go several days between shampoos.

    If your hair gets oily fast, try dry shampoos to help cut greasy oils in between shampooing.

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    Straight Hair Tips for Different Hair Textures

    Hair textures can make a big difference in the way you style your hair and the way you take care of it. Knowing your own hair texture is vital!

  • Coarse hair - Coarse hair is sometimes compared to the texture of horse hair. It has great tensile strength which is a big bonus but can also be extremely difficult to style! Coarse straight hair often has a mind of it’s own and will not cooperate, no matter how hard you try. Permanent waves might not even work to curl it but they are an option for some people!

    This hair type typically needs stronger chemicals to change the dynamics of the hair. Asian women strive to have curls and many African American women choose to have their hair straightened. Such is the nature of the world. Few women are satisfied with the type of hair they were born with!

  • Medium Hair - Medium texture hair is in the middle of the road. Not too thick, not too thin! Medium hair can be maintained by simply using a good shampoo and conditioner. Deep conditioner’s should be used from time to time, to help keep hair moisturized and healthy! Medium hair is easy to generally maintain and easy to style. So get styling!

  • Fine hair - Fine hair is usually soft and smooth and looks graceful in movement. It has a very simple and sleek look most of the time, however it can also look limp and lifeless. Using a texturizing or volumizing shampoo can bring fine straight strands. A simple trim can also breathe new inspiration to your hair! Because fine hair strands are very small, fine hair is prone to breakage and splitting. A soft boars bristled hair brush or a paddle brush is a must have for those who want to keep their fine hair healthy!

    All hair types can benefit from running your hands through your hair during the day. The palms sweat and mix with oils on hands and help reduce frizz. Sounds dirty but it's really not. It's natural.

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    Straight Hair Tips for Styling

    Straight Hair Tips To Create Volume

    Apply gel or mousse to your roots (or root lifter) and throughout your hair. Use a hair dryer diffuser to blow dry your hair. The last couple of minutes in drying time, take the diffuser off and turn your head upside down, and blow dry roots. Finish drying hair on the coolest cycle of your dryer. Use firm holding hairspray to hold your style. Your hair will be full at the top but but will flow down and remain straight.

    *Tip - If you'd like your hair to look thicker, try using highlights or lowlights!

    Straight Hair Tips to Create a Sleek Look

    After you shampoo and condition, apply smoothing holding products, lotions, or creams to mostly wet hair, comb them through your hair, and then blow dry your hair with the nozzle facing down at you from above. This works best if you section your hair into left and right sections. Blow dry one section at a time, starting with the hair on the bottom in each section. Be sure to gently comb or brush your hair while you dry it. (Comb it out beforehand to make sure it's free of knots and tangles!)

    For an even sleeker look, use a ceramic straightening iron to finish your smooth look! Use your iron on straight hair tips or ends if they poof.

    Try one of these haircuts you can do yourself! They are great for straight hair styles!

    Quick Long Layered Haircut - A Professional Look in Minutes!

    V Layer Haircut Your Own Hair in Minutes!

    These straight hair tips should help you when you decide which products to use and which styles to try. Sleek glowing hair is simply gorgeous to behold so don't think you got short-sheeted in the hair department. Consider it an advantage to have silken, lustrous hair, that every woman's envies!

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