Staying Warm in Cold Temps – 17 Ways to Beat Energy Costs and Keep Cozy!

Staying warm in cold temps can certainly be a challenge, but it's especially important if you can't afford to run UP your utility bills! Fortunately, there's a wide variety of ways you can keep cozy without having to pay dearly for it later. With frigid arctic air around, its good to have some low-cost options under your belt!

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Many years ago when I worked in a busy salon, I had a young client who told me that she and her husband kept the thermostat on 50° in the winter! Yikes! They were young though and didn’t have a lot of extra money to burn. She told me that they kept the fireplace going most of the time, wore lots of layers around the house, and kept their winter coats on most of the time. So it is attainable but probably not very pleasurable!

However, you don’t need to live in a freezer to cut back on utilities. Aside from shivering your way to savings, there are many things you can do to hold back the cold.

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Staying Warm in Cold Temps While Keeping Energy Costs Down

  • Staying warm is easy when you eat hearty foods that have more sustenance. Food is energy for your body. In order for your body to create heat, you must supply it with the right types of foods.

    Ragu's, chunky soups, stews, and chili’s will warm you through and through. If you work outside the home, prep ingredients the night before, then toss them into the crock pot before you head to work the next morning. You’ll have a masterpiece of warming foods when you get home! Include complex carbs that have a lot of staying power.

  • Ever notice the broad range of clothes that people wear in the winter? You are bound to have noticed some people still wearing shorts. What do most of those folks have in common? They have more body fat!

    It is a known fact that FAT helps hold body heat. So it only stands to reason that the more calories you consume, the more fat you add to your body. The more fat you have on your body, the more warmth-potential you create. This best applies to anyone who works outside in the cold and needs the extra calories to produce more body heat.

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  • Although layers may be a royal pain in the butt to wear and deal with, they truly keep the warmth next to your skin! They are especially beneficial in extreme weather conditions, including snow, sleet, and cold arctic air. When you get inside, remove wet top layers and you'll still have dry layers underneath! Layers can also be a life-saver if you ever get caught outside over a prolonged period!

  • Everyone thinks about wearing layers outside the home but what about inside? If you’ve got the thermostat set on 65° or lower, layers can make all the difference.

    For women – Wear a layer of tight fitting spandex/nylon long sleeved shirts and leggings, hose, or tights. (I also wear my housecoat/bathrobe most of the time I'm at home... worn over my clothes.) Layer your socks too, which keeps toes toasty warm.

    For men – Stick to thermal underwear to keep things simple.

    Wear a layer of looser fitting clothes such as jeans, corduroys, or other slacks over tight fitting clothes. (like thermals). Wool sweaters, heavy hoodies, and lined jackets are a great accompaniment to keep your upper body warm. Hats are also a huge benefit when temperatures dip. The ones that hang down well below your ears are great for shoveling snow in the driveway.

  • If you have long hair, wear it down during the winter months to help encase the heat from your head. If you're bald or have a really short hairstyle, a warm winter hat is almost mandatory!

  • Staying warm is easy if you raise the heat internally. Running in place, dancing, or doing a few jumping jacks will get the heart pumping and increase the blood flow. The more your blood is circulating, the warmer you will be!

  • If you’ve got the main heat set way below normal ranges, using space heaters can make a huge difference. The idea is that you only heat the areas of the house you're going to be in. If you’ve got the heater in the living room for example, close off other areas of the house. That way, you'll only be adding extra heat to the room you're using.

    Additionally, use your fireplace if you have one. However, before you light a fire, check your chimney thoroughly to make sure no critters (raccoons, skunks, squirrels) are living in there. If they are infested, you'll need to hire someone to clean your chimney out safely and efficiently.

  • If you've been out in the cold or get chilled, initially drink hot fluids to help thaw you out! Be sure to hold your mug in both hands to warm them up while you’re drinking it. However, the opposite can also be true. Check out tip #5 here.

  • If you keep the blinds closed on sunny days, you aren't allowing the warmth of the sun to help warm up your rooms! Open them as soon as you see sunlight but be sure to close them again as soon as the sun goes down.

  • If you’re home a lot and like staying warm cheaply, invest in a twin size electric blanket to plug in as you move from room to room.

  • Use flax seeds warming bags that you can find just about anywhere or get easy instructions on how to make your own here:

    How to Make a Flaxseed Warming Bag

  • You may not think about wearing gloves, lined boots, hats, or scarfs around your home but if you’re cold, who cares? No one's gonna see you, silly!

  • Spread some blankets about your house so they're available as you need them.

  • If you’re frozen to the core, get in a hot shower or bath. Both are equally effective in warming the core.

  • One of the simplest ways of staying warm is to rub the cold areas of your body with your own hands. Rubbing creates friction and increases blood flow and THAT keeps you toasty!

  • Some roots and spices assist in staying warm. Use them regularly to help warm you up slowly.

    - Garlic is a vasodilator and improves circulation.

    - Ginger improves circulation. Ginger baths are warming if you're frozen and can't seem to get warm. To make a ginger bath, put eight ounces of ginger into a half gallon of water, and simmer at a low boil for twenty minutes before straining into the bathtub.

    - Cayenne pepper helps remove chills! For warm feet during the day, apply a little cayenne pepper between your socks and your shoes. At night before bed, mix a bit of cayenne pepper with your lotion. Rub the lotion onto your feet for instant warming or on other areas of your body to relax cold muscles.

    - Horseradish is very soothing to cold bodies so add it to sandwiches when you're chilled.

    - Cinnamon helps dry dampness in the body and warms people who stay cold and suffer from poor circulation.

  • Another great way of staying warm is to wear bright colors such as red, orange, or copper. These bold colors help you 'feel' warm.

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  • Remember too, that pets need help staying warm in winter months! This is especially true if you keep them outside most of the time. Be sure they have a house and some type of heat source, such as a light. Or just bring them inside for a while, especially overnight when temps dip! Also make sure their drinking water isn't frozen and replace it often!

    Staying warm when it's frigid out is fundamental! If you're cold-natured (like me), wearing layers is a must-have! If you don't want to run up your heating bills though, you have to use a mix of conventional and non-conventional methods. With prices what they are today, you have to cut back any way you can!

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