Spring Makeup Trends 2016

Spring makeup trends for 2016 are a diverse mix of bold, brilliant colors. On the flip side, so is going totally bare, with little to no makeup at all - which is actually good news! It means you can still be trendy by finding a few ways to fit drama into your makeup, without looking blatant.

The Pantone color of 2016 goes to two separate colors - Rose Quartz & Serenity - a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue. If you enjoy staying in vogue, they are easy to combine and fit into your makeup application.

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On the runway this year, models faces were covered in lace and pearls, bright fashionable flairs of colors and no makeup at all. The spring 2016 runways in New York City were full of many extremes that don’t have to be played out in real life. Take the bits and pieces of the trends you like and use them to stay current and stylish.

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Spring Makeup Trends 2016

Matted Velvet Lips – Bold colored lipsticks adorned the runways this year, with many brilliant matte colors that looked intrinsically velvety. Yadim, makeup artist for Maybelline, was observed patting a bit of blush right onto the lips as part of the finishing touches. Candy apple red was the true winner this year in terms of lip colors.

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Blue Liners and Shadows – An array of blue hues were seen everywhere this year – from delicate blue strokes of eyeliner to full on blue shadow over the entire lid. Bright blue colors were seen most often but softer shades of blue were also noted. In 2016, it’s clearly time to get your blue groove on!

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Bold Bottom Liners – Lining under your eyes might not have occurred to you but it is clearly this year’s trend. Mixing bold liner colors or only lining part of the eye was also trending. (I’ve been doing this for a number of years now and so I am tickled that it’s now in style!)

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Flushed Blush – Playing up the cheeks with blusher or bronzer to give a flushed look is all the rave this year. A healthy glow is something we all love showing!

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Played Up Glosses – If you dislike following the no makeup trend to the T, dress it up a little by wearing sheer gloss on your lips. Gloss doesn’t have to add color to look delicious!

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Non makeup – At a time where wearing makeup is played up, it’s also good to know that you can go totally nude if you feel like it and still be fashionable. Going natural should never be frowned upon – fresh, clean skin will always be in!

Besides the spring makeup trends, many different hairstlyes were also observed in the 2016 fashion shows. Braids of all kinds dominated the runways, along with air dried styles, messy buns, tight ponytails with fabric inclusions, large clunky headbands, flowers tucked behind ears, and metallic textured hairclips.

Over-the-top flagrant styles will always be part of the runways. You must learn how to adapt those styles to your everyday life. Spring makeup trends for 2016 are spot on if you're on board with the changing times!

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