Spring Makeup Trends 2017

Spring makeup trends for 2017 are a bit over the top but considering they come straight from the runway, you’d expect them to be. If you like your makeup to be bold and spicy, you will love these new updates. For the rest of us, it might serve you well to tone them back a little - and go for a more subdued look.  You can always keep current and hip without going overboard!

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The 2017 Pantone color of the year is “greenery” which symbolizes new beginnings. The lushness of green colors outdoors in the spring, prompts consumers to oxygenate and reinvigorate. Since most all eye colors and skin tones can successfully use this foliage-based neutral shade of green!

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Seems as though most of the 2016 spring makeup trends are still going strong. New treatments, styles, and some new revisions on older trends are now current. What’s old becomes new!

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Spring Makeup Trends 2017

  • Glitter lips are now a buzz among celebrities and their counterparts. All you do is swipe lip gloss over your base lipstick color and then dust on glitter. You can mix it up and use two or three glitter shades or go solo with just one. (

    *I would heavily suggest using edible glitter since most people will inevitably lick their lips at some point… and you don’t want glitter getting into your system. That’s SO not cool.

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  • Glitter strobing is the new hot idea for accentuating your best features. According to this article on Bustle:

    "Instead of carving out your face like what traditional contouring does, strobing is all about highlighting features you're already in love with. Plus, if you have oily skin (like me), it means you can ditch the mattifiers if you want, because our natural skin is totally in. And what's more is, if matte products bore you, this trend basically requires shiny, shimmering products."

    Glitter strobing is created when you apply a strobing cream – (also called highlighting lotion), highlighting powder and then add glitter for an impact. I’m sure this trend is popular in big cities like New York. For out here in the country, it’s a bit much.

    About this product:

  • Can be used alone or over foundation
  • Excellent for the strobing technique to emphasize your cheekbones
  • Brings out natural coloring with subtle shimmer
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  • Made in the USA

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  • Accentuating your underliner is another makeup trend for 2017. Try out bright unexpected colors under your eyes or create an upside down cat eye using a glitter liner.

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  • Blurred lips are an expression of current times. It’s all about embracing imperfection – of which we are all guilty. To get blurred lips, diffuse the edges of your lipstick (no lipliners please) or add more color to the center of your lips using fingertips.

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  • Glossy eyelids hit the scene in 2016 but makeup trends for 2017 take glossy to a new level - and your eyes aren’t the only part of your face that’s getting glossed! Face gloss is the new thing to add youthful sheen – adding gloss to lips, cheekbones and even collarbones!

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  • Accentuated eyebrows are still in vogue this year and microblading (also called 3D eyebrows) is all the talk. Microblading deposits pigment underneath the first layer of your skin so give brows more definition and flair. Although it’s costly, the treatment can last for up to two years!

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    2017 Hair Trends

  • Blorange hair is basically a blown out/washed out red/orange dye job. Of course, once you go orange, it’s difficult to remove without using harsh treatments like color removers or bleach.

    *Note: De-iintensifying red/orange shades can always leave you with pink hair – which doesn’t always look great.

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  • Long hair is the new trend for 2017. Whether you wear it bone straight or full of curls, long is definitely “in”. (bone straight is the most popular if you’re keeping with the trends)

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  • Wave formation is the hip new thing this year and it doesn’t really take a lot of time. The technique uses a 1.5-inch curling iron alternating the direction of the curl to create S-wave bends in the hair. The ends are left out on purpose which gives more of a wind-blown, beachy, unfinished look. Watch how it's done here.

    Spring makeup trends for 2017 illuminate your best features and accentuate them to a whole new level. What is it they say? Go bold or go home! New beginnings are on the way!

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