Spring Skin Care Regimen - Prepare by Making 6 Simple Adjustments

Who's ready for a little spring skin care to help bounce your skin back into gear? Winter cold can take a toll on your skin but you can breathe new life back into it just doing a few simple things! Now is the perfect time to evaluate and prepare for warmer weather.

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Spring is the time of year that most people associate with the unfolding of new life. Get rid of the old and bring on the new! Sounds a bit like rejuvenation to me! You can be better ready for the warm spring air by making a few subtle adjustments to your skin care regimen. There are several easy ways you can prepare. Get ready-set-spring into action!

Spring Skin Care Regimen

  • When your body's covered up with clothes all winter, you don’t really have a chance to rehydrate your skin well. Even if you do, the elements are terribly drying and your jeans and long sleeved shirts prevent your skin from getting the hydration it needs to stay plump. For this reason, it's a good idea to start moisturizing like crazy early on in the season, but especially if you haven't been doing so throughout the winter.

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    And while you're daring to bare your skin, take a good look for any changes in moles you see. Remember your A, B, C's for skin cancer detection. A is for asymmetry (has the shape changed?), B is for border (has the border changed?) and C is for color. (has the color changed?) If so, you'll need to be seen by your dermatologist soon as possible.

  • Now that you've ditched your heavy clothes, it's also a good time to buff off of those old dead skin cells that have accumulated during the winter months. They really build up and take a toll on how fresh and glowing your skin looks and feels. You may also want to correct your skin tone too or at least even it out!

    Get buffing by using a car polishing cloth, which are totally reusable. You can also use them to remove makeup too. Nothing to throw away makes them beautifully recyclable!

    Find the video here.

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  • Get outside, breathe some fresh air, and get your skin used to the sunshine again... in little spurts that is. Just a small amount of daily sun is all you need to get a gradual tan that builds over time. You won't have to be afraid of peeling skin, that's often associated with sunburned skin.

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  • Over the winter months, chances are that you’ve munched on a few extra pounds trying to stay warm! The problem is that high calorie foods are full of refined additives and are pure crap for your skin. In fact, most toxins are excreted through the skin.

    One of the best ways to get rid of debris in your system is juicing. Veggie or fruity smoothies will give your skin a boost of nutrients and help you shed some of those unwanted rolls of fat!

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  • If you don’t want saggy skin when you break out your swim suits, spring skin care should also include toning your muscles. Your skin won’t look firm if you don't pay attention to it. Winter can be a time of laziness, which is cool! But in the spring, you should get moving!

    If you want to firm your muscles and NOT have sagging arms, strength training (which combines weight bearing exercises with cardio) is the best exercise to get tone fast.

    Here's another tip: When you lift weights above your head, be sure to lift them in a ‘Y’ instead of straight up, which helps define the biceps and increases strength in the deltoids. To tone triceps, do backward pushups on a chair or a foot stool. (below) This exercise helps to tone that unsightly hanging skin. (called 'wings')

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  • Your spring skin care is not complete without paying attention to your feet, which can pay an extensive price during the winter! You'll be breaking out your slaps and sandals soon so give those toes a little attention too!

    Here's a fantastically easy mask you can use on your feet to get them back in shape! Remove any old nail polish and trim your toenails before you start. Always apply masks to clean skin too.

    Nourishing Milk Mask


  • 1/2 C. colloidal oatmeal
  • 1/4 C. whole milk or heavy cream
  • 2 T. honey
  • Plastic wrap (such as Saran Wrap)

    Combine all ingredients and stir together. Spoon over your feet and cover, top and bottom, and cover loosely with plastic wrap, then prop your feet up for 20 minutes. Rinse feet in warm water and apply lotion immediately.

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    Just a few simple changes now can really make a big difference later. Spring skin care can be invigorating because it's finally getting warm outside! Yahoo for spring! (Sorry Google:o)

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