Spring Makeup Trends for 2015

Spring makeup trends for 2015 seem to overlap last year’s trends. The pantone color of the year goes to an earthy and subdued brown color with pink undertones called Marsala. My initial reaction was not very favorable but now that I’ve had some time to absorb it more, I can see how the color might be used to compliment other colors. And although Marsala is not as bright and cheery as recent past colors have been, the color does kinda grow on you!

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Color experts view Marsala as a move toward the softer side of the color spectrum. Nature-like neutrals set the stage for designers to draw on daydreams of simpler times and restore a sense of well being this spring. It is a time to disconnect from technology and make space for reconnecting with all things in nature. This minimalistic approach is nothing new but it reminds us to escape from the mad rush in life and chill out.

Judging from the runways this year, the no-makeup trend is back in full force this year. Bobbi Brown was quoted saying “Its about flawless, even skin and defined eyes”. Its all about looking natural with your makeup on!

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Spring Makeup Trends for 2015

  • Having well hydrated skin is the first staple that was seen on the runway this year. A luminous complexion that’s dewey, soft, and delicious is what you should strive for in 2015.

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  • Bright pink lipsticks are a super star this year and are known to compliment each and every skin tone. Another advantage is that pink colors also blend well with Marsala if you're into it!

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  • You don’t have to be a metal head to appreciate metallic makeup! It’s back in a big way this year so prepare to glam lashes and accent lids. No single metallic color stood out this year so your color options are endless.

    nude face image

  • If you like that carefree feeling nudity gives, you're in luck! Wearing no-makeup makeup was the biggest runway trend for spring this year. It’s all about enhancing what you’ve already got, but hiding dark circles and flushing cheeks with minimal products. The less makeup you actually wear, the better!

    graphic eyeliners image

  • Cat eyes are back this year in a BIG way but there’s much more to it, starting with increasing those liner lines! You may not feel compelled to expand on your eyeliner application but the more graphic you make those lines, the more you’ll stay on trend this year!

    negative space nails image

  • Making interruptions in your fresh nail polish may not seem like a great idea but a negative space manicure is all the rave this year! It’s a sophisticated look that moves away from the cartoonish hand drawn nail art of last year.

    Spring makeup trends for 2015 also include going natural. Everything old becomes new again when you’re wearing makeup as skin care (such as antioxidant-packed foundations and anti-aging concealers) and using all natural products like coconut oil.

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    Other trends are crimping your hair, wearing braids, and using Balayage hair color – a painted on color that gives hair a natural sun-kissed look!

    One thing’s for sure! No matter what your spring makeup tastes are, you can find something in this years mix to like. Going au-naturelle is something every woman can relate to, at home, in the office, or anywhere!

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