Spray On Tan To Save Your Skin!

How can a spray on tan save your skin from premature aging? Is there some magic ingredient in spray tanning solution that will keep you young forever?

Well, no.

However, sprays have very powerful factors that will be very beneficial for your skin's condition:

First of all the prime ingredient in all spray tanning solutions is DHA. That is the substance that makes your skin brown. It is a sugar cane derivative and has been used in food and cosmetic industries for few decades.

This substance effects only the top layer of your skin consisting of dead skin cells, turning it brown. It does not have any side effects, and as far as I know it does not cause allergies.

(If you develop any allergies to spray on tan, it is likely to be caused by other ingredients in the solution. Changing solutions to another brand will often fix that problem).

Secondly, if you want to be brown all the time, you don't have to go to a salon every time. There are many fantastic self tanning products on the market, that you are bound not only to find one that will suit your skin, but also your pocket.

When you have a healthy glow you can save your skin the burden of putting up with a myriad of other cosmetics such as foundation, concealer, powders, blushers etc simply because your skin already looks great and usually does not need any further enhancements.

Lastly (and here where real skin saving comes into play), if you have a great tan already, why would you fry on the beach or in the solarium? There would be no point.

Statistics show that over 80% of people that use fake tanning regularly are staying away from other forms of getting brown i.e. beach and sun beds.

By now of course, everybody knows that UV tanning is the primary reason for our skin's aging. Prolonged exposure to sun causes wrinkles, sagging skin, broken capillaries, sun spots and in extreme cases - skin cancer.

If you could avoid them all and still look good would it not make sense to choose the alternative?

Be warned though.

If you choose this alternative you will be up against a very real problem.

What will you do with all the time that you will save by not having to lie on the beach or in solarium beds? I suggest checking out how much can you save on sales in the local shops.

Best Spray Tan Guide
How to prepare before, take care of your spray on tan, before and after photos, and troubleshooting tips.

Article by: Boshena Warzecha

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