How to Spiral Curl Your Hair

Do you know how to spiral curl your hair? Its not that difficult to do once you understand the method - and is dependent on the direction in which your roll your hair. There are so many different tools and options you can use. The possibilities are only limited by your own creativity.

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The direction in which you roll your hair is the key to creating curly spirals.

Most curls are typically created by holding your curlers or irons horizontally. (holding the iron sideways)

Spirals are created when you roll your hair vertically. (holding the iron up and down). You just have to get used to method.

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Before You Start Tips

If your hair is curly or wavy, you may want to straighten it - depending on whether you want curls to look uniform/professional or not.

Always divide your hair into several sections for easier curling.

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You can create spirals by using a regular barrel curling iron, a spiral curling iron, a straight iron, ceramic spiral iron, hotsticks, or by using regular hair rollers and/or hot rollers.

I bought hotsticks a few years back and love how easy they are to use. They are a great investment if you like curling your hair often.

How tight or loose curls end up being depends on the size of your barrels or curlers.

If you want tight curls, use a smaller size. If you want looser curls, use a larger size.

If you want curls to last longer, apply gels, mousse, or spritz's to wet hair and comb through thoroughly. Be sure to include the ends of your hair.

Allow your hair to dry completely. (You can blow dry it if you're in a hurry.)

When hair is dry, give your hair a cool shot of air to help close cuticles and create shine.

If you're using hot tools and your hair is not completely dry, you'll only end up singeing your hair and that can damage it. Make sure your hair is dry!

Heat up appliances if you're using them.

Brush each section of hair through before curling.

*Note: For longer lasting curls or hard to curl hair - apply more styling products right before you curl it.

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How to Spiral Curl Your Hair

1) To make curling easier, separate your hair into two main sections, side to side, by parting your hair down the center of your head - front to back. This will give you two sections.

2) Then separate those two sections into two more sections, top and bottom on each side. Secure the top sections with clamps.

3) No matter how thick your hair is, always start curling from the bottom to the top, especially if you're a beginner! Once you get a little more seasoned, you can curl the top first then clip that hair out of the way.

4) Grab a small section of hair and tuck the end into the clamp of your curling iron or curler, or start the curl further up the hair shaft if you want to leave ends out.

Start winding your hair vertically, not horizontally. Hint: Your iron or curler should be straight up and down.

Roll the iron or roller up as far as you can go or stop midway. It all depends on where you want your curls to start and end.

For hot irons, when hair is set, unwind the curl carefully. For more uniform curls, unwind your hair one or two times, or until your hair is loose from the iron. Then pull the iron down gently to release the curl. This holds curl better than unwinding it.

If your curls do not hold, you'll need more heat or time. Increase the heat on your iron incrementally until you get it to hold properly.

5) Give each curl a shot of flexible hair spray. and let it go. Keep working in small sections till you are through with one section, then move onto the next section. You can finalize your curls with firm holding hair spray once you're completely done.

You can leave your curls 'as is', or slightly finger them loose to separate curls. Either way, you're hair is going to look terrific!

See how easy that really is?

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How to Spiral Curl With a Barrel Iron

How to Spiral Curl With a Flat Iron

How to Make Super Tight Spiral Curls With a Flat Iron

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It does take extra time to spiral curl your hair - especially if your hair is thick - so be sure to schedule plenty. If you want curls to last several days, guard your curls at night by clamping them out of the way or by wearing a night cap. You don't want to lose those gorgeous curls that it took you so long to create!

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6 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair

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