How to Get Smooth Silky Hair like Eva Longoria

Want to get smooth silky hair? It’s something that most women dream about regularly!

When hair slinks, glides, and flows freely, harmony is created in motion. It’s reminiscent of the waves of the ocean, as they fall gently onto the beach.

When you think about silky hair, most people envision straight hair but curly hair can also be smooth and sleek. In all cases, it’s all about the hair and not the hair pattern.

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Most women would love to have smooth silky hair all the time. After all, it’s what we see most in magazines pictures, TV, and on the internet. Movie stars and celebrities (like Eva Longoria) always have such beautiful shiny, smooth locks, so it’s normal for women to gravitate towards wanting their hair to look the same way. Silky hair is sensual and seductively tantalizing!

Silky hair looks best on people who have medium to thick hair volume. Unfortunately, thin hair can look even thinner when its completely smooth. However, all hair types can enjoy sleek, flowing hair if you use the right products and techniques.

In order for hair to look silky, the hair cuticle on each hair strand should be closed, which means the cuticles are laying flat. When cuticles are open and raised, hair looks fuller, which is great if you want hair volume. However the goal in silky hair is to make sure that cuticles are closed, for that sexy, smooth hair appeal.

How to Get Smooth Silky Hair

  • Chemical hair straightening – If you like straight hair, chemical straightening helps to create smooth silky hair. When you permanently straighten hair, the process helps lay down the cuticle of the hair, which makes it shiny and more manageable. However, there have been many reports of women losing their hair after such services so its important to really do your homework first to find out which products suit your hair type best. Just make sure your stylist has done the service many times and has the experience to do a good job with your hair.

    Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

    Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

  • Flat irons – When you flat iron your hair, you help lay down the hair cuticles, which naturally gives your hair a smooth silky feel. The trick is to not over use them though! Too much heat can fry your hair and makes it frizzy.

  • Thermal heat protectors – These are a great way to enhance your hair when you’re using flat irons. They help protect your hair when you do flat iron, so you don’t lose the moisture. So, if you use a heated appliances regularly, do invest in a thermal protector spray to minimize hair damage.

  • Shampoos and conditioners – If you love smooth silky hair, look for specific keywords on the labels of the shampoos and conditioners you buy. Looking for words like ‘sleek, smooth, silky’ will lead you to the right products to try! Just remember that all hair products don’t work for all hair types. You may have to try a few to find the right products for your hair’s volume and texture.

  • Deep conditioners – It is so important to use deep conditioning treatments from time to time. They really help resolve dry hair problems and provide targeted, longer-lasting moisture to hair, which is exactly what hair needs! If your hair is especially dry, you’ll need to do treatments more often though. Smooth silky hair won’t happen on hair that’s overly dry!

  • Hair creams – These are a great way to smooth out your hair and lay down hair cuticles! Apply on slightly damp - dry hair for the best results.

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  • Conditioning agents - Silicone is a conditioning agent that can really help to create smooth silky hair. 'Cones' are often added to many hair products and help your hair feel more slinky and soft. Dimethecones (in the same family) have gotten somewhat of a bad rap as some people who use them develop parched hair over time. This is a simple case (most of the time) of a build up of products, which can be easily amended using a clarifying rinse or a clarifying shampoo.

    Most people never have problems using them! They are actually quite safe for your hair and essential if you like the sexy look and feel of smooth silky hair. They are actually a kind of ‘wax’ that’s added to products to provide more slipperiness and softness.

    Dimethicone is an awesome inclusion in your hair care products at about 2 percent or so. Why use them? They form a protective film or coating over hair strands, which traps in your hair’s natural oils. The coating or film is permeable, which means it allows water vapor and other gases to pass through it, so they won’t prevent your hair from absorbing moisture.


  • are humidity resistant
  • reduce static electricity (so no fly-aways!).
  • detangle hair.
  • provide necessary lubrication (slip) when you wet comb hair.
  • are heat resistant.
  • add shine and manageability.
  • improve shine and softness.

    According to the top stylist’s, it’s best to use products that contain silicones after you blow dry or flat iron your hair. Why? Because heat from heated appliances can lock the product onto your hair, preventing your hair from absorbing any moisture. Some products that contain dimethicones work a lot better than others, so its in your best interest to find out beforehand about the hair products you plan to buy.

  • Oils – If you don’t like the idea of using the former, try various oils like coconut oil or Moroccan oil.

    Oils can be used before or after blow drying your hair but it really helps to add them to fully saturated hair. Comb oils through your hair to evenly distribute them. They are best when applied to the mid hair shaft or ends of your hair only. If you apply them too close to your scalp, your roots can get clogged up! Just a little dab will do in most cases. Used regularly, oils add tensile strength to your hair and they help create smooth silky hair.

  • Hair glazes – What comes to mind when you think about a glaze? Hopefully, you automatically think shiny! And that’s exactly what hair glazes do! They add a temporary coating to hair which adds shine to your hair. There is a wide variety on the market to choose from! Some glazes act like a semi permanent color. Smooth silky hair is always attainable if you use them regularly!

  • Hair Wax – It only goes to reason that if you apply wax to something, you help it reflect more light. You can use hair wax to mold your hair into radical styles or you can use it to help tame fly away hairs. Conversely, you can use it to help add sheen to your hair, which makes it silkier.

  • Hair Glosses - There are a ton of hair glosses on the market that can help make your hair look and feel silky. Its best to add glosses to your hair after you’ve styled your hair. For that reason, use spray on hair glosses as opposed to liquid glosses that you apply with your fingers and hands. Its just too easy to overdo when you use liquid glosses, which gives you oily, greasy hair instead.

  • Hair Pomades - Most pomades contain petroleum jelly, mineral oils, or wax. They help your hair look slick and shiny and unlike sprays or gels, they do not dry completely in your hair. Use them on damp hair for best results. Just like waxes, you can use pomades to create some bodacious looks! If you like to spike your hair, look for stiff holding pomades. The stiffest products will have a higher proportion of waxes such as beeswax while the lightest products may have a higher proportion of oils.

    If you aren’t sure about using pomades, read reviews or try some plain petroleum jelly (Vaseline) in your hair first. You’ll have a good idea afterward if you like the way it makes your hair look and feel!

  • Cool blast – When you wash and condition your hair, do a final rinse with cool water. When you blow dry your hair, always give it a shot of cool air as you finish up. Both of these techniques help to close the cuticle of your hair, which again makes your hair silkier and shinier!

    Having smooth silky hair may seem impossible at first. No one's got perfect hair but you can create more desirable hair if you are willing to work at it a couple minutes a day. There are very few women in this world who were born with naturally smooth silky hair!

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