Sleep Problems? Get Sleep Answers!

You are not alone if you have sleep problems. Many people have a hard time getting enough. Tough schedules, worries, and stress can adversely affect getting proper rest.

We’ve read the same things over and over again. No TV in the room. Count sheep. No lights or noises. Don’t exercise before bed. Set a time and stick to it. Blah, blah, blah...

We have some control over our lives, but hidden variables just always appear out of nowhere. We find it hard to have real authority over bedtimes and what happens when we leave work or school. However, there are many things you can do to counteract restlessness and get the Z's you deserve!

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It's estimated that sixty-four percent of American's do not get proper sleep at night. The after-effects of missed sleep are cumulative. That is, once you lose sleep, you simply can't make it up! Whats more, insomnia can impair:

Short-term memory
Reaction time
Information processing

When you try and function during a sleep deficit, you are prone to moodiness, aggressive behaviors, burnout, and higher levels of stress.

Most people need around 7 - 8 hours of sleep, yet few people get that much! There are some things you can try that you may or may not have thought about. Additionally, there are sound reasons behind doing some of the things that experts suggest.

These recommendations will help ensure that you get the downtime you need to recoup! So read this page then go get some shut eye, will ya?

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Sleep Answers for Sleep Problems!

  • Dr Stasha Gominak believes that most diseases are due to lack of REM sleep. The major contributors are psychotropic drugs, low D levels, and lack of B vitamins from the intestinal flora. Without proper REM sleep, the body cannot repair itself. She also believes that vitamin D deficiencies can cause an interruption in sleep patterns and cause sleep problems.
  • Make sure the mattress you sleep on is comfortable for your body! How can you get good rest if your bed will not allow it?

    I slept on a mattress that was way too hard for my body for many years. I did that because my doctors all told me I should sleep on a firm bed for lower back problems. How untrue this turned out to be. I finally bought a mattress that had a soft pillow top! Now, my bed is the most comfortable place to be in the house and my back pain disappeared. Yeah, it’s harder now to get out of bed now, but I surely rest much better since I am not forcing myself to sleep on a bed that was too hard for my body!

    You will continue to have sleep problems if you can't rest on the mattress you have. Another perk is that since replacing my mattress, I've had very little back pain! Gives you something to think about anyway.

  • Try not to interrupt your sleep pattern if you have sleep problems. Set a time to get up and go to bed each night and try to stick with it! I sleep in on the weekends but they say you shouldn't do that either. With this in mind, I always try to get to bed early on Sunday nights because I know Monday’s coming and I have to get up early again. The best advice is to adjust your schedule the way it works best for you.

  • Whatever you do, don’t get up and try to work or read. It will wake you right back up again. I had a hard time sleeping during the last trimester of my pregnancy. My doctor told me that at least I was getting rest! You will eventually get to sleep if you just relax enough.

  • Meditation or prayer can help you clear you mind of complicated thoughts that keep you awake at night. You can use meditation to take you back to places you've been in the past. Thinking about a nice summer night stroll on the beach with warm breezes and salt spray in your face, might be enough to relax you right into sleep.

  • Keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and warm or cool. (Or whatever temp makes you sleep best.)

    In what environment do we put babies to sleep? Well, most likely a dark, quiet, and warm room. How do you expect to sleep if you have lights on, the stereo or TV blaring, and it's too cold or too hot? The best thing to do is to make the environment conducive to sleep in whatever temperature you prefer!

  • Don’t drink too much of anything before bedtime! If you drink too much before bed, you will surely have to get up to empty your bladder. If you drink a lot of water during the day, calm it down before bed. Be sure to 'go' just before you get into bed to deter sleep problems before you get into your nice cozy bed!

    On the other hand...

  • Have a nice cup of hot milk before bed. (Add chocolate if you love hot chocolate!) For many people, a hot drink will help make them drowsy. In fact, newer studies have shown that for some people too much caffeine actually makes you sleepier. So have an extra cup of java with dinner! If you are sensitive to caffeine however, drink decaf's.

  • Get a sound machine. These are small machine's that play the sound of white noise, the ocean waves, or waterfalls. Play it when you lay down at night. The sound of water has a mesmerizing effect and it will help you relax right into sleep.

  • Try the new Z-Quil (related to NyQuil) on the market. I haven't tried it yet but when you've got sleep problems, you need answers fast!

  • Alcohol will not solve sleep problems! Occasional use is fine but it shouldn't be considered a long term remedy. Alcohol is actually a stimulant. You might get sleepy after putting back a few beers, but that's the effects wearing off. The more alcohol you drink, the more WIDE awake you'll get. If you take a drink every night, try a small glass of red wine or one or two beers only. Red wine in particular, has long been known to induce sleepiness.

    If you drink a lot of alcohol, you are far more likely to pass out. That is not good sound sleep, and you will suffer the consequences the next day by having a hangover or feeling sleepy. Alcohol has it's place, but it can also cause a lot of sleep issues if consumed in excess.

  • Another way to diminish a sleep problem is to wear socks to bed, especially if you are cold-natured. Your feet will stay warm and you will snooze more soundly.

  • Get to bed as early as possible. Your bodies internal systems, particularly your adrenal glands, do a majority of their recharging or recovering during the hours of 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. Your gallbladder dumps toxins during the same hours. If you are awake, toxins back up into your liver which then secondarily backs up into your entire system. This build up can cause many health problems. Prior to having electricity, people would go to bed shortly after sundown, as most animals do, which is just what nature intended.

    Bed in Summer

    In winter I get up at night
    And dress by yellow candle-light.
    In summer, quite the other way,
    I have to go to bed by day.

    Robert Louis Stevenson

  • If you live in a crowded urban area, sleep problems may derive from unwanted noises outside in the street or from your neighbors. You might consider getting some ear plugs to block out brash, loud sounds. If you've ever slept with someone who snored, you know how much loud noises can adversely affect sleep patterns. Wearing ear plugs can solve the problem. Just be sure they allow you to hear the alarm clock the next day!

  • And finally, don't eat right before bedtime! Consuming heavy foods before bedtime can cause indigestion. Also, eating onions late at night (or even at supper time) in some instances, can give you nightmares once you do fall asleep. (This has actually been documented.)

    If you have sleep problems, try one of the above tips. See if you can't cure your insomnia before you turn into a real zombie!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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