Boost Skin Moisture to Plump and Revitalize

One of the best ways to boost skin moisture and keep your skin plump and youthful, is to moisturize your skin on a regular basis. The visible effects of aging start as early as your twenties, so you’ll need to start thinking about using daily moisturizers early on.

There are many things that are dependent on the amount of moisture you have in your skin. Your genetics, your skin type, and the way you take care of your skin surely determine your skin's appearance.

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You might not necessarily need botox or collagen injections to plump your face though! There are steps you can take today that will help reduce wrinkling, sagging, and bagging!

Skin Moisture Facts

As you age, biochemical changes occur in the amounts of elastin and collagen your skin produces and retains. Elastin and collagen are important connective tissues that give skin firmness and elasticity. Your genetics can also determine how fast your skin will show aging, which is why skin changes occur at different times for different people.

As skin becomes less elastic, it also becomes drier. That youthful fat padding (that Grandma used to grab and squeeze) begins to disappear and you look older. Without it, your skin begins to (actually) fall down and look less supple. Over time, more wrinkles occur as you continue to age.

Turning back time can best be achieved by keeping skin moisture at a maximum level. This promotes a smoothing effect and helps to promote a younger complexion. A daily skin care regimen is paramount for that very reason. Without proper skin care and skin moisture, your skin will show wrinkles long before you want them to. The sooner you start to nurture your skin, the better your chance of keeping a youthful glow. All it takes is a few simple minutes each day!

For most of us, it's almost impossible to achieve flawless skin, but you can get close by routinely making an effort. How you treat your skin can make a profound and dramatic difference!

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Steps to Promote Skin Moisture

  • Limit the amount and length of hot showers or baths. Most of the time, 15 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to get clean. Also, make sure you use warm water, rather than hot. For most people, bathing or showering once a day is enough to maintain good hygiene. If your skin is dry, bathing every other day might be a good idea. Keep in mind that the longer you're in water, the more protective oils you are bound to lose.

  • Avoid harsh, drying, detergent-like soaps, for all skin types.

  • For dry skin, use your fingertip pads to gently scrub your face instead of a washcloth. It's also best to use gentle skin cleansers that include added moisturizers.

  • Dry brushing before you shower can prompt sebaceous glands to produce more oils. The more oils your body produces, the more skin moisture you're bound to have.

  • Moisturize immediately after showering or bathing to help trap water into the epidermis.

    Retain Skin Moisture

    There are many OTC oils that contain omega fats which help your skin retain even more moisture.

    You can also try using castor oil to help form a barrier on your skin. However, castor oil can sometimes be too greasy and may clog pores.

    Some essential oils also help exfoliate and clarify skin, promote skin moisture, and keep skin more youthful.

    Dull dry skin - Oxygenating essential oils including Peppermint, Geranium, Rosemary, Cyprus, Thyme, Anise and Cinnamon. Applied topically, these invigorate dry skin.

    Oily or acne prone skin - Antibacterial and oil blotting extracts including Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, and Witch Hazel can keep your skin bacteria free and glowing.

    Mature Skin - Skin serums work best on mature skin. Sunflower, jojoba, and hazelnut oils are rich lubricants to look for in the ingredients.

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    Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen

    Hyaluronic acid and collagen are both very important to the health of your skin. Both can boost moisture retention, which helps keep your skin plump.

    Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by your body and helps support collagen and elastin fibers that give skin a firm, youthful appearance. HA both attracts and helps retain moisture in your skin.

    However, virtually no collagen or elastin protein can ever penetrate the outer layer of your skin. That's because the molecules are just way too large. Only small particulates of HA can be absorbed through your skin, so look for lotions or serums that contain HA as a minor percentage of the ingredients.

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    Foods that Boost Skin Moisture

    Soy isoflavones help to protect your skin from sun damage. Soy is available from a variety of sources but whichever kind you buy, always opt for non-gmo soy instead.

    While consuming your way to a firmer face, don't forget about vitamin C. Even though vitamin C's beauty potential is loudly touted by the media, 33 percent of the US population doesn't get enough of it.

    You can pump up skin moisture by taking deliberate action today. Even if you've been neglecting skin care in the past, it's never too late to start improving your skin's appeal! Moisturizers are essential and should be used religiously. The more you moisturize your skin, the more your skin will respond in a positive manner!

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