Conceal Skin Discoloration Using Color Correcting Makeup!

Any skin discoloration can make you feel self conscious and unattractive. Blemishes, rosacea, age spots, scars, and other imperfections can make you feel undesirable or unappealing.  They're most noticeable on your face, but can appear anywhere on your body.

Hiding or getting rid of imperfections can be fairly simple - but do understand that makeup is only a temporary solution. If you want to try covering problem areas up, you'll need to use the right color correcting shade.

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Before you try and conceal imperfections, you must decide which color corrector is right for your skin. When you fix your skin tone, you'll need to counteract your problematic skin undertones using the color wheel.

If you can't fight it, hide it!

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Color Correcting Guide

The trick is to use a color correcting concealer before you apply foundations. There are five correcting colors that will help lessen or blend unnatural tones or flaws in your complexion. Many are available in liquid or cream form. Color correctors help counterbalance underlying undesirable skin tones.

  • Green helps conceal redness or broken veins.

  • Purple helps correct a yellowish complexion.

  • White helps to cover and correct dark under-eye circles and skin dullness.

  • Yellow is used to cover serious undereye dark circles, that are bluish to purple in color. These are the types of dark pigments that never seem to go away.

  • Beige helps cover age spots and blemishes.

  • Blue helps make a blushing complexion seem paler.

    Of these five color gems, green, beige, and white are the three correcting colors preferred by women to help hide facial skin discoloration most often.

    When correcting colors are worn under foundation, they provide a good base for the rest of your makeup and can help your makeup stay fresher longer.

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    Steps to Hide Facial Skin Discoloration

    1) Pull your hair back, off of your face. Thoroughly wash your face and apply a moisturizer. Wait about 5 minutes so that the moisturizer has time to absorb into the skin.

    2) Choose the best correcting color for your complexion. Put a very small amount of the color corrector either on your fingertip or on a makeup sponge. Dab first, then spread the correcting color ONLY to the problem area(s). Make sure you get an even application and reapply the corrector where necessary.

    3) Apply your foundation as normal. It does not matter what kind of foundation you use. I often use a cream beige concealer with mineral foundations. You can mix and match them just fine. Just be sure that the color corrector is hidden. If not, then reapply your foundation until it disappears completely.

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    Steps to Conceal Undereye Circles

    Great care must be taken when you're trying to hide dark under eye circles. You don’t want to go from looking like a zombie to looking like a clown! Many women overuse white or light colored concealers. If you do, you'll go from one unnatural look right into another one! That's a total blunder!

    If you use a light colored corrector to hide dark circles, go easy on the amount you use. In other words, just don’t use too much.

    Use small amounts and always take the time to blend them thoroughly with warmed fingertips. Keep applying small amounts until your coverage is even and you are satisfied. It's always a good idea to warm up concealers by applying it to the back of your hand first. Just be sure your hands are clean and dry. Warmed concealers spread and blend more evenly than cooler ones.

    Instead of using a standout white concealer, use a beige concealer. Why?

    Because beige is not as stark as white and will blend into your natural tone more evenly. Just be sure to cover any concealer appropriately, with the right foundation for your skin tone. This also helps set it in place!

    If you want to get rid of discolorations instead of covering them, use fade creams or bleaching creams that are especially formulated for delicate areas of the skin.

    If you just can't find anything that works for your skin discolorations, use a cover creme (like Dermablend) to help cover problem areas completely. It has helped thousands of people get back their positive self image and it can help you too!

    Used correctly, color correctors help hide and conceal most any skin discoloration. They truly help any problem complexion look healthy and radiant!

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