Your Skin Care Regimen Before a Special Occasion

Your skin care regimen before a special occasion is always important.

If you want to look your best, you need to prepare your skin well beforehand.

Whether it’s your wedding anniversary, holiday get together, a Valentines dinner, prom dance, or a high school reunion, you know you'll want to strut your stuff and look fantastic! We all have busy schedules and busy lives, but there are a few simple ways to ensure that you and your skin will shine for your special day.

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Dry skin, large pores, blotchiness, age spots, and pimples, always seem to be the biggest sort of problems that magically appear when you’ve got something important on the schedule. Isn’t it always the way!

That's why you must carefully map out the week prior to the date. Each and every day can be spent on something that contributes to great looking skin.

You should already have a good skin care regimen in place but it's never too late to start one. This ensures that you won't have any significant surprises that spoil your special occasion. You want to look your best so you have to be willing to to whatever it takes to keep your skin clear. Great skin usually doesn't just happen by accident.

You will also need to keep up your exercise routine, which helps speed fresh oxygen to your skin. Sallow skin is more often than not, a sign that skin lacks sufficient oxygen.

Be sure that you get ample sleep that entire week too. Go to bed earlier than usual if at all possible. When you are asleep, your skin is able to heal more efficiently. This is a bigger concern if you've already got problem skin! Sleep deprivation can cause wrinkles to form prematurely and may exacerbate skin problems. Lack of sleep can make your skin look tired and worn.

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Best Skin Care Regimen Before a Special Occasion!

  • At least a week before your big event, start a regular skin care regimen.

  • Toners set the stage for everything else. You must clean your face thoroughly of dirt, debris, bacteria, lotions, and makeup if you want a ‘clear palette’. Skin toners remove everything else that washing your face misses, helps dry up zits, and reduces pore size. They also allow facial lotions and makeup to glide onto your skin flawlessly.

  • Facial lotions and body lotions are also a must have. You must moisturize your skin daily if you want it to look great everyday! The type of lotion you use depends on your skin type. Lotions should be an integral part of any skin care regimen.

  • A week or more before your big occasion, you will need to deep clean your face. First, polish your skin with a salt scrub, which will help remove dead skin lying on the surface. Next, use a face mask to help tighten and firm your skin. Make sure you close your pores by rinsing with lots of ice cold water.

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    Sometimes, facial masks will bring pimples to the surface, which is actually very good news. You don't want zits popping up the day of the occasion. Taking care of hidden oils beneath the skin prior to your special day is always more desirable. Use products that help dry them up fast so you can get back to planning what you're going to wear.

    Alternately, why not take a home spa day instead? Both you and your skin will look refreshed and spectacular!

  • It is also good advice to strip extra hair on your face about a week beforehand. That include plucking eyebrows, zipping your upper lip, and taking a close look at your face. Shape your eyebrows too so you don't have any stragglers showing.

  • Your skin care regimen should include keeping a close watch on your facial skin everyday before the occasion. If you see zits forming, use necessary steps to get rid of them quickly.

  • Get out your makeup mirror to make sure your face looks great! Zero in on skin problems to eliminate them before they get worse.

  • Makeup concealers can help hide some blemishes or skin conditions but you must have the right shade for them to be effective. Choose a shade that's as close a match to your skin tone as possible. If you can't find an exact match, pick a slightly lighter color, which will help hide skin discolorations more effectively.

  • Puffy eyes are another big problem that seems to happen right before a big day. Keep some aloe vera gel in the refrigerator to apply to puffy skin just in case.

  • Besides your face, the rest of your skin needs some TLC also. The night before, take a warm soothing bubble bath with a sprinkle of epsom salts which will help smooth and soften your skin. Before your skin is completely dry, slather on body lotion to moisturize your skin and pay special attention to your hands. Before you go to bed, apply a heavy cream and wear gloves to bed. Your hands will look plump and perfect the next day and this will also help moisturize dry nails.

    (If you're wearing open toed shoes, be sure to indulge them with lotion too and wear socks to bed!)

  • Feed your skin all week by eating a wealth of nutritional foods that keep your skin supple and glowing.

  • Now is NOT the time to try a bunch of new skin care products. What you don't know about a product may hurt your skin! Keep using the same products you've been using unless something dramatic happens. If you want to try a new product, do it long before your big event.

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    You will also need to plan out your makeup colors, hairstyle, nail polish color, undergarments, shoes, dress, and so many other small items that need your attention! If you want the day to be as hassle free as possible, it pays to plan in advance!

    Your skin care regimen is important all the time but certainly more important before big dates. You can nearly prevent skin problems long before they ever occur if you properly care for your skin. Everything you do is a direct reflection of how you live your life. The better you take care of your skin everyday, the less work you'll have to do when special occasions do pop up.

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