4 Basic Skin Care Products Your Skin Will Love

Finding the right skin care products does take a little detective work! However, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that if a product you buy sucks, you've wasted your cash! That can be totally frustrating, especially if you don't have any money leftover!

Realize that even if money's tight, you still have options! I've been using the products listed below for almost 20 years now and think my skin still looks incredible!

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With today's rising prices on everything from A to Z, sometimes you have to choose between good, fair, and poor... Just to feel like you're making some headway. Its no secret that American's are struggling! Everytime you turn around, the Powers that Be are raising prices. The middle class is evaporating and the poor are just getting poorer.

So how do you balance taking care of yourself, your family, and everyone's needs if money is squeaky tight? You choose products that will do a good job but aren't the best. You buy things that cost less but are still dependable. That's how you get by with less and still maintain your looks!

There's a huge plethora of skin care products on the market today. That's why you need to choose carefully! Manufacturers make so many products that we don’t need but their crafty advertisements will convince you that you do!

For me, being a single mom means staying on a budget all the time. Nobody rides for free! Taking care of myself has certainly been a challenge, to say the least. That's why it's so important to find the right skin care products that help you look great at a low cost.

Just like you keep 'staple food items' in your kitchen, you should keep 'staple skin care products' in your home! Below is a list of some of the products I’ve had great success with. They may be basic but they're also very effective performers!

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Basic Skin Care Products Your Skin Will Love

(#1) Bar Soap - Bar soaps give you something no other soap can offer. There is no spillage for one thing! And they last a very long time compared to the liquid soaps you buy in a bottle. For some reason, they are also cheaper! So what's to figure out?

For your body, I suggest using glycerin-based soaps. (pictured above) They won't leave behind any soapy residue so they won't clog pores! How important is that? You can also use them for shaving your legs! Glycerin leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth and fresh... Oh, they also generally contain other natural ingredients, like grape seed oil, aloe, and/or vitamins. I use Dial Vitamin Boost, a lotion-infused glycerin soap. It smells heavenly and it's dirt cheap!

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For your face, I suggest using an exfoliating bar soap. You know, something that contains some kind of grit + oil, which means they're tough on dirt yet gentle. (So they've got some 'oomph' but leave your skin super soft.) You can also find them with essential oils added. I use a patchouli, oatmeal, and coconut oil soap and LOVE it!

You can find a wide selection of bar soaps on Etsy. Check them out! Do be aware however, that homemade soaps often contain lye, so don't get these kind of soaps in your eyes. It hurts!

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(#2) Puffs Plus Kleenex with Lotion - What's great about these gems? They contain lotion silly! That means they'll take off makeup but they're also tough because they're Puff's!

Add warm water, gently squeeze out the excess water, and gently rub off eye makeup. They work especially great around delicate eyes! Folding the Kleenex in half diagonally increases the tensile strength. You can rinse and re-wet them as you remove more makeup! Puffs Plus Kleenexes also contain vitamin E, which is another great perk!

Compare them to the makeup removing cloths and you'll be shocked at how much money you've been throwing away! When you're through removing your makeup, use your bar soap to remove any makeup or dirt that's left behind. So simple. So easy!

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(#3) Vitamin-based lotions - Why vitamins? Why not? Because lotions stay in place all day, any nutrients your pores absorb go directly into building up and maintaining the epidermis.

Nutrient based lotions also help plump the skin and restore elasticity. (You can also use mineral based lotions too.) Both are effective skin care products you can count on, time after time!

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(#4) Olay Complete - Or it's generic version, is an all-in-one product for not too much money. This lotion has everything packed in it your skin needs for daily maintenance. All you need is a dime-sized amount to spread over your face so one bottle should last you at least a couple of months! Of course, you'll still need to select the best fit for your skin type.

When I was younger, the products I used were all over the place. Over time however, I began to scrutinize the money I shelled out of my pocket. It didn't take long to figure out that I'd been throwing lots of money away! Yes, the light went on in a VERY big way!

You see, when you find skin care products that aren't that costly, you won't feel guilty about the money you spend! That's brilliant! You're not scrimping on skin care though! You're simply being savvy and smart!

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