Unlocked Sim Card Cell Phones – Economize and Ditch the Major Carriers!

Ever heard of unlocked SIM card cell phones? If not, stay tuned. This information will blow your mind! They’re a much cheaper way to have mobile phone services without having to lock into a long-term contract.

Plus, you will own your phone, so it will always hold some value and you can resell it later if you want to upgrade! If you're depending on one of the major carriers to provide your mobile services, you can bet you’re getting majorly ripped off!

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Most people today run out to one of the major carrier stores, find the latest model that they want or can afford, then are forced to sign a contract. These lock you into your provider's services for an appreciable amount of time. To get out of the contract or end your contract early, you can incur outrageous charges, (sometimes hundreds of dollars), just to end your plan. That’s totally bogus but it’s how they 'get you'! They want you to PAY DEARLY for trying to weasel out of your commitment! (At least, that’s the way they look at it!)

By the time my limited minutes/2 year contract with Verizon Wireless ended last month, I detested them! Each time I went into their local ‘store’ to make an inquiry about something, (which wasn't often by choice), I only got more frustrated. Their employees are there to make the sale at all costs. They know what you don’t know and you can pay dearly for that lack of knowledge!

When you buy a phone from major carriers like Verizon, TMobile, Sprint, or AT&T, you CANNOT access the SIM card inside the phone. They're 'locked'. When you do end your contract, you’re usually left with a phone that’s outdated or can’t used for other providers. In a sense, they become obsolete. These providers bury the SIM card deep inside your phone, which is just another way they LOCK YOU IN and CHEAT YOU! You can't access the card by design!

So what are SIM card cell phones?

All cell phones have sim cards. The key is to find the phones that are SIM card accessible and unlocked.

What are SIM Cards?

SIM cards are small paperboard ID cards that act very much like the SD memory cards you put into your camera or flash drive memory sticks you plug into a USB port on your computer. However, they're so much more!

SIM cards on a cell phone provide your phone number, your personal information, and your cell phone service. There are many lower level companies (but good ones) that offer cell phone rates that make the large carriers look really greedy.

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SIM card cell phones (that have accessible and unlocked SIM cards) are an easy way you can switch out services in a snap. You can remove the SIM card by sticking the end of a paper clip in the small hole that’s located beside the port. Once it’s removed, you will no longer have service to your phone number until a SIM card is reinstalled.

What are the benefits of having accessible SIM card cell phones?

  • You can easily switch your phone number from one cell phone to another, as long as both phones use the same carrier. (For example, you want to upgrade your iPhone3 to an iPhone4 or 5.)

  • If you decide you need more data storage space on your phone, all you do is replace the SIM card.

  • If your mobile phone is unlocked, (meaning it’s not locked into one carrier), you can purchase prepaid SIM cards for when you’re on vacation or out of town. In doing this, you will always have access to a local number in that area.

    Here’s how to keep your rates low and have a great new phone without locking into a plan!

    How to Save a Bundle by Purchasing Unlocked SIM Card Cell Phones

  • First you must decide which type of cell phone will meet your needs best. For example, I decided to opt for an iPhone because of the sharing feature but there are so many other SIM card cell phones options on the market. (Blackberry, Android, Lumina, Xperia) You will also have to decide between a locked phone and an unlocked phone, as explained above.

  • Once you’ve decided which phone you’ll want or need, you must purchase one. There are so many lower cost options available. You can locate them on Craigslist, from ebay, or buy them from a local reseller store, which is the option I chose. (A local reseller store will sell you either a refurbished phone or a new phone. It’s totally your decision. Most reseller stores also have the service plans available at their store and will configure your phone for you. They can also transfer existing numbers for you, (for a wee fee) as long as you still have service with the provider but are NOT under contract.)

  • Next you’ll need to figure out which provider/carrier to use. You can purchase them online, at the reseller store, or from stores like Best Buy. There are many options and it depends on whether your phone is locked or unlocked.

    If your phone is locked, you must use the carrier that provides service for your type of phone. For example, in our area, H20 Wireless provides service for iPhone’s, which pings off AT&T cell towers, and Page Plus provides service for Android’s, and pings off of Verizon’s cell towers.

    If your phone is unlocked, you can choose your carrier/provider!

    As far as the GSM service is concerned, you’re never locked into a contract. You decide when you want to end your SIM card cell phones service, if at all! The bottom line is that 'what you pay for is what you get'! About time, right?

    The types of service you choose is something to choose carefully. There are some great $30-$60 monthly options available.

    Of course, the best thing is that you own a phone that will hold value and can easily be sold!

    Once you buy the SIM card you’ll need for your phone, you must configure the phone. H20 wireless makes it SUPER easy. You can find out more about it here: Hello H20 Wireless

    If you’d like to try out Page Plus Wireless, here’s the link: Page Plus Wireless

    Once you pay for the service, the service provider will simply charge the same credit/debit card number you used to make the original purchase on a monthly basis. Of course, you can change or end the service at any time just by visiting their website and/or giving them a phone call. You will NEVER get a bill in the mail. Instead, you will get a text about the monthly charge and then see the debit on your credit/debit card statement each month.

    If you want to try unlocking your existing phone, you should try it. To get the 'unlocking number', most services charge a fee, which do vary by phone model and carrier. The older the phone, the less it's going to cost.

    How to Unlock Any Phone Video

    Unlocked SIM Card cell phones are the absolute BEST way to economize and cut costs! In this relentless and unforgiving economy, we could all use a little help saving money!

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