Tips for Short Hairstyles - Cute and Sassy!

It's always fun to try new short hairstyles no matter what the present length of your hair is. In today's modern world, most women are looking for styles that are convenient and versatile anyway, which is exactly what they accomplish!

Your hair goes through a transformation, anytime you say goodbye to some of the length. Parting with split ends could never be a bad idea though, right?

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Short hair styles are hardly ever boring. There's so many different ways to dress up cropped styles. Barrettes and clips add a flirty twist of color to your hair, while bows and bands make bold statements.

Creative Tips for Short Hairstyles

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Curly Hair - If you have texture or curl in your hair, use it. Use gel or styling pomade to accentuate individual curls. Short and long pieces can be flipped upward. Use one or two hair strands around your face, which can be pin-curled before hand or just pulled off the face using small barrettes.

Straight Hair - If you have a straight, chin-length bob, you can update the style by texturizing the front of your hair. Add a volumizer then tease your hair. Lift it off the forehead and secure it with a brightly colored clip.

If you don’t like poof, you can get lift by simply adding mousse to the roots of your hair, then softly teasing hair at the roots and gently pushing the ends of the hair towards the scalp with a brush. Finish the look by gently brushing over the top of your hair with a natural bristled brush. This little lift is soft and loose and looks very natural.

Hair with Bangs - If you have bangs, try pinning them back or to one side. Or apply gel and let your bangs fall in pieces over your forehead. It lightens your look and ups the WOW factor.

Ponytails - Short ponytails are fun and sporty. Use a bold hair tie for extra pizzazz. You can give the style a side note just by adding a few small clamps in different sections. Short hair styles will hold better if your hair hasn't been shampooed. Try not to wash it daily if you have short hair and like to change up your style frequently.

Spiked Hair - Spiked short hairstyles represent funk! The best way to spike short hair is to apply gel or mousse throughout your hair, especially at the roots. You can do this by holding your head upside down and tapping the gel onto the roots to maximize results. Pull the hair strands upward in sections to lift it off the scalp and add more products as needed.

Root lifters work well, especially when you want long lasting hold. Use a firm hold or freeze hairspray to maintain your hair throughout the day.

Highlights - Soft or bold highlights look totally chic on short hairstyles, especially if they're layered and messy styles. You might also opt for highlights that are multidimensional. Try two or three shades of blonde, red, or brown, with the lightest shade nearest to the face. If you’ve got dark roots, lighter hair around your face makes them less noticeable.

Look Around - Take a look at Misikko's beauty tips section. They have some great articles in there, including one on different hair lengths and how to work with them. It contains hairstyles for both long and short hair!

Bright, bold, colors - Bright, bold colors can help set off short hair. You can buy the temporary color hairspray that washes out and experiment a bit to find the best color(s) that suits you. It may not be something you'd want to do everyday, but it sure is fun to do every once in a while. If you don't want to color all of it, color a few sections or the tips only.

Headbands - Headbands can add simple style to any short hairstyle. There are a wide variety on the market in all sorts of different designs and widths. Wide headbands are real attention-getters on short hair!

Finger Waves - Finger waves maybe categorized as old school short hairstyles, but even today, they can be really cute in various sections in your hair! You must have at least a few inches of hair to create them though. To try them, apply a gel or mousse to your hair, roots and all.

Comb your hair out thoroughly and do one section at a time. Starting at your roots, pull your comb through your root hair, place your finger over that small section, and pull your hair against the scalp, in one direction or the other. Holding that section, repeat until you finish that section. Allow your hair to completely dry. You can either leave your hair that way, or comb through it for fuller, wavy hair.

Short Hairstyles Images

short bob hairstyle image
Short Bob Hairstyle
face framing short hairstyle image
Short Face Framing Hairstyle

short haircut with long strands hairstyle image
Short Haircut with Long Strands Hairstyle
short boycut hairstyle image
Short Boycut Hairstyle

short punky hairstyle image
Short Punky Hairstyle
short razor haircut image
Short Razored Haircut

short razor haircut image
Short Razored Haircut
short sassy layered haircut image
Short Sassy Layered Haircut

short spiked hairstyle image
Short Spiked Hairstyle
short trendy haircut image
Short Trendy Haircut

There are a ton of different things you can do to create drama with short hairstyles. However, before you make the chop, make sure your style is right for your face shape. Look for short virtual hairstyles
on this page. Have a blast! Be sassy!

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