6 Shades of Lipstick That are Perfect for Warm Weather!

Some shades of lipstick are perfect to showcase your smile in warmer temps, regardless of your skin tone. In other words, having a nice tan is optional. You will still have to decide which shades compliment your skin best. So many choices, so little time...

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You know, lipstick is one of those great treasures. You can go from drab to fab in less than a few minutes. Other makeup choices don’t have their versatility nor are they capable of transforming your look so quickly. Being bold or going pale is totally your call! That’s real power! I always suggest that you outline the edges using a lip pencil in near the same shade as your lipstick. This simple trick helps maintain the color longer than you might think!

Both matte and glossy varieties have their own perks and disadvantages. When it’s warm outside, you can use them both in unison or go for one or the other. The options are practically limitless!

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6 Shades of Lipstick Perfect for Spring and Summer

  • Orange-red lipstick are a party time favorite. When you’re attending special events, go bold and sassy! While most lipstick shades are versatile, this one is best suited for medium-darker skin tones... but realistically, it can be worn and enjoyed (in the right situations) by most everyone!

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  • Hot pink is one of the best overall shades of lipstick for the summer especially… with or without a tan! Everyone can pull off wearing this color so don’t forget to add it to your collection. You'll love the color and the pop!

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  • Fuschia is a blend of both purple and pink and is one of those stand-alone colors that you can reach for with confidence. Not everyone can pull this off so compare it to your skin before you buy it. It’s said to be best suited best for dark skin toned gals but can also look good on fair skin if you find the right shade.

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  • Although most people associate red colors with celebrations in the winter, it is certainly one of those shades of lipstick you can pull off in warmer weather too. (Think July 4th, Labor Day, and Memorial Day). Be loud and proud wearing red!

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  • Pale pink is another highly versatile colors that discerning gals can depend on over and over again. Although it’s best suited for those with fair skin, the color can stand out on dark skin as well.

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  • Pale peach is a close match to nude tones and although it’s a muted color, it’s also just plain pretty on your lips. There’s a variety of peach shades to choose from so certainly everyone can find a peach that’s right for any occasion.

    Heck, I'm going to be 60 in just a few short years (*sigh*) and I still won't go out of the house without lipstick... and my mom was the same way! Not only does lipstick provide fantastic color, it protects your lips from the environment, and in harsh conditions like the hot sun, they need help!

    With so many different brands and shades available, everyone can enjoy these terrific shades of lipstick. There's something right for everyone. Don't be a brand snob though... or you will surely miss out!

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