Apply Sexy Make Up – Sizzling, Smutty, Sweltering!

Sexy make up is for those occasions when you want to turn up the heat and rock the house! Showcasing your awesomeness is a fantastic idea! Every woman likes to look provocative and steamy from time to time. Hey, if the occasion calls for it, then go for it! So, what’s considered flaming hot?

Sensual eyes and pouty lips are two ways to turn on the broiler. Wearing the right makeup colors gives you Cleopatra sizzle! Being a sex goddess does require you to enhance and exaggerate what you’ve got! You’ll need extra makeup to flame the burner!

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Can a woman look sexy without makeup? Sure, some women can pull it off! Can most women look sexy without some makeup? Ummm... In a word, No! Its natural that most women have flaws. To be super sexy, you need to mask them so they don't show as much. That's why makeup is the 'perfect' solution!

I don’t think Cleopatra wore makeup to only please herself! She used it to seduce men! She was also wise enough to use makeup colors that accentuated and exaggerated her facial features! She must have worn bright lip colors, collected from juice of the local berries! Red lips are the most provocative sexy make up choice!

In order to look sexy though, you do need to plan a bit! Do you have all the makeup you’ll need on hand? If not, you may need to add to your makeup collection to get this right! Your collection should include various bold(er) eyeshadow colors; liquid and pencil eyeliners; bold, red or hot pink lipsticks; waterproof mascara; pencil brow liners; blush shades of your choice, and/or false lashes.

Tips for Sexy Make up Success

  • Make sure you have good eyebrow shape before you begin. Pluck or wax eyebrows as necessary, and make sure they have a good arch.
  • You might also want to apply a facial mask the day before a big night!

  • Is your hair color up to date? You don’t want roots showing on a sexy date!

  • Get a good nights sleep so you (and your eyes) look well rested. This is especially true if you are prone to puffy eyes!

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    How to Apply Sexy Make Up

  • Start any makeup application with clean dry skin. Apply a moisturizer and allow it to dry before sexy makeup application. For long lasting makeup, be sure to use an under base of primer. If you’re going through the trouble of putting it on, you don’t want it to just wipe off! Women are notorious for rubbing their faces, so use it! Priming your face helps set your makeup in place, so your sexy make up lasts the whole time you're catting around!

  • Apply foundation next. If you want the most bang for your buck, try Revlon ColorStay Foundation! It does what it advertises. It stays! Use mineral foundations for ease of use and great results. If you’re not using minerals yet, you should be! Minerals work like a dream and save you tons of hassle in sexy make up application!

  • Choose a base eyeshadow color. Apply it to your entire lid. Next, choose a dark eyeshadow shade. Brighter colors are vibrant and flirtatious, while darker colors create depth and look seductive.

    You can also apply shadows in a thick line along the lash line to exaggerate your eye size. Apply the dark color (of the same color hue) to the crease of your eye. Blend it into the base color with your fingertip or a medium makeup brush. Add a highlighting color in a champagne, beige, or use any shimmering color on the brow bone. Also apply shimmer to the inner eyelid to brighten dark eyeshadow colors. Fade the highlighting color into the base shadow color. Blend the colors with the appropriate size shadow brush.

    You can extend dark colors outside the lash line and also apply a small amount (the outer quarter) below your lower lashes. This really opens your eyes. Do not apply along the entire lower lash line or you'll make your eyes look smaller. No reason to hold back in sexy make up application. Tonight is your chance to be a show off!

    If you're confused about makeup, knowing which color season you are and your skin tone is a great advantage!

  • Line the inside upper and lower rims of your eyes with a black pencil eyeliner to create allure. If you didn't apply a shadow under your lower lashes, apply your liner under lower lashes for smuttier appeal, but again. Do not follow along the entire length of lower lashes!

    Next, line your upper lashes with a liquid eyeliner if you feel like adding more. Flare the liner up and out so it extends beyond the corner of your eyes. Extend it a bit beyond the lashes to create width and attract attention.

    After it dries, you can go over it again with a dark eye shadow color or smudge it out a bit if you prefer. You can also leave it alone for a more striking, stark effect.

    * You can either extend the black pencil liner below lower lashes or extend the liquid liner above the upper lashes. Confused? Here's the instructions to apply eyeliner.

    If you're not hip on using all black liners, use other liner colors that suit your mood!

  • If you are going for full blown out sexy make up, use false eyelashes. Now is the time to get those bad boys on! Don't know how? Here's the instructions for applying false eyelashes.

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  • Mascara is a must-have when you want to be hip! Curl your lashes first and apply a sexy, black mascara, starting application from the roots of the lashes. For an extra flirty feel, wiggle the brush from side to side as you go upwards and outwards toward the lash tips. Apply mascara to both sides of the upper lashes.

    If you want to play up your eyes and soothe the beast within, try applying different colors of mascara!

    Don’t forget your bottom lashes if you want to open your eyes. Apply mascara to the top of the bottom lashes only though. If you try to apply it to the bottom of lower lashes, you'll only get smudging. Opt for waterproof mascara mascara for the best results in sexy make up! You don't want your makeup to smear after all this preparation!

  • Make sure eyebrows are brushed well and apply a black or brown pencil liner to fill in sparse areas only. Brush them back out after application. You can also tame unruly eyebrows with a clear mascara.

  • You can achieve a sexy makeup look by using natural colors to accentuate your cheekbones on the apples on your cheeks. Use sun kissed bronzers to give your face a natural glow! Apply a touch to the tip of your nose, on the middle of your chin and forehead. Anywhere the sun naturally hits your face, is a good place. Blend in any lines of demarcation. Use loose powder or mineral makeup if needed.

  • Apply lip moisturizer first to help plump and then add lipstick liner to the outer edges of your lips. For larger lips, apply the line slightly outside your natural lip line. (And yes, for sexy makeup, your lips need to look larger!)

    Fill in liner with a dark colored lipstick right out of the tube or use a ruby red lipstick for true sexy makeup. Set lipstick by blotting with a tissue. Apply a highlighting light colored gloss to the middle of the upper and lower lips, to pop lips even more!

    Learn how to choose red lipsticks that will most suit you!

    Remember that sexy make up is usually worn at night. Most night life is dim so that's why you want to wear colors that are intense, eye-catching, and sultry. Choose the right colors and styles that will best fit your personality and enhance your facial features. Compliment your sexy make up by having the right attitude! You wont look sexy if you're not feeling it! The key is to combine the right makeup knowing you're all that! You go sexy girl!

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